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Minutes of October 20, 2010



Ron Cain, Jr.                                        Margaret Miller – Sanders

Everett Vreeland                                    Kevin Seidel, Alt. #2

Ron Soussa                                          Deane Driscoll

Jennifer Horowitz                                  Alexander Kachmar

Arnold Schancupp – alt #1                              


                        Township Committee: Jim Sandham; Deb Nielson (alt)

                        Planning Board Liaison: Tony Speciale



            BoA & Planning Board applications update

BOA application Holiday / Briar Hill - proposed signage size is an issue with the board. 

Mr. Gannon requested PB look at rezoning Market Place property as part of master plan process. 

Discussion regarding

            Master Plan Update  - master plan draft will be released in November. 

Website Development – update: Committee would like to have vacancy list posted on the website

Temporary Sign Policy – Additional improvements to the sign policy are being discussed by the subcommittee. 




1. 2011 Budget discussion  -  $500 budget for 2011.  Mayor Sandham also recommended that the committee present funding needs to governing body if a need arises for special projects to assist in economic development of the Township.

2. Presentation from Tony Barile introducing Meghan Hunscher and outlining her responsibilities to the EDC.  Ms. Hunscher will be handling meeting minutes and agendas. 


Adoption of EDC minutes of 9-15-10 – Eligible: Cain, Soussa, Horowitz, Miller –Sanders, Driscoll, Kachmar.  Motion to approve: Ron Soussa; Seconded: Margaret Miller Sanders; Roll call: unanimous.



Suggestion that letter from Township Committee be prepared commending the landscapers who decorate the “Welcome to Montville” signage at Township gateways.

Ron Soussa discussed need to evaluate zoning flexibility to First Industrial vacant property for sale on Route 46 due to retail potential.  Parking issues may need to be addressed. 

Ms. Hunscher discussed developer inquiries regarding various properties in the Township, including the approved Lowe’s site on the former junkyard and the O’Dowd property, as well as in the Towaco Center area.  There is interest by grocers in the Township, both supermarkets and niche specialty grocers.  Change of tenancy applications are brisk, despite vacancies in town, areas are leasing up or leases are turning over, including subdivision of space in industrial areas.  Contractors have an interest in a number of properties to have offices and store a few service vehicles. 

Ms Hunscher also raised the prospect of retaining retail and economic development consultants to provide insight and expertise to guide the Committee’s and Township’s efforts in economic development.  Formation of a subcommittee was discussed to interview the prospective consultants. 



Respectfully submitted,

Meghan Hunscher

Meghan Hunscher, PP AICP

Principal Planner

Township of Montville

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