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8:00 a.m. Start

Minutes of August 11, 2010



Mr. Karkowsky - absent

Ms. Nielson - present              

Mr. Lipari - absent      

Mr. Lewis - present

Mr. Visco - present

Also Present: Joseph Burgis, PP

                        Tony Barile, P.E.


Mr. Burgis reviewed the current status of the overall Land Use Plan; he is synthesizing the various corridor studies and reports into a single, comprehensive Land Use Plan. He expects the document to be completed by mid-September. The Committee agreed that the Towaco Master Plan should be incorporated into the overall Land Use Plan, but kept as a stand-alone component.

The Committee welcomed Bill O’Dowd, Brian O’Dowd and Jeff Albanese.  Mr. O’Dowd attended the meeting to comment on the Route 202 Corridor Study. Mr. Burgis recapped the history of the study and the development process of the study.

Mr. O’Dowd stressed that there is only a single client interested in the site…Quik Chek at the light. He reiterated that he is willing to provide the stated access road in conjunction with the site development. The site must have a gas station to be viable.

MP Chair Lewis re-affirmed the overall Master Plan process, which involved dozens of properly-noticed public meetings of the Subcommittee in addition to several public Planning Board workshops and ultimately the public hearing. There was absolutely no expert testimony provided at any point in that process indicating that the draft recommendations were wrong or incomplete. No additional expert testimony received today to enable the Subcommittee to re-open the discussion at the Planning Board, which adopted the Corridor Study unanimously.

Mr. O’Dowd reiterated that there was insufficient economic incentive in the current plan; Mr. Burgis disagrees. The Plan reflects not just the current building climate, but also the long-term planning health of the community. Mr.  Burgis reiterated that the avenue for a development application contrary to the Master Plan was rightfully the purview of the Zoning Board, and that any property owner is welcome to plead the specifics of any lot for relief.

MP Chair Lewis promised to convey the results of the meeting today with the full Subcommittee, and that there was simply not any new information to re-visit the approved study area.

At that point, all invited guests left the meeting.

Several unanswered questions from the previous Subcommittee meeting were reviewed in Mr. Burgis’ August 6th memo, specifically the southern stretch of Changebridge Road, an existing residential stretch on Old Bloomfield Avenue, and the Lake Valhalla area. Mr. Burgis is to review the existing lot frontage behind Bonefish on Old Bloomfield Avenue for ownership and feasibility for re-zoning from R-15 to commercial to allow a rear entrance.

For the next rendition of the plan, Mr. Burgis will have a draft map and recommendations for the protection of the existing residential community character and a delineation map around Lake Valhalla.

The Subcommittee and Mr. Burgis agreed that the Plan deliverable would be in Montville no later than 9/22. The Subcommittee will reconvene at 8:00 a.m. on 9/29….Land Use to provide Sunshine Notice.

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Gary Lewis

Acting Secretary

Sunshine Notice Provided

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