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(NEW) (October 30) On Wednesday, October 27th, JCP&L sent a letter to the Township and to local property owners within 200 feet of their Preferred Route for their Montville-Whippany Reinforcement Project.  They will be holding two open houses on Monday, November 10th, one of which will be held from 6:00 to 8:00 pm at the Montville Township High School auditorium.  All are invited to attend.  These meetings will provide residents an opportunity to learn more about the project and to ask questions.  Those unable to attend the evening meeting at the high school may be able to attend the one to be held the same day from 10:00 am to 12:00 noon at the Sheraton Parsippany Hotel, located at 199 Smith Road in Parsippany.

Letter from JCP&L - 10/27/2014

Informational Flyer about Project

(July 24) At their July 22 meeting, the Township Committee approved a Petition for residents to consider which calls for JCP&L to transfer their franchise rights for Montville Township to Public Service Electric & Gas (“PSE&G”).  Montville Township agrees that PSE&G possesses the infrastructure and ability to service the residents of the Township.    

The Petition can be downloaded here from the Township’s website.  Copies of the Petition can also be picked up at Town Hall at either the Recreation Department or Clerk's office.  Petitions will be collected and copies will be mailed to JCP&L, the Board of Public Utilities, and various elected officials.  Residents are encouraged to sign the Petition and return it to the Township offices by Monday, August 11, 2014 using one of the following methods:

Email:     Scan file and return as a “pdf” attachment to

Mail:   Attention: June Hercek, Assistant Township Administrator
         195 Changebridge Road
         Montville, NJ  07045

Fax:    (973) 402-0787, Attention: June Hercek

Town Hall Drop-Box:   The yellow drop-box in the Town Hall parking lot is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; drop-box is located in the driveway closest to the rear of the building; mark envelope, JCP&L Petition, Attention: June Hercek

(July 2) On June 30th, JCP&L provided their responses to the questions submitted by the Township Committee and residents.

(June 26) The Township Committee has submitted a letter to the Board of Public Utilities objecting to JCP&L's plan to submit their application to the BPU immediately upon making their selection of a route and without providing an opportunity for public discussion of and objections to their selected route.  The Committee has requested that the BPU require that JCP&L conduct public information sessions with those who would be impacted by the selected route prior to making their submission to the Board.

(June 18) JCP&L has acknowledged receipt of the questions submitted by Montville Township regarding the proposed transmission line from Montville to East Hanover.  JCP&L has indicated they will answer these questions within a 2-week timeframe – specifically, on or before June 30.  Once Montville Township has this information, it will be posted on the Township’s website.

(June 11) During the meeting with representatives of JCP&L, it was announced that the township will submit questions regarding this project to JCP&L.  The questions will be answered and both the questions and answers will be published here on this website.  In addition to the questions posed at the meeting, questions were also submitted via e-mail after the meeting.

(June 10) Representatives from JCP&L will be at tonight's Township Committee Meeting at 8:00pm at the Municipal Building, 195 Changebridge Road.  They will briefly outline their initial November 2013 report “Energizing the Future”: Ensuring Service Reliability for JCP&L Customers - Proposed Transmission Line from Montville to East Hanover, Morris County.  However, since JCP&L has not made a final decision on the exact location of their proposed upgrades, they noted that they are not in a position, at this time, to field questions during tonight’s meeting.  Some facts on the proposed upgrades: The Montville-Whippany Reinforcement Project, a seven-mile, 230-kilovolt upgrade of service between their existing substation on Changebridge Road in Montville and one in East Hanover.  Their recommended route for the upgrade would follow the existing path of the recently upgraded PSE&G service through Montville Township.  However, there are alternate routes being considered that would take the lines, on their 100' high poles, through other areas of the township.  This will be an opportunity for township residents to hear information about the plans before final decisions on the project are made.  Additional information about the project is available on the website of First Energy, JCP&L's parent company.

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Municipal Open Space Referendum On Ballot Print E-mail

Montville Township established a dedicated tax (levy) for open space purposes through voter referendum in November 1989 and November 1997.  These funds are used to purchase open space property, and maintain and improve public recreation.  Currently the Township has the ability to levy $0.07 per $100 of assessed value for open space purposes. 

A Referendum Question will be placed before the registered voters of Montville Township on Election Day,Tuesday, November 4.  Voters will have the opportunity to decide whether to reduce the open space levy from $0.07 per $100 of assessed value to an amount not to exceed $0.037 per $100 of assessed value.  Specifically, a vote of yes will reduce the open space levy from $0.07 per $100 to $0.037 per $100.  A vote of no will mean that the open space levy will remain at $0.07 per $100 and there will be no reduction in the tax levy.   

The change in the municipal open space rate is to reflect the adjustment made to the rate after the 2012 revaluation. The total open space levy collected will not change; however, the rate itself has been adjusted to coincide with the new assessed valuations.  A vote in favor of this referendum is a vote to cap the open space rate at $0.037 per $100 of assessed value, with the ability to decrease the rate in the future if deemed necessary.

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Electronics Recycling Changes Print E-mail

Residents are no longer permitted to bring electronic waste – computers, monitors, televisions, etc. – to the Lincoln Park Recycling Center.  Lincoln Park will not accept these items.  Montville Township is looking into other options for the disposal of electronic items.  In the meantime, residents should consider the following options for e-waste disposal:

  1. Recycle e-waste through the Morris County Municipal Utilities Authority’s Household Hazardous Waste Program
    • The 2014 Household Hazardous Waste & Computer/TV Drop-Off Events flyer which includes directions to the different locations.
    • The next Household Hazardous Waste & Computer/TV Drop-Off Event through Morris County is:
      Saturday, October 18, 2014, 9am - 2pm
      Chatham High School, 255 Lafayette Avenue, Chatham, NJ 07928

  2. Recycle e-waste through the Morris County Household Hazardous Waste Facility in Flanders
    • No charge to residents
    • Visit for additional information
    • Call (973) 285-8394 to schedule a drop off

  3. Dell Reconnect is a partnership between Dell and Goodwill.  They will accept any brand of computers and peripherals for reconditioning or recycling at participating Goodwill locations, including the store on Route 46 in Fairfield.  Full information is available at

  4. Recycle most electronics through BestBuy stores.  Full details are available on the website.
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