The Montville Housing Committee is responsible for determining the eligibility of applicants to the Township's affordable housing program and notifying certified applicants as vacancies become available. Our affordable housing stock consists of both rental units and those available for purchase. Age restricted units are also available for senior citizens for purchase only. If you are interested in obtaining affordable housing, please complete and submit the application which can be found at the bottom of this page. Eligible applicants will be notified of rental vacancies or purchase opportunities on a first come, first serve basis. 

Waiting List

Waiting lists are maintained when any of these units are offered for sale priority is established by the date the initial application was received. You will be contacted when your name is within the top 15 for each housing category (1-3 low through moderate). We do not give out what number you are on the list due to the volume of names. Financial certification is valid for 180 days, with renewals of 180 days and beyond.


Do not send in any financial data or fees when registering your interest application.

Modera by Mill Creek

If you are strictly interested in applying for a rental unit at Avalon Bay, you must apply directly with Piazza and Associates at this link here by 1:00pm on November 29, 2023.

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  1. Affordable Housing

Affordable Units for Rent, by Development


Avalon Bay Bloomfield Avenue Studio: 1 very low, 1 low, 2 moderate
One bedroom: 1 very low, 2 low, 3 moderate
Two bedroom: 4 very low, 12 low, 15 moderate
Three bedroom: 1 very low, 5 low, 5 moderate
Modera by Mill Creek Changebridge Road Two bedroom: 4 very low, 10 low, 14 moderate
Three bedroom: 3 very low, 7 low, 9 moderate
Rachel Gardens Rachel Terrace 168 units total
Towaco Station Main Road One bedroom: 1 very low
Two bedroom: 1 low
Three bedroom: 1 moderate
Towaco Transit Jacksonville Road One bedroom: 1 low

Estimated Rents (Excluding Utilities) by Development

Development Unit Size Very Low Income Low Income Moderate Income
Avalon Bay Studio $477/month $904/month $1,127/month
  One Bedroom $496/month $953/month $1,192/month
  Two Bedroom $601/month $1,250/month $1,437/month
  Three Bedroom $693/month $1,327/month $1,659/month
Modera by Mill Creek Two Bedroom $563/month $1,121/month $1,399/month
  Three Bedroom $640/month $1,284/month $1,606/month
Rachel Gardens Studio   $933/month $1,152/month
  One Bedroom   $976/month $1,211/month
  Two Bedroom   $1,167/month $1,449/month
  Three Bedroom   $1,344/month $1,669/month
Towaco Station (Shops on Main II) One Bedroom $493/month    
  Two Bedroom   $1,053/month  
  Three Bedroom     $1,479/month
Towaco Transit One Bedroom   $726/month  

Affordable Units for Purchase, by Development

Development Location Units
Montville Chase Changebridge Road 76
Jade Mountain Route 202 22
Hunting Hills Route 202 22
Longview Vreeland Avenue 119 (95 62+ units, 24 non-age restricted)
Briar Hill Vreeland Avenue 6 (55+)