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7:30 PM Start

195 Changebridge Road, Montville Municipal Building



Mr. Maggio Absent        Mr. Karkowsky present           

Mr. Sandham present    Ms. Nielson present                                   

Mr. Lipari    Absent       Mr. Lewis - present

Mr. Hines    present       Mr. Canning present              

Mr. Visco     present       Mr. Speciale (alt#1) Absent              

                                          Mr. Tobias (alt#2)  entrance noted


Michael Patrick Carroll, Esq.

Joseph Burgis, PP

Frank Russo, PE  






Gary Lewis commented on the improvements to 86 River Road, specifically the new truss roof and commended the Board for their steadfastness in insisting the roof be incorporated into the Board of Ed design. He recommended the Board send a complimentary note to the Board of Ed once complete acknowledging the project; the Chairman concurred.


Appointment of Temporary Secretary – Gary Lewis

Motion to appoint made by: Mayor Sandham; Second by: Mr. Visco; Roll call: Unanimous   

Reports from Board Liaisons:

Open Space Committee

Mayor Sandham mentioned that the Township had applied for and received a grant for a design of trails on Township Open Space. The design would be done by the Morris Land Conservancy; a Kickoff Meeting will be held for all stakeholders on September 2, 7 pm at Town Hall. Jim will attend; additional Planning Board representation sought.

NOTE: Mr. Tobias enters



PMN/C09-05 Healy, Michael – 37A and 35A Stoneybrook Rd. – B: 21.01, L: 23 & 24 – lot line change with variances - approved 7/22/10- eligible:  Deb Nielson, Gary Lewis, John Visco, Russ Lipari, Larry Hines,       Larry Tobias

Motion to Approve made by: Nielson; Second by: Visco; Roll call: Yes - Nielson, Hines, Visco, Tobias, Lewis                 




Minutes of July 22, 2010 - eligible:  Deb Nielson, Gary Lewis, John Visco, Russ Lipari, Larry Hines, Larry Tobias

Motion to Approve made by: Hines; Second by: Visco; Roll call: Nielson, Lewis, Visco, Hines

Subcommittee Master Plan Minutes of July 22, 2010 - eligible:  Deb Nielson, Gary Lewis, John Visco, Russ Lipari, Larry Hines

Motion to Approve made by: Hines; Second by:  Visco; Roll call: Nielson, Lewis, Visco, Hines


Michael Carroll, Esq. Litigation for: $300, $150; Trust for: $641.25; $101.25, $67.50, $33.75

Omland Engineering  O/E for: $438.75; Trust for: $472.50, $135, $945  

Uhl, Baron Trust for: $960

Motion to Approve: Sandham; Second: Hines; Roll call: Unanimous





**PSPP/FC10-07 RAILS STEAKHOUSE - 8 & 10 Whitehall Road – B: 96, L: 3 & 4 - Site Plan/Variances for development of retail/apartments /restaurant site – Carried w/notice from 6/10/10 – Eligible: Ladis Karkowsky, Victor Canning, John Visco, Gary Lewis, Art Maggio, Russ Lipari, Jim Sandham, Larry Hines, Tony Speciale, Alt, Larry Tobias, Alt #2:  Deb Nielson must certify to 6/10/10 meeting                  

ACT BY: 10/8/10

** carry with notice to 9/23/10

Motion to carry with notice to 9/23/10 made by: Nielson; Second by: Sandham; Roll call: Unanimous


PMS/C10-06 LINCOLN PARK SAVINGS BANK  – 2 John Henry Dr –    B: 137, L: 4 – amended site plan w/variances   - Notice acceptable            ACT BY: 11/10/10

Present on behalf of the applicant: David Dixon, Esq.

Site Plan and attendant bulk variances. Many relief requests reflect existing non-conformities and some new variances:

Minimum lot area – existing non-conformity

Minimum lot depth – existing non-conformity

Minimum required parking – existing condition

Signage – 2 wall signs, direction free-standing and monument sign;  reduction in sign sizes

Traffic aisle widths, driveway setback – existing conditions


Michael Carloni – Branch Manager – Montville Office - sworn

Familiar with operation on Montville branch; feels existing drivethrough is insufficient; no cover, no bypass lane; single lane. 4 daily employees. Single family apartment upstairs….security concern with residents living above a bank. Dimly lit parking lot with spaces across lot from entrance.

Also walk-up ATM. Concerns about stormwater runoff to adjacent property.

No current plan or need to expand bank hours or employees. Feels lighting is currently a problem. Proposal is for 2 teller lines – 1 drive-up ATM, 1 pneumatic manned teller line. 2 lanes does not necessitate more employees. No current bypass lane, so vehicles are trapped in drive through lane. Feels there is currently inadequate records storage capacity; needs space for meetings and bank regulators. Current structure has no meeting space; upstairs apartment proposed for storage, meeting room, break room and bathroom.

Mr. Visco – any customers upstairs? Mr. Carloni - Employees only.

