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Minutes of April 21, 2010



Ron Cain, Jr.- absent             Margaret Miller – Sanders – present

Everett Vreeland – present          Kevin Seidel, Alt. #2 – present

Ron Soussa – present                  Deane Driscoll - absent

Jennifer Horowitz – present        Alexander Kachmar – present  

Arnold Schancupp – alt #1 – present                    


Township Committee: Jim Sandham – present

Township Officials:  Linda White, Land Use Administrator     



BoA & Planning Board applications update

          Mrs. White updated EDC on current activities:  She noted there is a great deal more activity, that there were seven changes of tenants’ filings in one week, and that the applications are up from last year at this time.


          She indicated Lowe’s is still proceeding, and is working with the Township Committee on vacation of easements to assist in furthering this project.

          She indicated she has been in contact with LaSala at corner of Jacksonville & Rt. 202.  His intent is to proceed with construction.    Mr. Soussa volunteered he is waiting before building until he acquires some tenants

          She indicated that she has scheduled Rails Steakhouse, a project consisting of a restaurant and retail stores for the EDC meeting of May 19, 2010, noting their application is filed.

          She noted the Quick Chek filing at the Board of Adjustment asked to be rescheduled to their July 7th meeting.

          Mr. Soussa asked if Mrs. White could post on the EDC agenda all   of the pending applications filed with the Board of Adjustment and Planning Board.  After general discussion, Mrs. White will attach     copies of the EDC agenda to the Planning Board and Board of      Adjustment agenda for distribution at the EDC meetings.

          Master Plan Update

          Mrs. White summarizes the Planning Board Rt. 202 master plan document, which          public hearing on this section of the master plan will be held April 22nd.  She indicated this is an on going study in  the township’s comprehensive approach to the master plan process.  This component is review of the 202 corridor from Towaco to Boonton town line.  A summary was presented of the various changes being considered.  She indicated this document is posted on the web for the members to review, and to offer  comments.  Mr. Sandham elaborated.  The goals of the plan is to  assist in helping the EDC promote economic revitalization and       continued growth while mitigating traffic concerns and delays  along this corridor.  Members were invited to attend.


Mrs. White said she had received no update on the status of any  changes on website, other than there will be a company that will highlight various areas in the community.  She is not sure where this project lies.                                                                                                   

Mrs. White asked if there was any update on the documents she      developed for posting on the web which would serve as a guide to  the community, as well as several other welcome letters that could be posted on the web by the EDC and the Township Committee.    Mayor Sandham asked that they be sent again to his attention.

          Welcome Letter:                                                                                       

The Township Committee supported the ‘welcome’ letter that the  EDC uses when there is an interested business coming into the  community. Mrs. White indicated she has sent out several, and  that copies of these are generally emailed to the membership.



Sign Policy Discussion – Mrs. Horowitz indicated that she felt the  current temporary sign policy should be reviewed voicing her input  as to the types of signs that we may want to support and those we  may not want to.  General discussion ensued, resulting in a  decision to form a committee chaired by Ms. Horowitz, consisting   of Margaret Millers-Sanders from this committee and the Chamber,   as well as Dick Vreeland from EDC.  Ms. Sanders would speak   with Chamber for some members from that level. 

She summarized that this current policy was established after   many months of meeting and research of other township’s signs and although it didn’t reach the complete goals of Chamber, was a  document that satisfied their concerns during the current economic climate. She was later notified that Barry Braverman would participate from Chamber. 

Mrs. White indicated she would confer with chairman of Planning  Board for members to participate on this subcommittee.  Mr. Lipari and Mr. Visco will serve from Planning Board membership.  A  tentative meeting is scheduled for May 5th at 8:30AM subject to confirmation by members. 


Adoption of EDC minutes of 3-17-10 – Eligible:  Mr. Cain, Mrs. Horowitz, Mrs. Sanders, Mr. Driscoll & Mr. Kachmar – adopted unanimously in a Motion made by Mrs. Horowitz, seconded by Mr. Cain

Meeting adjourned unanimously in a Motion made by Dick   Vreeland, seconded by Ms. Horowitz.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda White

With explanation

With explanation

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