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Montville Township Environmental Commission

February 16, 2011

Meeting began promptly at 7:30pm.

ROLL CALL. Absent with excuse: Garry Annibal, Deb Nielson, Sergio Angione

Present: Larry Kornreich, Michele Caron, Angelo Intile, Sergio Angione, Hugh Merritt, Monica Mianecki, Vic Canning, Tim Braden, and Andrew Pappachen.


Lake Valhalla Club – Monica Mianecki states that the subcommittee has some comments.  There was concern with the type of shrubs being installed. 


Board of Adjustment –.Michele Caron has no report.

Board of Education – Hugh Merritt reports that the public policy meeting is February 17.

Economic Development – Monica Mianecki reports that Bayer may be relocating.  Land Use is looking to hand out a pamphlet that will explain to applicants the process for applying for permits.  The sign ordinance was discussed.  There will be a subcommittee formed for a possible farmers market.

Health Department – Garry Annibal absent, no report.

Open Space Committee – Angelo Intile states that the meeting is tomorrow..

Planning Board – Victor Canning has no report.

Township Committee – Tim Braden has no report.



Holiday At Montville - No update

Ponds  – Hugh Merritt states the application for the permit has been completed.

Trails - Angelo Intile has no update.

Arbor Day -  April 29, 2011  - Phyllis Schneck’s family wishes to not have her honored, Michele Caron named Deb Nielson instead. The tree needs to be acquired from the county.  Press Releases are to go out on March 1. 

Recycling Day - April 30, 2011 - Sergio Angione sent out emails.  Lane Jacobs responded yes, Syntas was not sure, and Petals for Power responded yes. Tim Braden thinks that recycling will go up with the new schedule.  Lincoln Park will recycle Montville’s electronics.  For recycling day, Tim Braden will check if one of our DPW workers can deliver the items to Lincoln Park.

Landscape Registration Ordinance  – After lengthy discussion a subcommittee consisting of Michele, Monica and Hugh was formed to investigate further. 



Larry Kornreich stated that he met with Anthony Barile and Meghan Hunscher today.  They suggested that they review all questions that the Commission has before they are presented to the Planning Board or Board of Adjustment.  They are also looking to update the Natural Resources Inventory.  Hugh Merritt and Sergio Angione suggest having a presentation from a member of the Mountain Lakes EC.


On a motion made by Sergio Angione, the January 19, 2011 minutes were approved. 

Seconded by Vic Canning, all in favor by voice vote


On a motion made by Angelo Intile and seconded by Vic Canning the meeting was adjourned at 8:40 pm

Respectfully Submitted.

Liz Johansen

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