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On Tuesday October 13th at at 8:00pm in the Council Chambers, the Montville Township Committee will consider adopting a resolution to determine whether or not the Route 46 Redevelopment Study Area is a redevelopment area. The study area that the Montville Township Committee requested the Planning Board to consider is comprised of Block 162 Lots 2 through 7 on the tax maps of the Township of Montville.  This area is located on westbound Route 46, west of Changebridge Road and south of Bloomfield Avenue. The determination will be based on the Planning Board’s public hearing results and findings which were memorialized via resolution at its October 8th meeting. The “area in need of redevelopment” study prepared on behalf of the Planning Board by Burgis Associates, Inc. is available for review using the link below.


This is the first major step forward for the Township to proactively plan for the future of the Route 46 corridor. This study will assess whether or not the study area meets the statutory criteria for designation as an “area in need of redevelopment” in accordance with state law. The goal is for the Township to use all planning tools available to holistically plan for and stimulate logical patterns of growth that are economically viable, technically feasible, and effectuate the goals, objectives, and policies in the Master Plan.

The Township is encouraging public outreach, input, and feedback throughout this process.

Any questions, comment, or concerns can be directed to the Township’s Principal Planner, Ryan Conklin.

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JCP&L’s Montville-Whippany 230 kV Transmission Project Print E-mail

BACKGROUND:  On March 27, 2015, JCP&L filed an application with the Board of Public Utilities seeking to construct a transmission line between its substations in East Hanover and Montville.  This line will run through the Township of Montville and this section of the Township’s website is dedicated to providing the public with any updates regarding this application.

NEW - 10/13/15

Update #9 (10/13/15): The JCP&L-Montville-Whippany 230kV Transmission Project timeline is as follows:

11/20/15, Montville Township Direct Testimony  Written testimony in New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (BPU) proceeding outlining Montville Township's position on key issues.

12/01/15, Public Hearing  Open meeting to the public on the proposed project.

05/30/16, Administrative Hearing Opportunity for the Administrative Law Judge to hear the proceeding.

09/01/16, Start of Construction  Anticipated start of construction date.

06/01/17, In-Service Date in which the PJM Interconnection, the regional transmission organization that coordinates the movement of electricity and oversees transmission system reliability in all or part of the states and the District of Columbia, requested the line be in-service.

Update #8 (7/24/15): The parties have had an initial conference with Judge McGee, the Administrative Law Judge who will be hearing Montville Township's challenge to the JCP&L-Montville-Whippany 230kV Transmission Project  The Judge is asking the parties to come up with dates for discovery, the submittal of expert reports, and a timeline for the eventual hearing on this matter.  

While the Township has not yet agreed on any of these discovery dates, it is certain that no decision will be rendered in this case until sometime, at the earliest, in the second quarter 2016.  In the meantime the Township will continue to explore all possible experts and strategy to oppose this project.  We note that no other parties have requested to intervene and the Court has not yet established an intervening date. 

Update #7 (6/22/15): There are no new updates to report.

Update #6 (6/12/15):  This past Tuesday evening, the Mayor and Township Committee met in executive session with Mo Bonder, the Township’s expert engineer. Mr. Bonder outlined various potential issues relating to the upcoming litigation with JCP&L.

Update #5 (5/29/15):  This week the Mayor and Township Committee sent correspondence to other municipalities seeking support with respect to the Township's position opposing the Montville-Whippany 230 kV Transmission Project. In addition, the Township has scheduled an executive session with its expert, Mo Bonder, to discuss strategy going forward. The executive session will not be open to the public so that JCP&L will not be privy to the discussion as it relates to litigation strategy.

We will continue to post weekly updates here regarding this matter.

Montville Township Mayor, Committee and Administration

For additional information about this project, please click the "Read more..." link below.

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2015 Long-Term Goals and Objectives Print E-mail

The Goals and Objectives of the Township of Montville are intended to serve as the priority of focus for your municipal government's activities.   


2015 Long -Term Goals and Objectives - Current

2015 Long-Term Goals and Objectives - Complete


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