Water & Sewer


The Water and Sewer Department is responsible for the maintenance, construction and customer billing for the Montville Township Municipal Water and Municipal Sanitary Sewer systems

Online Payments

You can now make your water and sewer payments online.

Water Restrictions:

Mandatory water restrictions have been lifted and voluntary water restrictions have been put in place.  Please see the attached ordinance for a summary of the irrigation schedule.  It is important for residents and businesses to know the following:

·         No watering on Mondays

·         Watering in the NORTH AREA of town on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday

·         Watering in the SOUTH AREA of town on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday

·         Unattended watering is 25 minutes per zone

 The Township will strictly enforce the water ordinance to hopefully prevent enacting mandatory water restrictions at a later time.

Water Ordinance