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Montville Township Environmental Commission

April 21, 2010

Chair Michele Caron called the meeting to order at 7:35pm.

Roll Call.        Absent: Tim Braden, Hugh Merritt

. Present: Michele Caron, Angelo Intile, Larry Kornreich, Vic Canning, Garry Annibal. Monica Mianecki, James Muhaw, Sergio Angione

Hearing Person Present

Mr. Cliff Seipel and Mr. Stan Miculka addressed the Commission to report on a presentation given by Dr. Lee Pollock at the Rockaway River Watershed Cabinet meeting earlier in April.  Dr. Pollock monitors 14 stream locations for water quality as measured by certain chemical parameters and macro-invertebrate indicator organisms.  Of the 14 sites in the Rockaway Watershed, two are in Montville: the Rockaway River by the Knoll Road Bridge and Crooked Brook.  According to Mr. Seipel, Dr. Pollock reports that a trend analysis of the data show the water quality improving at both locations.  Mr. Seipel also suggested that the trash along the river downstream of the bridge be removed.  A discussion followed on the responsibility of stream bank maintenance and Ms Caron asked Mr. Seipel to send her an email with contact information for follow-up.


Mission Statement/Goals and Objectives/Bylaws

Ms Caron introduced the topic stating that Mr. Kornreich and Ms Mianecki had taken the comments of Commissioners at earlier meetings and have incorporated them in a revised packed of documents.  Ms Mianecki asked if the documents should be sent to the mayor and governing body.  Mr. Angione suggested the MTEC approve the Mission Statement, the Goals and Objectives and the Bylaws before sending it on and made a motion to that effect.  Mr. Canning seconded the motion and with a voice vote of all ayes all three documents were approved and adopted.

 Sub-Committees Reports

Board of Adjustment – Michele Caron

Ms Caron stated there was nothing to report from the Board of Adjustment.

Economic Development – James Muhaw

Mr. Muhaw reported that the Economic Development Committee would have a presentation on the proposed plan for the Route 202 corridor from Waughaw Road north. Health Department – Garry Annibal

Mr. Annibal reports that the Health Department was continuing to evaluate and grant extensions to sewer hook-up deadlines to certain facilities throughout the town.  Following a report of a rabid raccoon, the Health Department prepared a map of the location of rabid animals.

Open Space Committee – Angelo Intile

Mr. Intile reported there was no meeting of the Open Space Committee

Planning Board – Victor Canning

Mr. Canning stated that development had come to a halt so there was little activity on the Planning Board.  In response to a question by Ms Caron, he stated the issue of the property owner who had improperly placed fill was in the hands of the NJDEP and the township officials and no longer was it a Planning Board matter. 

Township Committee – Tim Braden, absent.

Old Business

Recycling Day – Ms Caron reported on scheduled activities and vendors for the event scheduled for Saturday, May 1.

Arbor Day – Ms Caron reported on the plans for the celebration honoring Matt Meyers, Middle School teacher for his work on a native plant and vegetable garden in addition to his environmental education of the students.

Sustainable Jersey Program – Mr. Muhaw discussed the possibility of an energy audit for Montville Township owned buildings and announced a workshop scheduled for Saturday May, 15.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:55 pm

Respectfully Submitted.

Garry Annibal

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