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Minutes of July 21, 2010



Ron Cain, Jr. – present                         Margaret Miller – Sanders - present

Everett Vreeland - present                    Kevin Seidel, Alt. #2 - absent

Ron Soussa - present                            Deane Driscoll - absent

Jennifer Horowitz – present                   Alexander Kachmar - present 

Arnold Schancupp – alt #1 - absent                           


Township Committee: Deb Nielson – present

Township Officials: Linda White, Land Use Administrator  

Planning Board Liaison: Tony Speciale

Mrs. White was surprised with a ‘good bye’ cake by the EDC acknowledging her upcoming retirement:  all members present noted their appreciation for her services to the EDC.  She indicated this was a committee that she truly enjoyed serving especially due to the important in today’s economic climate of keeping, attracting and enhancing commercial/industrial zoning.  Towards that effort, she summarized that she and Mr. Bastone took a tour this past Monday of various sites within the community that may be interesting for redevelopment.  She brought a potential developer to the sites that may work for his uses:  redevelopment of the Pine Brook Motel area, redevelopment of the Kevah Konner site.  Visits were also made to the Stiles Road properties and some of the areas along Changebridge Road near the Rt. 80 side.  Other areas visited so that Mr. Bastone can assist the EDC in her absence, until a new appointment is made, was the properties of O’Dowd, behind Raia’s and Schroth’s and up along Rt. 202 across from Hunting Hills/Jade Mtn. 

Mr. Soussa thought the township should investigate the way to enhance the Stiles Lane intersection encouraging a redevelopment that would allow the Gage buildings and others to be incorporated into a layout that would promote commercial redevelopment.  Ms. Nielson updated the members on what we are looking at in the future in this area noting some of the constraints of the areas in question.


BoA & Planning Board applications update – Mrs. White noted that Quick Chek withdrew their application, and that the Rails application is still going forward.  She indicated that the applicant has met with the Township Administrator on the sewer connection fees, and that there is further studies being conducted. 

Master Plan Update – Mrs. White summarized the various areas that the Planning Board master plan subcommittee is investigating, noting that first reviews find that a lot of the areas along Rt. 46 East can be changed to retail, except for the existing First Industrial Office complex between the motel and restaurant area. 

The Changebridge corridor/Old Bloomfield Avenue up to the existing commercial businesses are being reviewed, various uses discussed.

Website Development – update – nothing new to comment on.  No changes made.  Reference made to Randolph Township’s EDC creating a web thru their home website, and that this was approximately $3,000.  Discussion ensued on status of the changes to the website that involved an outside vender.  Mrs. Nielson will discuss this with Mr. Bastone.

Temporary Sign Policy - Mrs. Horowitz indicated she is finalizing the draft changes and will send out to EDC members in immediate future.

Welcome to Montville Signage – Mrs. White mentioned that she did correspond with the township public works for a business district sign along Rt. 46/Changebridge Road street corner directing people traveling west to the fact that Changebridge Road off Rt. 46 will take you to the Montville Twsp. Business District.  Mrs. White indicated that Encore the existing car dealership will be coming into township in immediate future for a new shed and that perhaps we could get some type of an easement for installation of as sign on the side of his slope.  She will discuss with him this possibility when he contacts her.


Adoption of EDC minutes of 6-16-10 – Eligible:  Mr. Soussa, Mrs. Sanders, Mr. Cain, Mr. Seidel, Mr. Driscoll, Mr. Vreeland, Mr. Kachmar  

Minutes adopted unanimously in a Motion made by:  Dick Vreeland, seconded by Mr. Kachmar.


As to new secretary:  Mr. Cain indicated that Mr. Bastone verified that who ever take Mrs. White position will serve the EDC also. 

Mr. Cain will contact Arnold Schancupp – alt #1 on concerns of absenteeism and reminder on township policies.          

Meeting adjourned unanimously in Motion made by:  Dick Vreeland, seconded by Ron Soussa.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda M. White

Land Use Administrator

With explanation

With explanation

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