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            Ron Cain, Jr., Chair                  Margaret Miller-Sanders

            Everett Vreeland                                   Kevin Seidel, Alt. #2

            Deane Driscall                          Alexander Kachmar

            Deb Nielson , Alt.

            Tony Speciale, Planning Board Liaison             


ABSENT:  Ron Soussa, Jennifer Horowitz, Arnold Schancupp, Alt. #1, Jim Sandham, Township Committee Liaison


Board of Adjustments application update-Deane Discoll reported that Valhalla made several applications, one for a lighted volleyball installation.  This application and the others that were presented will be dealt with differently once the zoning for this area is changed pursuant to the Master Plan.

Master Plan Update- Deane and Tony reported that at the Public Meeting the Quick Check applicant argued before the Board that his application was being denied in an arbitrary matter. The board pointed out that before the application was made the property was not zoned for this type of use and that there were ordinances in place that would prevent the requested use.

            Trinity Baptist Church sough the addition of a gymnasium.


            Rails Restaurant was approved.

Property owners of a parcel located on Route 202 by the 287 entrance ramp requested that the zoning in the Master Plan be changed to something other than residential.  The Board will investigate this.

Montville Bagel was denied their request for more time to complete the exit they had been required to create.

Website Development-Jane is updating the vacancy posting on the Township Website.


Temporary Sign Policy- Rather than design a Temporary Sign Policy, which is not the charge of the EDC,  the ordinance itself will be addressed as part of the zoning ordinance revision. 

Update on Developer Inquires- Meghan will be asked to keep a list of inquires that she receives.

Deane, concerned about existing building with vacancies, has offered to speak to Rick Vanderbeck at First Industrial to see what he would recommend to the EDC to be more effective. 

Tony stated that rather than ask the interested parties seeking to move to Montville what they need, we should be touting our new Master Plan which should be ready in the next six months with revised zoning and ordinances in place. The EDC should embrace the Land Use elements of the Plan and communicate it to realtors and developers.    

Kevin suggested a catch phase dealing with the new Master Plan to launch this event.

It should be introduced to Commercial Realtors and developers as a new friendly and welcoming plan.  A plan composed of clear rules so that newcomers will know what to expect.  It was discussed that an event should be scheduled.   Margaret suggested an “Open House” throughout town with all landlords visible and a map showing available properties given out to the realtors and developers.   Deb suggested a wine and cheese event that could be hosted by a Commercial Landlord or Kevin graciously offered the Chelsea Senior Living as an event location. 

Deane Offered to talk to Ron Soussa and other Commercial Realtors in town to see what they think of an event.

Deb mentioned how important it is to get the Commercial Realtors on board since they have a vested interest in making this work.

We briefly discussed the charge of our committee and how it is to attract and keep businesses in town with the goal to enhance current tax rates.


Subcommittee formation to evaluate consultant(s) for retail analysis an economic development-Deane asked Deb if there are municipal programs that could guide the EDC in this area. Deb will investigate but thought there were DVDs available but the layout of the towns is usually much different than Montville Township.  

MINUTES:  On motion made by Deane Driscall seconded by Everett Vreeland the minutes of the November 17, 2010 were unanimously approved.


            Recap of 2010 and any follow-ups.

Discussion regarding a possible annual dinner honoring business leaders-consider an event for Realtors and developers.

            Signage regulations for new land use ordinance.

ADJOURNMENT:  There being no further business to come before the Committee, the meeting was adjourned at 9:35 AM.


WEDNESADY, January 19, 2011 at 8:00AM





Respectfully submitted,

Margaret Miller- Sanders

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