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Montville Township Environmental Commission

November 17, 2010

Meeting began promptly at 7:38pm.

Roll Call. Absent with excuse, Victor Canning, Jim Muhaw, Tim Braden

Absent without excuse

Present: Michele Caron, Sergio Angione, Larry Kornriech, Hugh Merritt, Monica Mianecki, Garry Annibal and Angelo Intile


On a motion made by Garry Annibal, the September 15, 2010 minutes were approved. 

Seconded by Larry Kornreich, all in favor by voice vote

On a motion made by Larry Kornreich, the October 20, 2010 minutes were approved. 

Seconded by Hugh Merritt, all in favor by voice vote

 Sub-Committees Reports

Board of Adjustment –.Michele Caron reports that Holiday at Montville was carried to the first December meeting date.


Board of Education – Hugh Merritt reports that there are no environmental commission issues.  The next meeting is November 23rd..


Economic Development – James Muhaw absent, no report.


Health Department – Garry Annibal reports approval was given for a fast food restaurant on Route 46.  There was also approval for a lot line change on Stonybrook Road.  Garry is concerned whether the other lot is large enough should the septic be replaced.

Open Space Committee – Angelo Intile absent, Garry Annibal reports that the Master Plan is still being discussed.

Planning Board – Victor Canning absent, no report

Township Committee – Tim Braden absent, no report.

HOLIDAY AT MONTVILLE – 31 Age restricted housing units. Hugh Merritt expressed concern regarding pesticides in the soil.  Garry Annibal states that grab samples were done and cyanide stays near the surface of the soil so the testing is within the guidelines. 

There were lengthy discussions regarding the concerns.

On a motion made by Sergio Angione, it was decided that Garry Annibal will write a letter putting forth questions and review for Holiday at Montville, to be sent to the Board of Adjustment.  Seconded by Hugh Merritt.  All in favor by voice vote.

RAILS STEAKHOUSE – Larry Kornreich asked Michele Caron to contact Land Use to find out why the Environmental Commission did not get an answer to their concerns.


Other Business

PONDS  – Hugh Merritt reports that the applications expired at the end of October.  The new deadline is April.  Hugh reports that the Township is paying for the fish and that they will not get caught on hooks because they don’t eat worms.  Monica Mianecki questioned if they can go back to chemicals if this does not work.  Hugh Merritt reports they can go back to chemicals at any time.

On a motion made by Garry Annibal, the Enviromental Commission is to accept the document as the report and recommendation and be forwarded to Mr. Mazzaccaro.  Seconded by Sergio Angione.  All in favor by voice vote.



The majority of people would like walking trails.  There was discussion about making a trail from Camp Dawson to Red Barn.  There was a plan done for trails from Lake Valhalla to the Towaco Swim Club property but there were a number of footbridges that needed to be built over blueline streams. 


New Business

Waughaw Road – PioCosta is asking for tree clearance and pavement install.  Michelle Caron will contact Land Use for more information.

Tmobile wants to put cell tower on 36 Maple Ave.  There was no concern with this.

Woman’s Club gives a cash award for community improvement.  Michelle Caron has the application.

Cell Phone Recycling – A new company will be used: ibuyphones

Sergio Angione and Hugh Merritt attended a seminar in Mt. Lakes regarding the mapping system.  Morris County is doing the plans for no cost for Mt. Lakes but there will be a fee to the Townships to have this done.  Hugh Merritt will make arrangements for a demonstration to be done here.


On a motion made by Sergio Angione and seconded by Hugh Merritt the meeting was adjourned at 9:20 pm

Respectfully Submitted.

Liz Johansen

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