Joseph Mianecki, P.E. , PP - sworn

Accepted by Board as engineer and professional planner. Identified plan submittal: 6 sheets March 6, 2010, revised May 26, 2010. Located in B-1 Zone. Corner of John Henry and Changebridge.

Sheet 2 of 6: existing conditions. 2-story bank including upstairs apartment. Much of current parking currently non-conforming. Old site plan that does not meet current site plan standards. Setbacks from property lines, lack of curbing, no stormwater management, etc., all deficient per current standards.

All drainage is currently sheet flow to adjacent property. Current circulation plan is not ideal, too narrow in rear. Existing signs were identified.

Based on combined bank and single family use, the site currently requires 18 spaces. Conversion to all-bank use would require 24 spaces. Existing bank space is 1,630 square feet, apartment equals 1,036 square feet. With slight addition bank now will be 1,393 square feet, upstairs remaining at 1,036 square feet.

Spaces moved up against building for customer safety, and bypass lane being installed in rear. Streetscape enhancements include curbing entire lot, improving drainage. Roof drainage proposed to be captured; 344 square feet net increase due to addition, actually 144 square feet counting pavement removal. A series of drywells are proposed to improve the stormwater management.

Streetscape enhancements include two (2) double fixtures along Changebridge and one (1) on John Henry. Lighting levels were discussed. Canopy has very low level undermount lighting. Double-lamp fixtures hold illumination at .5 foot candles at property line. These lights will replace (2) existing building-mounted floodlights.

Standard for illumination is .3 foot candles at John Henry; waiver required due to .5 footcandles. An evergreen screen was proposed to mitigate the excess illumination; now after discussion with adjacent property owner will include 6’ PVC colonial-style fence and evergreen landscaping on both sides.

Difference in grade from front to rear of property is 6 or 7 feet.

The sign at John Henry is existing. Proposed to remain but be upgraded. Sidewalk is also being extended from existing municipal building walk across the frontage to John Henry. Feels sidewalk can be installed without retaining wall, except that the proposed lights were located in the R-O-W to avoid grade problems.

Discussed landscape conditions. Dated landscape scheme. Met with Tom Mazzacaro to discuss common border conditions with municipal building. All existing weeds and scrub will be cleared by applicant and turf installed to blend in with existing municipal building lawn area. New plantings along entire rear line.

Street trees to be removed to accommodate sidewalk. 3 Bradford pears not in great shape will have to be removed for sidewalk. The driveway is currently 7’ from property line; proposed to be 5’ from line. To ameliorate that condition, vibernums will be planted along that line. He believes this design will direct all stormwater runoff to south corner and rear lawn of municipal building without having to pass over adjacent Lot 3.

Testified in response to agency reports:

Burgis (7/16/10): 1] Circulation: remove space #7 to avoid backup conflict; Mianecki feels need for parking is greater than hazard of backing up. He is comfortable with current design based on intensity of use; 2] 3 spaces to be shifted per Burgis’ recommendations; 3] Landscape – west property line (2) 3’ vibernum proposed – Burgis recommends some form of buffer screening to shield parking. Applicant met with neighboring property owner today, applicant open to a 6’ fence with landscaping on both sides. Will provide buffer, light screen. 6’ PVC colonial style fence to be installed; applicant requires a variance for a 6’ fence that would extend into the front yard, whereas a 4’ fence is maximum. 4] Lighting – heights of lighting; testimony re: exceeding light levels. A 12’ shoebox light will be installed in rear adjacent to employee parking to minimize spillover. 5] Refuse storage – currently 2 or 3 cans are stored outside and are emptied once weekly. 6] Replacement monument sign should have low level landscaping; testimony will be provided.

Chairman Karkowsky – Existing entrance sign to be refurbished is blue? Mr. Mianecki - DRC passed color scheme other than vestibule window and fascia board. Blue and white are official bank colors. Entrance sign sticks out…..could be left white, currently a box sign. Not proposed to be enlarged. Karkowski prefers green, applicant does not agree.

Omland (6/28/10) – 1] Condition #10 will require a revised site plan; all other issues are acceptable and will be complied with.

Water & Sewer/DPW (Mazzacaro) – Landscaping will be coordinated with municipal building; abandonment of second floor apartment will result in a single meter.

Health – all conditions acceptable.

Mr. Russo – asked if Morris County has responded yet re: monument sign. Mr. Mianecki  - no response as yet; does not feel the 15’ setback of the sign will impact sight triangle. A sight triangle will be added to the plan.

Mr. Russo – will the proposed sign be more of a hazard then existing? Mr. Mianecki - Being farther back, it is a safety improvement.

Mr. Mianecki – From a planning perspective, most variances are pre-existing; impervious cover, driving aisle and parking variances are slightly increased. Old site with disarranged parking and no stormwater management and bringing it more into compliance with current standards. Aesthetic improvement, enhanced health and safety due to stormwater management and customer safety due to circulation and parking enhancements. Small lot for the B-1 zone; small lot results in increased coverage due to paving to accommodate enhanced parking and improved circulation.

