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Montville Township Environmental Commission

January 19, 2011

Meeting began promptly at 7:38pm.

ROLL CALL. Absent without excuse: Angelo Intile

Present: Larry Kornreich, Michele Caron, Sergio Angione, Hugh Merritt, Monica Mianecki, Garry Annibal, Vic Canning, Tim Braden, Scott Gollapo, and Andrew Pappachen.



Appointment of Chairman - Motion made to appoint Larry Kornreich made by Sergio Angione, Seconded by: Michelle Caron Roll Call: Unanimous

Appoinment of Vice-Chairman - Motion made to appoint Michelle Caron,made by Sergio Angione, seconded by Victor Canning Roll Call: Unanimous

Appointment of Recording Secretary - Motion made to appoint Liz Johansen, made by Sergio Angione, seconded by Garry Annibal Roll Call: Unanimous


On a motion made by Sergio Angione, the December 15, 2010 minutes were approved. 

Seconded by Michelle Caron, all in favor by voice vote


Holiday At Montville - No update


Lake Valhalla Club - Vic will check with the Planning Board.  Hugh Merritt, Monica Mianecki and Garry Annibal will look at the plans and report back for the next meeting.

Education Classes - Everyone needs to attend courses and notify Liz Johansen when a class is completed.  Environmental Commission Handbooks will be ordered for anyone whom does not have one.

Hugh Merritt handed out an informational flyer for the NJ Watershed Ambassadors Program.


Board of Adjustment –.Michele Caron has no report.

Board of Education – Hugh Merritt states that he did not attend the most recent meeting due to a conflict with his attendance at the TC meeting for the EC pond study presentation.

Economic Development – Monica Mianecki will be their new liaison.  Meetings are Wednesday mornings at 8:30am. 

Health Department – Garry Annibal reports that the results came in for the Lead testing at Camp Dawson.  The results were within the allowable limits.  Also, the last outbreak of bed bugs in Montville was two years ago. There have been no reports since then.

Open Space Committee – Angelo Intile absent, no report.

Planning Board – Victor Canning has no report

Township Committee – Tim Braden has no report.


Other Business

PONDS  – Hugh Merritt attended the Township Committee meeting and did a presentation regarding the grass carp control.  He received a call from the Lake Valhalla Club asking for help with using this method in the lake.  This method works best with a waterway under 10 acres.  Lake Valhalla is 90 acres.


TRAILS - Angelo Intile absent, no update.

ARBOR DAY-  April 29, 2011  - Michelle Caron suggested Terry Cavanaugh or Mike Kopas as the Honoree.  Tim Braden suggested Phyllis Schneck.  She was involved with the Woman’s Club in Montville for many years. All Commissioners are in agreement with Mrs. Schneck as the honoree.


RECYCLING DAY - April 30, 2011 - Sergio Angione thinks that having some interactive vendors this year, may bring in some more people.  He also states there should be a subcommittee for Recycling day and it needs to be publicized better this year.  The committee will be Sergio Angione, Michelle Caron, Andrew Pappachen & Monica Mianecki.

LANDSCAPE REGISTRATION ORDINANCE - Michelle Caron will email the local ordinances from area towns.  There was lengthy discussion regarding how this will be enforced. Monica Mianecki states that all surrounding towns on Lake Hopatcong have ordinances that restrict fertilizer usage within a certain distance of the lake and waterways.   


On a motion made by Michelle Caron and seconded by Sergio Angione the meeting was adjourned at 8:32 pm

Respectfully Submitted.

Liz Johansen

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