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Montville Township Committee Special Meeting

Tuesday, December 21, 2010, 7:00 p.m.

Montville Township Municipal Building, 195 Changebridge Road, Montville, New Jersey


7:09 p.m. – Statement of Open Public Meetings Act Compliance read by Chairman James Sandham, Jr.:  “As required by the Open Public Meetings Act, adequate Notice of this meeting has been provided which Notice specified the time and place of the meeting to the extent known at that time. The Notice was posted on the bulletin board at the Municipal Building, mailed to The Daily Record, The Star Ledger, and The Citizen as well as other newspapers and it was placed on file in the Township Clerk’s office. This meeting has been properly noticed to the public in accordance with the Open Public Meetings Act.”


Roll call Township Committee:


Present:          Committeeman Don Kostka

                        Committeewoman Deborah Nielson

                        Committeeman Tim Braden

                        Chairman James Sandham, Jr.


Absent:            Committeeman Art Daughtry


Also present:   Gertrude Atkinson, Township Clerk

                        Committeeman-elect Scott Gallopo


Discussion regarding 2011 Board and Commission appointments:


Board of Adjustment:  Reappoint Jim Marinello.  Move Ken Shirkey from alternate to regular member.  Appoint Keith Olsen Alternate #1 and John Petrozzino Alternate #2.  Maury Cartine and Carl DiPiazza don’t want to be reappointed. 


Board of Health:  Reappointment Sunil Shah and Arnold Pallay.  Concerned with Pallay’s attendance.  Make sure he is still interested/committed.  Committeeman Braden will call him.  If Pallay not interested, then appoint Dr. DiOrio.


Design Review Committee:  Reappoint Mike Karlan, Joe Nadler, Frank Suppa, and Mike Kopas.  Committeewoman Nielson will check with Kopas and Suppa to be sure they want to be reappointed.  Morgan, Guterman, and Murphy not being reappointed.  Appoint Olsen, Eisenhaur, and Shahnaz.


Drug Awareness Municipal Alliance:  Reappoint Maryann Witty and Gilbert Mandel.  New appointments – Bryan Fucetola, June Witty, and LaMar Blecker.  Ciasullo, Romola, and LoBiondo don’t want to be reappointed.


Economic Development Committee:  Reappoint Ron Cain, Everett Vreeland, Margaret Miller-Sanders, and Kevin Seidel.


Environmental Commission:  Reappoint Kornreich and Canning.  Muhaw does not want to be reappointed.  Move Mianecki from alternate to regular member.  Appoint Andrew Pappachen to Alternate #1.


Historic Preservation Review Commission:  Reappoint Condit and Gamsby.  Move Ruby from alternate to regular member.  Lehnert does not want to be reappointed.  Move Sapperstein from Alternate #2 to Alternate #1.   Consensus – appoint Fisher to Alternate #2.


Housing Committee:  Reappoint Franco and Mahmood.


Library Board of Trustees:  Consensus – reappoint Peter King.


Planning Board:  Reappoint Canning, Hines, and Speciale.


Recreation Commission:  Concerned about Deane Driscoll’s travel schedule.  Can there be an established alternate?  Township Clerk will check with legal counsel.  Reappoint Driscoll.  If there can be an alternate, appoint Larry Manfra.  Braden will call Driscoll to find out his status.


Residents’ with Disabilities Advisory Committee:  Goodman and Cavanaugh not being reappointed.  Cavanaugh – conflict with meeting night.  Appoint Kathleen Walter to regular position.  Move Amy O’Neil from alternate to regular member.  Reach out to Dr. DiOrio.  If he is not interested, then appoint Bryan Fucetola to Alternate #1.


Long-Term Financial Planning Committee:  Reappoint all.


Open Space Committee:  Reappoint all.  Committeeman-elect Gallopo will speak to Bryan Fucetola to see if he would like to be appointed to the Open Space Committee.


Discussion regarding 2011 Chairperson:


Sandham stated he served as Mayor this past year.  He made some mistakes.  He would like to be reappointed as Mayor. 


Gallopo stated he would like consistency – one-year term or two-year term for Mayor.  Braden stated they can’t bind future Township Committee’s to terms.  The Charter Study did recommend no more than three-year terms. 


Sandham stated he would support Tim Braden for Deputy Mayor. 


Committeeman Kostka stated his plan was to nominate Braden as Chairman.  Committeewoman Nielson seconded it for discussion purposes.