Property has not been improved in many years, one purpose of zoning is to improve aesthetic improvement. Negative criteria – feels application can be granted without detriment by eliminating an existing non-conforming use. Some variances are a direct result of increasing turning radii to improve safety.

Ms. Neilson – Trash receptacles appear in some disrepair; no current screening. Mr. Carloni – new lidded containers recently obtained. Not currently screened by a fence. Mr. Dixon – site was approved with dumpster; applicant agrees to install 4’ fence to screen trash containers. Ms. Neilson - appreciates sidewalk, questions whether retaining wall for lights or grading changes and height variance (23’) is preferred for site. 36” wall will be about 6’ from property line. Applicant prefers not to construct the wall……Ms. Neilson also prefers natural grade and height variance.

Applicant inquires re: leaving the lights in the R-O-W and offering to pay utility costs. The R-O-W is a county issue and would require their approval. The Board concurs with this approach as a condition; lights will be relocated if unacceptable.

Mr. Lewis – Removal of all current building lights? Mr. Mianecki – all exiting building lights to be removed. Mr. Lewis – street tree replacement? Mr. Mianecki – No. Applicant amenable to 1 replacement tree mid-point between theme lights; Burgis will offer recommendations. There is a conflict with overhead wires.

Open to Public

Robert Rotter (4 John Henry) Proposed fence adjacent to his lot should stay 6’. Reduction of parking clearance will get closer to property. Concerned about lighting levels; questioned style and height of lights. Flood lights to be removed. Bank agrees to turn off 2 shoebox lights off at midnight. Canopy lights must remain on. Requested applicant to restore eroded topsoil; not possible. Applicant agreed to install evergreen plantings every 8’ on neighbor’s side of fence; fence will start around white pine on neighbor’s lot.

Emil Rotter  (4 John Henry) – How long will construction take? When will it start? May not start until spring, 6-9 months to finish. Bank will remain open. Landscaping will not take place until next spring. Monument sign – traffic coming out of John Henry onto Changebridge is accident prone; engineer re-affirmed that final plan will prove sight distance.

Motion to close public portion made by: Neilson; Second by: Sandham; Roll call: Unanimous

After further discussion, it was agreed that the shoebox lights will be installed on a timer set go off at 11:00 instead of midnight.

James Cutillo, R.A. – Design Architect - sworn

May 17th dated drawings (2 elevation drawings). Plan is to strip all façade materials and existing roof. New steeper roof to replace current shallow roof to blend into area. Complete new brickwork and stucco to replace siding.

Sheet A-2 has floor plans showing new vestibule. Many opportunities around the building foundation on three sides (other than rear drive-through) for enhanced perimeter landscaping. Not many interior changes. Small rear area is being demolished to allow for improved drive through. Minor renovations on the second floor.

Design Review Committee questioned different window on vestibule; applicant agrees to change higher window to match others. DRC requested the fascia trim board to extend over stucco….crown molding will adequately address that condition.

John Janis, Sign Contractor - sworn

Described existing and proposed sign conditions.

Chairman asked for a motion concerning this application.

Motion to approve preliminary and final site plan, including variance relief as follows:

1]       Fence height of 6’ in front yard area, whereas 4’ is permitted

2]       Minimum lot area

3]       Minimum lot depth

4]       Maximum lot coverage

5]       Minimum required number parking spaces

6]       Maximum permitted height of light fixtures (23’)

Approval is subject to following conditions:

1)       Application to Morris County for authorization and easement to locate streetscape lighting in Changebridge Road right-of-way and enter into an agreement with Montville Township to pay utility costs for streetscape lighting.

2]       Morris County Planning Board approval.

3]       Rear shoebox-style lights to be installed on a timer and set to go off at 11:00 p.m. daily.

4]       A 6’ PVC colonial-style fence will be installed along common property line with lot 3, including evergreen screenings along both sides. Plantings on Lot 3 side of fence will become responsibility of owner of Lot 3.

5]       A 4’ screen will be installed around trash containers.

6]       Landscaping enhancements as discussed in the Burgis Associates 7/16/10 report and as discussed in the hearing will be provided subject to approval of the Township Planner.

7]       Compliance with all agency and committee reports, including Design Review, except for the deletion of Space #7 (to remain) as contained in Burgis Associates 7/16 report.

8]       Removal of all building-mounted flood lights.

9]       Installation of at least 1 or 2 replacement street trees subject to approval of the Township Planner.

10]     Change the proposed new bank vestibule window per DRC.

11]     Install decorative paver walk to bank entrance subject to approval of the Township Planner.

Motion to approve made by: Sandham; Second by: Canning; Roll call: Yes - Karkowsky, Sandham, Nielson, Lewis, Hines, Canning, Visco, Tobias

Chairman Karkowsky asked for a motion to adjourn:

Motion to approve: Neilson; Second: Sandham

The meeting adjourned at: 10:30 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,


Gary Lewis, Acting Secretary

Absent with explanation

Absent with explanation

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