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July 14, 2010

8:00 AM Start

195 Changebridge Road, Montville Municipal Building


Mr. Karkowsky - absent

Ms. Nielson - present              

Mr. Lipari  - present              

Mr. Visco  - present

Mr. Lewis   - present


Also Present:  Joseph Burgis, Planner


Request for discussion on Route 202 Masterplan

Members reviewed a draft report prepared by Mr. Burgis incorporating three areas of the township as a planning framework to guide these areas as to future development. 

The areas reviewed today involved properties along Rt. 46 and Changebridge Road.

Mr. Lewis indicated we will be taking some other properties into consideration as part of the master plan review, noting the area along Rt. 202 containing the Pennick lands and the V&L recycling lands.  These areas need some on site inspections as well as a separate look as to the corridors in this area and remaining lands.   Other areas discussed involved the lands/uses within Valhalla; the accessory/principal function of this area, the uniqueness of the amenities.  General discussion ensued on existing uses, parking, neighborhood themes and character, safety issues, and how zoning ordinance may be developed to address those concerns.  Mrs. White reminded subcommittee that the Lake Valhalla association had asked for rezoning several years back.  These are the areas that will be further investigated.  Mrs. White indicated that along with this area, we should look at the other recreational areas existing in community noting the Wheeler Sunrise Lake campgrounds as well as the Croation Park area (religious camp area). 

The members of subcommittee decided to take a tour next Friday July 23rd at 1PM to visit the Wheeler property and Croation Park to get an idea of the existing features.  Mrs. White will coordinate Sunshine notice and access to sites.

Mr. Visco reminded the subcommittee that we need written comments from the HPRC based on the chairman’s request at the public meeting when we discussed the Rt. 202 corridor review.  Mr. Visco indicated he reminded them at their meeting of the need to commit the changes/comments to writing and get this to the Planning Board.  Mrs. White would send a letter from the Subcommittee to them today telling them we need written comments no later than 9/15/10 so that the final master plan documents can be updated and adopted by Fall.

Mr. Burgis also indicated there are a number of inconsistencies reviewing some of the areas.

Rt. 46 corridor discussed.  After a general review of the various mixed uses and zoning along the eastbound area of rt. 94 from the First Industrial No. 55 building down to the borders of West Caldwell, Mr. Burgis felt that the B3 zone may be better than existing industrial to allow for revitalization of the area. 

Comments offered that some of the environmental mapping does not reflect the riparian/buffers of the Passaic River.  This should be address on final revisions.

Further discussion evolved as to zoning from the western part of Chapin Road up to the border of Parsippany since there is some B3 existing near Wendy’s/Chapin Road area, then it goes to industrial (First Industrial).  Other uses along corridor discussed, and it was felt that this area may be better served as retail also.  Leave the other First Industrial office complex under the existing zoning designation.

Changebridge Road looked at.  Discussion on whether or not there should be additional retail added beyond what the Planning Board originally allowed several years ago pursued.  Concerns were raised about ensuring no impact to existing residential uses as well as any increased traffic impacts.  Members discussed overlay zones, capping allowances on retail if permitted, or some type of limited use as well as ensuring adequate buffers are created.   Members reviewed from Old Bloomfield Avenues up to the existing R27D zoning. Members discussed expanding the R27D zone from existing areas up to Woodmont areas.

Mr. Burgis was asked to come back with revisions of draft indicating the areas discussed from Rt. 46 eastbound, as well as lower Changebridge Road area (under exhibit 2A) and look at both sides of this area to allow some type of activity that would help promote redevelopment of the older vacant warehouse buildings (again perhaps an overlay) as well as the opposite side from existing R27D.  Perhaps this zone needs to be readdressed to allow for the possibility of revitalization in some of these older areas. 

Next meeting, expected to be scheduled second week of August, will focus on the other areas of draft report River Road areas, Changebridge Road North and 202 East. 

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda M. White

Sunshine Notice Provided

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