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Minutes of June 16, 2010



Ron Cain, Jr.- present                           Margaret Miller – Sanders - present

Everett Vreeland - present                    Kevin Seidel, Alt. #2 - present

Ron Soussa - present                            Deane Driscoll - present

Jennifer Horowitz - absent                    Alexander Kachmar - present 

Arnold Schancupp – alt #1 - absent                      


Township Committee: Jim Sandham

Planning Board Liaison: Tony Speciale



Board of Adjustment / Planning Board & Master Plan update

Various changes are on going at COAH.  They are now looking at dismantling this and shifting it back to local government, while giving authority to the DCA.  Montville is not exposed at all to any affordable housing lawsuits, having just adopted the Housing Element and the Township Committee adopted a resolution endorsing Certification of the Housing Plan and associated draft ordinances.  The rules that they are promoting for affordable housing appear less restrictive.  We are in a great position on this issue.

Soil Removal:

The regulations governing soil removal have been recommended for change with some modifications that will assist the township in the future.  A land use board will have review jurisdiction on anything over 500 cu yards.  If less than that, a homeowner can seek in house engineering review.

Sewer Connection Fees:

Another issue that has raised some discussion is that of the formula for sewer connections.  Mr. Sandham explained that it is really not a local issue as the formula that is used is a required state formula.  The fee that is municipal controlled can be reviewed but we have to look at our charges and how they relate to concerns previously aired by Rails Steakhouse at last month’s meeting to make sure that our rates are more competitive and help us to attract industry.

Milan development application – Hook Mtn. Road

There is no progress on the application pending before the Planning Board.  The applicant is waiting on State of NJ for acquisition of additional lands till sometime this Fall.  Application is on hold at this time.  The applicant was asked to try and find some ways to assist in changing some of the road configuration, and toward those goals, the Planning Board professionals have been meeting and attempting to find solutions. 

Website Development – update

Voicing concerns of little being done to promote upgrades to our existing website for EDC, the Mayor indicated he would discuss same with Mr. Bastone.

Temporary Sign Policy Discussion

A summary given of the reviews and input offered by a subcommittee consisting of members of EDC, Chamber & Planning Board given.  We are on hold until Mrs. Horowitz provides her comments on sign policy discussed by the subcommittee.  Will reschedule for next meeting, and Mrs. White will be asked to contact Ms. Horowitz so that this subject can be finalized. 


Welcome to Montville Signs

Mr. Soussa again suggested that we look at getting a sign on Rt. 46W that  ‘welcomes you to Montville Township’ as well as developing signs that indicate Montville Township Business District, and help to identify the business areas along Changebridge Road.   It was suggested that this should be discussed with our Public Works Supervisor.

County Resurfacing Project

The County is planning to resurface east of the public safety building to the Park Avenue / Rt. 202 Towaco area. 


Adoption of EDC minutes of 5-19-10 – Eligible:  Mr. Soussa, Mrs. Horowitz, Mrs. Sanders, Mr. Cain, Mr. Seidel, Mr. Driscoll - Adopted unanimously


A question raised as to what is going on over at the PSE&G site on Rt. 202.  Mr. Sandham indicated that they are doing test borings for monopoles and that this area is an area where we must insure safety of existing gas lines, as well as no disturbance to our water tables.

Potential new Developer:  Mr. Sousa indicated that there are various potential sites, one of which is the 13 acres off Rt. 202.  He also indicated that the broker for the Gage building on Stiles Lane had not been contacted.  Mr. Soussa was asked to make contact with this developer for the Stiles Lane broker.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda White

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