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7:30 PM Start

195 Changebridge Road, Montville Municipal Building


No New Business to be Conducted Past 10:00PM


Mr. Maggio – present                                        Mr. Karkowsky - present

Mr. Sandham – present                                     Ms. Nielson – entrance noted

Mr. Lipari – present                                          Mr. Lewis – present

Mr. Hines – present                                          Mr. Canning – present

Mr. Visco – present                                          Mr. Speciale (alt #1) – present

                                                                        Mr. Tobias (alt #2) – present





Appointment of Temporary Chairman - Motion to appoint Mr. Sandham as Temporary Chair,

made by Mr. Karkowsky, Second by: Mr. Lewis. Roll Call: Unanimous

Appointment of Chairman - Motion to appoint Mr. Lipari as Chairman, made by Mr.

Karkowsky, Second by: Mr. Hines. Roll Call: Unanimous

Appointment of Vice Chairman - Motion to appoint Mr. Lewis as Vice Chairman, made by Mr.

Visco, Second by Mr. Karkowsky, Roll Call: Unanimous

Appointment of Recording Secretary and Secretary - Motion to appoint Liz Johansen as

Recording Secretary and Meghan Hunscher as Secretary, made by Mr. Karkowsky, Second by:

Mr. Lewis; Roll Call: Unanimous

Annual Report - Motion made by Mr. Sandham, Second by: Mr. Visco; Roll Call: Unanimous

with a condition that the report be made more detailed

Designation of Meeting Time - 7:30pm & Meeting Dates - Motion made by Mr. Karkowsky,

Second by: Mr. Hines; Roll Call: Unanimous

Designation of Official Newspaper for Legal Ads- Daily Record & Star Ledger - Motion made by

Mr. Hines, Second by Mr. Maggio; Roll Call: Unanimous

Adoption of Rules & Regulations/By-laws- Amending By-laws to require applicants to submit

revised plans directly to board professionals 10 municipal working days prior to the scheduled

hearing. Motion made by Mr. Sandham, Second by Mr. Maggio:  Roll Call: Unanimous


Professional Services Re-Appointments - After lengthy conversation regarding the Township

Committee requesting to lower all professional fees, the Planning Board is in agreement that

their professionals should not receive lower fees.  On a motion made by Mr. Lewis, Joe Burgis,

from Burgis and Assoc., Michael Carroll, Esq. and Stan Omland from Omland Engineering be

reappointed at the same rate as was received in 2010.  Second by Mr. Lipari, Roll Call;


Appointment of Committees/Liaisons by Chairman

Motion made by Mr. Sandham, Second by Mr. Hines, Roll Call: Unanimous




Motion made by Mr. Speciale to close the public session.  Seconded by Mr. Sandham.

Mr. Lewis suggested that the Planning Board send a letter to the Board of Education

congratulating them on their new building.

Mr. Tobias suggested having photos of buildings in the annual report.

***Ms. Neilson entered 8:40pm.

Mr. Karkowski questioned if any action is being taken toward the businesses that are violating sign ordinance.  Ms. Hunscher indicated that her office has sent out letters of violations.


Ms Hunscher gave an overview of the committee meetings.  There was a typo on the agenda; the EDC meets every third Wednesday, not every fourth Wednesday.  Also, the Housing Committee meets quarterly on the fourth Thursday - January 27, April 28, July 28, and October 27.

Wireless Telecommunications Ordinance (Proposed) - The ordinance allows for monopoles and lattice-type towers.  Mr. Burgis generally feels comfortable recommending adopting the ordinance, but has provided comments in his memo dated December 9, 2011 for consideration.  Mr. Sandham states that there are state and federal regulations that address the health impacts.  No comments were made by board members.  Motion made by Mr. Sandham to forward Mr. Burgis’ comments to the Township Committee, seconded by Mr. Karkowsky, Roll Call Unanimous.


a)   Board of Adjustment – Gary Lewis, no report given

b)   Board of Health – Lawrence Tobias, no report given

c)   Environmental Commission – Victor Canning no report given.

d)   Water & Sewer – Arthur Maggio no report given

e)   HPRC – John Visco gave no report.

f)    DRC – Deb Nielson gave no report.

g)   Site Plan/Subdivision Committee – Russ Lipari Chair, Ladis Karkowsky, Deborah Nielson & John Visco (alt) gave no report

h)   Economic Development Committee –

i)    Open Space Committee – Ladis Karkowsky, Russ Lipari, Deb Nielson & Jim Sandham gave no report

j)    Master Plan/COAH 3rd Round – Ladis Karkowsky, Russ Lipari, Deb Nielson & Jim Sandham gave no report.

k)   Cross Acceptance Committee – Ladis Karkowsky & Russ Lipari gave no report.

l)    Highlands Legislation Review Committee – Gary Lewis gave no report.

m)  Appointment to Fire Department Districts – Russ Lipari – Towaco, Tony Speciale – Pine Brook and Art Maggio – Montville, no report given



Case Law and Legislative update - Mr. Carroll states S-1 was approved which regulated affordable housing.  He is not sure how the formulas were determined.  He also provided a summary of a recently published case in which the court held that a board does not have to grant a previously overlooked variance for an approved site plan if the property applies for an amended site plan in the future, unless this variance is being affected or exacerbated in anyway. 


