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6:30 PM Start

Minutes of July 22, 2010


Mr. Hines                               

Ms. Nielson                   

Mr. Lipari                      

Mr. Visco

Mr. Lewis

Also Present:  Joseph Burgis


Mr. Burgis reviewed the corridor studies reviewed to date noting Changebridge was discussed as well as Rt. 46.  We need to finalize the remainder of Rt. 202. 

The area along Rt. 202 (Whitehall Road up to Lincoln Park border) reviewed.  After a lengthy discussion, members felt that this area should stay residential since although there are some existing non conforming businesses along this area, the general use is that of single family residential. 

The members did ask that the master plan should have verbiage in the findings clearly indicated that should these non-conforming uses ever decide to change uses, that the master plan reinforce that we want to carry the theme of residential use along the entire length of this corridor.

The other section of Rt. 202 up to border of Pequannock was also discussed, and since this is also heavily residential, existing zoning should remain as is.

The entire Rt. 202 corridor has been studied. 

The remaining areas of study for next subcommittee meeting was set for August 11, 2010 @ 8:30AM and the following areas remain to be studied:

Bellows Lane, Stiles, Old Bloomfield, River Road,  Rt. 202 sites (V&L &  Pennick properties), as well as several other areas that will be visited (Wheeler property, Croatian Park). 

Mr. Burgis indicated that at this time he thinks we are near completion in getting the entire master plan put into a document, which he thinks will be over 100 pages or more.  As to funds allocated for this study, we are still within budget.  Future work will involve the ordinances, which also has monies allocated under our budget for this work which will start immediately after completion of master plan. 

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda M. White


Sunshine Notice Provided

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