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Montville Township Environmental Commission

September 15, 2010

Meeting began promptly at 7:30pm.

Roll Call. Absent with excuse, James Muhaw & Angelo Intile

Absent without excuse, Sergio Angione

Present: Michele Caron, Victor Canning, Larry Kornriech, Hugh Merritt, Tim Braden, Monica Mianecki and Garry Annibal

Minutes of April Meeting

On a motion made by  Larry Kornreich, seconded by                 the

June 16, 2010 minutes were approved with corrections.

New Business

 Sub-Committees Reports

Board of Adjustment –.Michele Caron has no report.


Board of Education – Hugh Merritt reports that Tom Mazzaccaro emailed him regarding the POND project.  Mr. Merritt states that he has scheduled a preliminary walk around to discuss and see what needs to be done.  Samples will be taken around the week of 9/12.  His concern is that the fish need to be contained in certain areas.  Natural weed kill will save the township a considerable amount of money.  Larry Kornriech spoke with the superintendant and there is no science club or environmental club at the High School.  Mr. Merritt would like to get 2 high school kids to help.  Mr. Merritt states that other towns in the area have done this already.  Monica Mianecki questioned how long the fish will live. Mr. Merritt was unsure. 


Economic Development – James Muhaw absent, no report.


Health Department – Garry Annibal, Montville BOH met and discussed renewing their endorsement of a building ban in Towaco Heights area for lots that will be on septic and well water.  Michele Caron questioned if this is also for existing houses doing renovations.  Garry Annibal says it wasn’t discussed but thinks it’s only for empty lots. The BOH also discussed the Holiday at Montville.  They approved it based on 9 minor conditions ie. no opening burning, recycling issues, no disposal of construction debris, carbon monoxide detectors and some others that were of no interest to the commission.

Open Space Committee – Angelo Intile absent, no report.  Michele Caron states that they discussed TRAILS.  There was a $55,000 grant through ANJEC that will pay for hiking trails in the Pine Brook area and linking it to the property at Millers Lane.  Deb Nielson questioned if they have rolling deadlines or set deadlines.  Monica Mianecki was not sure. 

Planning Board – Victor Canning, no report

Township Committee – Tim Braden, no report.

RAILS STEAK HOUSE – A letter was sent to Jim Stathis and the Planning Board with the questions that the Environmental Commission would like answered by the developer and his professionals.

Motion made by Larry Kornriech to incorporate concerns into a letter to the Planning Board. Seconded by Victor Canning.  All in favor by voice vote.

HOLIDAY AT MONTVILLE – Carry to October meeting to give Commissioners time to review plans.


Other Business

JURASIC PARK  – Michele Caron questioned if there are any photo’s.  Rutgers has extensive files.

FEMA –  Garry Annibal questioned if FEMA is redoing flood maps for the state.  Deb Nielson states she is not sure when this will be done.  Monica Mianecki questioned if the town participates in the rating system.  I will check with Tony Barile, Township Engineer via email. 

ANJEC – There is a meeting October 15 – On the Frontline – Local Environmental Challenges.  Michele Caron states the meetings are very informative.

Meeting Adjourned at 9:11pm

Respectfully Submitted.

Liz Johansen


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