Sandham stated he votes to follow the Charter Study – 2 to 3-year terms.  Gallopo stated he presses again for consistency.  This is something that needs to be further flushed out.


Kostka stated if no one is prepared to go any further or vote, I am prepared to nominate Sandham for a second term.  Braden stated obviously we have issues up here.  All in favor on calling the question of the nomination of Braden for Chairman.  Roll call vote – Gallopo, pass; Kostka, yes; Nielson, yes; Braden, yes; Sandham, no; Gallopo, yes.  Motion approved. 


Braden nominated Kostka for Vice-Chairman.  Second:  Nielson – for discussion purposes.  Gallopo made a motion to nominate Sandham for Vice-Chairman.  Second:  Sandham – for discussion purposes. 


Nielson stated Mr. Kostka is representing a different viewpoint than he has in the past.  He shows a willingness to work hard. 


Kostka stated he is interested in serving.


Sandham withdrew his name from nomination.


Roll call vote on Kostka nomination for Vice-Chairman.  Gallopo, yes. Kostka, yes; Nielson, yes; Braden, yes; Sandham, yes.  Motion approved.


Public Portion:


Dan Pagano, Roome Road, Towaco, requested a copy of the Board and Commissions and their budgets.  Did not know you need a permit to take a tree down.  Braden explained tree permit requirements. 


Gary Lewis, 5 Cooks Farm Road, Montville, stated I support all five of you as my representatives in Montville.  It matters to me less who serves as the Chairperson.  I hope come January 3 you better represent me the way we were represented in 2010 and we get back to the business of the people.  I am going to keep a sharp eye that there is not vindictiveness, lingering, anxiety, or anger, or we will be back here calling for accountability.


Robert Lefkowitz, 81 Windsor Drive, Pine Brook, stated he is disgusted that someone says the Library Board is getting better.  We just wasted two meetings on a witch hunt on one member.  To say things are improving, it is just not intellectually honest. 


Hearing no further comments, Chairman Sandham closed the public portion.  Motion:  Braden.  Second:  Kostka.  All in favor.  Motion approved.


Discussion 2011 professional services agreements:


Reappoint all current professionals normally appointed at reorganization.  Reappoint current prosecutors and public defender.  Appoint Chris Corcoran Tax Collector and Robert Lowenfish as Public Agency Compliance Officer.

Township Committee Liaisons to Boards and Commissions:  Board of Adjustment – Kostka, Gallopo.  Board of Health – Nielson, Sandham.  Design Review Committee – Nielson, Braden.  Drug Awareness – Gallopo, Sandham.  Economic Development – Sandham, Nielson.  Environmental Commission – Kostka, Braden.  HPRC – Gallopo, Kostka.  Housing – Nielson, Kostka.   


Planning Board Township Committee member – Nielson stated she would like to continue.  Her background is in planning and they have a lot of work to do next year.  Kostka asked if the former Mayor typically serves on the Planning Board as a member one extra year.  Sandham stated there is no requirement one way or the other.  Sandham stated I have been on it for two years and I enjoy it.  He would continue in that capacity if the group wants him to.  Kostka stated it is my understanding that Art Daughtry stayed on for one extra year after he was Mayor.  If that is the case, and if that is what Jim wants, I would support him on that.  Sandham stated I have been on that board and I really would like to continue.  Thank you.


Recreation – Braden, Gallopo.  RDAC – Gallopo, Kostka.  LTFPC – Kostka, Gallopo.  Open Space Committee – Nielson, Sandham.


Board of Education liaison – Braden stated the Mayor should be the BOE liaison.  Sandham agreed.  Braden will be the liaison and Sandham will sit on the subcommittee.


Rockaway River Cabinet – Braden.  Technology Committee – Gallopo, Sandham.  Sustainability Committee – Nielson, Braden.


Township Committee agreed to honor Sal Assante, who donates landscaping and wreathes, at Reorganization.


2011 Meeting Schedule:  Move January 25 meeting to January 26 due to BOE referendum date.  Move November 8 meeting to November 9 due to General Election date.  No meetings July 26, August 23, and December 27.


Meeting adjourned at 8:55 p.m.  Motion:  Kostka.  Second:  Gallopo.  All in favor.  Motion approved.


Respectfully submitted,





Gertrude H. Atkinson, Township Clerk


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