On a motion made by Mr. Karkowski, the minutes of December 9, 2010 were approved. Seconded by Mr. Canning. All in favor by voice vote.


Michael Carroll, Esq – Trust for $438.75, $202.50

Omland Engineering – Litigation for : $438.75 Trust for $67.50, $33.75, $168.75

Burgis Assoc – $708.75

Motion made by Mr. Hines to approve, seconded by Mr. Lewis, all in favor by voice vote.




PSPP/FC09-10-Trinity Baptist Church - 160 Changebridge Road - B: 124 L:12.3 - Prel/Final Site Plan with Variances - request for a change in a condition of the resolution.  Initial request 11/10/2010. Frank Scangarello, Attorney, appearing on behalf of the applicant, states that they re-noticed all property owners and are asking for a change of an approval condition.  Applicant has noticed and requests deletion of the condition to provide a fully-engineered site plan for the proposed banked parking spaces.  The banked parking spaces still remain on the plans as allocated for additional parking in the future if necessary.

Motion made by Mr. Karkowski, seconded by Mr. Maggio Roll Call: All in favor.

Break 9:00pm

Call back to order 9:10pm



PSPP/FC10-10 PINE BROOK PLAZA - 5 Bloomfield Ave b:162 L 2 amended preliminary and final site plan for façade and site improvements to existing retail shopping center with variances and waivers.

Appearing on behalf of applicant:  Mitchell Abrahams Esq. - Attorney; John Azarian, applicant (“Pine Brook Plaza”); Keith Lesser, architect with ISL Architects; Michael McGowan PE, McGowan Engineering.

The board accepted the applicants’ professionals’ credentials.

Professionals and applicant sworn in.

Ms Hunscher gave an overview of the project.  The applicant is proposing to improve the façade and minor site improvements including pavers, lighting, and dumpster enclosures. There are variances requested for impervious coverage and parking setback.

Keith Lesser, architect for the applicant, presented first.  He described existing conditions and stated that the building is a flat roofed building which lies perpendicular to Route 46.  He submitted Exhibits A1 and A2 which depict colored renderings of the façade with site photographs.  Existing signage will be removed and reinstalled on the facade. Lighting will be installed along the exterior walkway to provide improved visibility at night.  Pavers will be installed in front of store entrances and soffits will have new lighting installed. Mr. Lipari questioned what type of lights is being used.  Mr. Lesser states that gooseneck lighting is being used. Mr. Speciale questioned how many Knox boxes are being installed.  Mr. Azarian states one will be installed.  Mr. Speciale had concerns that this is insufficient in case fire fighters needed to access the units. The applicant thought one Knox box was sufficient, but would comply with whatever the fire department requested.    Mr. Lewis addressed the condition of the utility door at the Bloomfield Avenue side of the structure, which he felt, left in its current condition, would be a blemish on the upgraded building.  Mr. Lewis suggested a new material be used for the door to match the appearance of the façade improvements. Mr. Lesser indicated that he will look into either painting the door to make it blend in with the façade and/or re-coating the door with a different material to upgrade its appearance.  Mr. Lesser indicated that he felt in his professional opinion it would be better to downplay the door since it was a back-entrance and make it blend in with the façade.

Michael McGowan, PE, engineer for the applicant, indicated that the applicant will be repaving and restriping the parking lot.  Concrete curbing will be used. Upgraded lighting and dumpster enclosures will be installed.  Mr. Omland states that the dumpsters are adequate.   All dumpsters need to be enclosed.  Mr. McGowan indicated that there was a minor variance, which will actually be improved by the application, for parking set back from the easterly property line due to a crooked curb installment.  Also, the impervious coverage will be slightly over due to the proposed installment of asphalt under the new dumpster location.  Both are easily justifiable due to the improvements to the property and lack of substantially detrimental impact.  

** Ms. Nielson left 9:45pm

In summary, the applicant proposes:  Upgrading the lighting as per the Master Plan, which includes installation of Towaco style lighting on the interior of the site and along the corridors (Route 46 and Bloomfield Avenue) and the installation of sidewalks on Bloomfield Avenue.  Installation of concrete curbing is proposed.  No landscaping is proposed.  The applicant also agreed to address the utility door to be upgraded in appearance to match the quality of the proposed façade improvements. 

Motion made by Mr. Lewis, Seconded by Mr. Sandham to close public session. 

Motion made by Mr. Karkowsky, Seconded by Mr. Sandham to approve Pine Brook Plaza application with a condition of approval from the Fire Chief regarding the Knox box, the installation of Towaco-style lighting, the installation of a sidewalk on Bloomfield Avenue. The board agreed not to have landscaping installed on the property. Roll Call: Mr. Maggio, Mr. Sandham, Mr. Hines, Mr. Visco, Mr. Canning, Mr. Karkowsky, Mr. Lewis, Mr. Lipari, Mr. Speciale and Mr. Tobias




There being no further business to discuss, on a motion made by Mr. Maggio, seconded by Mr. Sandham, the meeting was adjourned at 10:07 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Liz Johansen, Secretary

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