Route 46 Planning Task Group

Route 46 Redevelopment Plan - The Gateway to Montville

Township Announcement

Update: Public Hearing at 7:30 pm on July 14th at the Municipal Building

The Township will be moving forward with a progressive and open planning process for the Route 46 Redevelopment Area. The Township has put together a task group to help guide the process, work to engage the public, and work with stakeholders to develop an implementable plan that meets the needs of the community while defining vision for the future of the Route 46 corridor. It is anticipated that this process will include open public workshops and public meetings at the Planning Board.
Route 46 Redevelopment Plan Area


The task group consist of the following members:
  • Gary Lewis, Planning Board Chairman
  • Scott Gallopo, Committeeman
  • Jim Sandham, Mayor
  • Tim Braden, Planning Board Member
  • Deane Driscoll, EDC, Zoning Board of Adjustments Member
  • Barry Braverman, Chamber of Commerce
  • Scott Van Koppen, Public Member 1
  • Russ Lipari, Public Member 2

Redevelopment Area

On Tuesday October 13th the Montville Township Committee agreed with findings made by the Planning Board’s “Route 46 Redevelopment Study (PDF),” determining that the Block 162 Lots 4, 6, and 7 met the statutory criteria to be determined as an “area in need of redevelopment.” The Township Committee adopted a resolution formalizing that determination while also authorizing the Planning Board to move forward with the preparation of a plan for the area.

This is the first major step forward for the Township to proactively plan for the future of the Route 46 corridor. The goal is for the Township to use all planning tools available to holistically plan for and stimulate logical patterns of growth that are economically viable, technically feasible, and effectuate the goals, objectives, and policies in the Master Plan.

The Township is encouraging public outreach, input, and feedback throughout this process and will include announcements and updates on this web page.

Any questions, comment, or concerns can be directed to the Township’s Principal Planner, Ryan Conklin.

What Is a Redevelopment Plan?

  • Identifies priorities as this relate to redevelopment within a municipality.
  • Provides guidance to municipal boards in land use decision-making processes.
  • Articulates any desired land uses, design, aesthetics, and other requirements to developers and the public.
  • This is the main tool used to help implement redevelopment.
  • Helps implement redevelopment or revitalization policies within a community.
  • Regulates land use and building requirements in a redevelopment zoned district.
  • Promotes public health and safety by correcting dilapidated standards existing in area.
  • Provides incentives for expansion and improvement of deteriorated areas of a municipality.
  • Manages aesthetics and communicates community values in adopted redevelopment areas.
  • Redevelopment Plan helps identify and regulate density, intensity and siting in a redevelopment area.