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7:30 PM Start

195 Changebridge Road, Montville Municipal Building

Master Plan Subcommittee Meeting

MAY 13, 2010


Mr. Karkowsky - present         Also Present:  Joseph Burgis, Planner

Mr. Lipari - present                

Mr. Visco – present

Mr. Lewis – present


Master Plan - Fair Share & Housing Element – public hearing 5/27/10

Mr. Burgis summarized the Fair Share & Housing Element indicating that Montville is in a good position as it relates to the affordable housing component needs of the future, noting we will only need 28 more units and that we have provided for this in approvals we already granted or are considering.  This plan goes to 2018.  The COAH third round and fair share must be filed with COAH no later than June 8th.  The Township Committee has been invited to the Planning Board public hearing on May 27th.    

He summarized the governor’s release of today on affordable housing/COAH. 

He summarized comments received from the Highlands on the Housing module that he had no issue with their comments, only to note that he added a line indicating that we will promote the Highland’s Goals and Objectives in their Preservation area only, and not in the Planning area since they differ somewhat from our Goals & Objectives of our Master Plan.

He reviewed some of the components of the COAH certification submission we will need to adopt: an impact ordinance providing for 1% on new construction, no commercial/industrial or fair share growth numbers are contained, and a rehab plan, summarizing all components.

The public hearing is noticed for May 27th.  The Township Committee will be there that night also to consider the adoption of the resolution for COAH petition.

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda M. White


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