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MAY 27, 2010




Mr. Karkowsky - present

Ms. Nielson - present                        

Mr. Lipari  - present              

Mr. Visco - present


Also Present:   Kevin Kain, Planner

                           Stan Omland, PE


Review of Rail Steakhouse – Whitehall Road

Present:  Steve Schepis, Esq., Mark Walker, PE, Anthony Garrett, Jack Constantino, construction,  Jim Stathis, applicant

Discussion centered on parking concerns, indicating that they should look to see how they can provide more on site parking.  Mr. Stathis discussed the valet parking on a grassed area that would handle some fo the parking on site.  They are hoping to have close to 18 spaces in this area. 

Mr. Omland indicated the application will need to deal with any new variances this may create, and that the applicant should make sure his plan clearly reflects paved permanent areas.  Mr. Omland also indicated he had some concern with the use of grass paver areas for parking on. 

Subcommittee members were also concerns with impervious coverage in this zone, noting the aquifer and their concerns on stormwater management and water retention. 

Mr. Stathis said they would respond to that, but that all of the stormwater designs take into consideration the aquifer. 

Mr. Walker indicated that they also addressed the handicap needs on this site. 

Discussion ensued on the berm and landscaping areas, as well as the retaining wall with the guide rail.  Mr. Walker discusses crosswalks, and the changes made on site to accommodate the County Planning Board involving traffic calming devices.  He indicated the County was intending on changing the speed limit to 25mph and that they recommended tandem parallel parking on the roadway.  These spaces cannot be calculated as parking needs.  They comply with sight distance requirements as to access/egress. 

They intend to develop with sustainable construction methods which they feel will offset impervious coverage number.  They are using the LEEDs guidelines for this.  They have underground detention and will be incorporating rain gardens.

The lighting is at 15’.  The applicant will be using brick which will blend in with surrounding features.

The signs will require a variance, but they have incorporated a sign theme into their retail/restaurant use.  There are no freestanding signs, they will use a monument type which will be over berm/arch and will be indirect lit. 

Applicant asked to make sure he complies with the Towaco Fire Prevention Report.  He indicated he will comply.

Concerns voiced on the connection fee costs.  Mr. Stathis noted he will meet with sewer and water on this issue.

Applicant will also require soil movement on site due to grade.  Notice and application will provide for this function to be considered by Planning Board simultaneously with site plan.

Internal layout discussed.  Mechanical equipment will be on east side and will be enclosed with decorative fencing.  Discussed rental component, residential access, and who would have access to this garden area. 

Members voiced concerns on noise to the residents from the outside bars.  Mr. Stathis said the most they would hear would be background music like a piano/guitar.  They are building, though, with insulated panels and do not feel that any sound will penetrate the building. 

The committee asked that a small fiscal impact statement be provided.

No further discussion.

Review of potential Italian Restaurant – Rt. 46 – Bonefish strip mall

Present:  Grace Pace; Sue Martino, Agent

Ms. White indicated that this tenant wishes to use two units and wants to have an Italian bistro/take out type of facility.

The area in question is 2020 sq. ft, and they would need 15 parking spaces.  She indicated that their original plan provided for a lot more seating, but since then they have reduced their plan to 38 parking spaces.  Mrs. White indicated this site is in variance with parking numbers. 

In the future, the owner of this site intends to amend his application to provide for façade uplift similar to Bonefish façade on remaining retail section, some upgrades in signage, and most significantly, would like to see the possibility of opening an entrance in rear of site off of Old Bloomfield.

The subcommittee had no objection to this, but noted the applicant should provide public notice and appear before the entire planning board at their next available meeting.  Mrs. Martino indicated it is anticipated that the owner should be applying within the next six months. 

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda M. White


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