Public Records

Open Public Records Act

The Township Clerk is the official custodian of public records for the Township. The New Jersey Open Public Records Act (OPRA) gives access to public inspection and duplication of government records. OPRA does not cover the judicial branch or municipal courts, as they are regulated by other statutes. The public has access to government records except for those documents that fall under defined exclusions.

Records Requests

To obtain a government record, you must fill out an OPRA Form (PDF) and file it with the Township Clerk. It is important to know what records you want. Your request must be for a specific document(s). In order for your request to be processed, you will be required to provide an accurate, detailed description for each record sought. You must submit at least the three pages of the request form. For large requests, a deposit may be required. The cost for duplication of CD's, maps, drawings, etc. will be charged based on the Township's fee ordinance or the actual cost for reproduction.