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Montville Township Police Department – 10/02/2015

National Weather service continues to monitor a very strong Hurricane tentatively predicted to pass by our area by Monday or Tuesday. Hurricane JOAQUIN is a category four hurricane at this time. Forecasts are uncertain of the final path but all indications at this time are placing us outside of the impact area. Residents should continue preparing for a substantial storm. Hurricane JOAQUIN has been very difficult to track and still has the potential to change course. Although it is expected to weaken substantially as it approaches our area, it will still be a major storm. The Montville Township OEM/Police will continue to monitor the storm throughout the weekend. Any changes in the predicted track will be sent via alerts. We encourage residents to continue preparing for the storm and use this time to address any problems identified in your preparation efforts.  

Residents should visit FEMA’s Ready.Gov website for hurricane preparedness tips and guides. For those who experienced flooding during Irene, the USGS WaterAlert subscription can be helpful. Users can have alerts sent to their email or cell phone advising River levels and when water has reached flood stage. The alerts are customizable to fit your preference. Montville Township Office of Emergency Management will send out advisory information through the Police Department Nixle alert system. Up to date information will be posted on Township website,

Generators are useful tools but also pose a risk if not properly installed or used. Please consult your generator manufacturer info for safety precautions and tips. DO NOT RUN A PORTABLE GENERATOR INDOORS. The exhaust from the engine contains Carbon Monoxide and can cause serious injury or death. Please visit the JCP&L website for generator safety information.

Please continue to monitor the storm at National Weather Service, Local news and weather forecasts as well as New Jersey State Emergency Management website and Morris County Emergency Management Websites to gather up to date information.

Important Links:

Wateralert information is available for the following locations:
     Boonton Reservoir
     Rockaway River below the Reservoir
     Passaic River at Horseneck Rd
     Passaic River at Route 46

National Weather Service

FEMA - Ready.Gov

JCP&L Storm Information

New Jersey Office of Emergency Management

Morris County Office of Emergency Management



9-11 Memorial Service - September 11, 2015 at 11:00 AM Print E-mail

Montville VFW Post 5481 and the Township of Montville will be holding a 9-11 Memorial Service at 11:00 am on Friday, September 11th at the Montville Township Community Park, 130 Changebridge Road, Montville.  For information, please contact the Montville Township Clerk.

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Indian Lane Organic Gardens Re-opened - Sep 3, 2015 Print E-mail

The following message was sent to all gardeners using the organic garden site on Old Jacksonville Road on Thursday, September 3rd:


Dear Organic Garden Members,

I am writing to advise you that after the second round of environmental testing we have been advised by our environmental experts that the garden may now be reopened. It is the verbal opinion of our experts that there is enough scientific data that shows that all levels of contaminants are not just below, but are significantly below the residential standards of the DEP, which are the most stringent of guidelines. We are anticipating receiving written confirmation from our experts in support of our decision to reopen the garden.


We thank you for your understanding and patience in this process.  It is important to note that this matter was brought to the Administration and Governing Body's attention and required and received an immediate and expedited response by the Administration, one to protect the health and safety of the users of the organic garden. Often environmental testing takes weeks, let alone months, to complete and the Township Committee has expended the necessary funds and the Administration has compelled the attention of two environmental engineers, as well as the Township Attorney, to bring this matter to a conclusion to the satisfaction of the Township.

Finally, as a reminder, any food that is grown, whether organically or commercially farmed, our experts remind all users of the organic garden that they should wash and care for the products that it produces prior to ingesting.

The second round of soil sampling is attached for your review

Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated in this trying matter.  However, safety always comes first!

Thank you.

The Township of Montville 

NOTE: We are still waiting for Louis Berger’s formal conclusions and final report.  Upon receiving it, we will forward a copy to you.

Second Round of Soil Analytical Results

Last Updated ( Monday, 07 September 2015 )
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