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 7:00 p.m. – Statement of Open Public Meetings Act Compliance

Roll Call


Resolution authorizing Closed Executive Session for the discussion of:

1.      Contract negotiations:  Wildlife Preserves; Temporary CMFO

2.      Personnel

3.      Litigation:  Zimmerman


8:00 p.m. – Public Session


Prayer & Pledge of Allegiance




1.      Ord. No. 2010-16 amending Chapter 308 entitled “Soil Movement Generally” of the Revised General Ordinances of the Township of Montville

2.      Ord. No. 2010-27 of the Township of Montville authorizing the amount of $7,000 be appropriated from the Open Space Dedicated Trust Fund for the preparation of an Open Space and Recreation Plan update with trails plan

3.      Ord. No. 2010-28 appropriating $125,000 in fund received from the Morris County Historic Preservation Trust Fund to supplement the $31,250 appropriated in section 3(h) of Bond Ord. No. 1229 for the reconstruction and improvement of the Montville Museum in and by the Township of Montville

4.      Ord. No. 2010-29 amending Chapter 169 entitled “Fees” of the Revised General Ordinances of the Township of Montville and amending the credit card convenience fee

5.      Ord. No. 2010-30 establishing the grade of positions and determining the 2010 rate of salary, wage or compensation of employees of the Township of Montville under the direction of the Recreation Commission

6.      Ord. No. 2010-31 amending Ord. No. 2010-23 establishing salaries of employees of the Township of Montville – 2010


1.      Administrator

2.      Attorney

3.      Finance

4.      Engineer

5.      Committee



1.      Drainage 8 Avalon Drive

2.      2010 road resurfacing

3.      Revaluation emergency appropriation

4.      PSE&G temporary access



1.      Ord. No. 2010-32 authorizing an emergency appropriation N.J.S. 40a:4-53 for the purpose of the preparation and execution of a complete program of revaluation of real property for the use of the local assessor in the amount of $500,000


A.     Resolution authorizing the release of various cash bonds posted with the Township

B.     Resolution releasing Avtech – Block 176, Lot 15, Pine Brook Post Office, from performance guarantee

C.     Resolution releasing Intergroup Management, Block 131, Lot 20.01 – River Road, from performance guarantee

D.     Resolution authorizing a reduction in performance guarantee – Sarra Construction, Block 78, Lots 5 & 6 – Chestnut Street

E.      Resolution releasing Thomas S. Marotta – Bear Rock Phases II and III, Block 1, Lot 11, High Mountain Road – from performance guarantee

F.      Resolution authorizing the return of various developer’s escrow, soil removal escrow, and construction guarantees

G.     Resolution authorizing the processing of tax sale certificate redemption #09-00036, Block 125.2, Lot 22, $636.18

H.     Resolution authorizing refund of various 2010 tax overpayments – tax appeals

I.       Resolution authorizing refund of 2010 tax overpayment – Block 82.8, Lot 21, $3,180.13

J.       Resolution authorizing refund of 2009 tax overpayment – tax appeal Block 32, Lot 15.1, $29,698.05

K.     Resolution authorizing an increase of the bid threshold to $36,000

L.      Resolution authorizing the acceptance of a grant from the Montville Township Literacy Foundation, Inc.

M.    Resolution authorizing the submittal of 2011 Municipal Alliance Program Grant Application to the County of Morris

N.     Resolution authorizing the execution of an amendment to Developer’s Agreement between the Township of Montville and Anton Company

O.    Approval of block party 5 Independence Court 09-25-10

P.      Resolution calling on the State Legislature and the Governor to enact property tax reform with passage of the “Municipal Toolkit” and mandates relief


1.      Resolution authorizing a professional services agreement between the Township and Laddey, Clark & Ryan – Lotta Lettuce litigation

2.      Resolution authorizing payment to Omland Engineering Associates for review of Starkey subdivision

3.      Resolution consenting to connection of certain properties in the Borough of Lincoln Park to the sanitary sewer system of the Township of Montville

4.      Resolution authorizing the execution of a temporary construction easement and maintenance agreement between Robert Reis and the Township of Montville

5.      Resolution approving the listing of bills and signing of checks








Next Regular Meeting Tuesday, September 14, 2010









08/09/2010 10:28 AM



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