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7:30 PM Start

195 Changebridge Road, Montville Municipal Building


No New Business to be Conducted Past 10:00PM



Mr. Maggio – entrance noted                            Mr. Karkowski - present

Mr. Sandham – present                                    Ms. Nielson – present

Mr. Lipari – present                                          Mr. Lewis – present

Mr. Hines – present                                          Mr. Canning – absent

Mr. Visco – present                                          Mr. Speciale (alt #1) – absent

                                                                        Mr. Tobias (alt #2) – present





a)   Board of Adjustment – Gary Lewis - No report given, last meeting cancelled.

b)   Board of Health – Lawrence Tobias - No report given, last meeting cancelled.  There is on going lead testing being conducted at Camp Dawson.

c)   Environmental Commission – Victor Canning no report given.

d)   Water & Sewer – Arthur Maggio - No report given

e)   HPRC – John Visco - No report given

f)    DRC – Deb Nielson - No report given

g)   Site Plan/Subdivision Committee – Russ Lipari Chair, Ladis Karkowski, Deborah Nielson & John Visco (alt)


      Ms Hunscher reports that the subcommittee convened on January 20 and heard six (6) waiver applications.  Four (4) were change of occupancy of office tenants. Two (2) were for 321 Changebridge Road for warehouse storage and Jazzercise, which was tabled until the applicant could reappear before the full board to discuss improvements to the property include NJDEP approval post-approval.     

h)   Economic Development Committee – Jim Sandham, Deb Nielson. No report given.

i)    Open Space Committee – Ladis Karkowski, Russ Lipari, Deb Nielson & Jim Sandham No report given.

j)    Master Plan/COAH 3rd Round – Ladis Karkowski, Russ Lipari, Deb Nielson & Jim Sandham - No report given.

k)   Cross Acceptance Committee – Ladis Karkowski & Russ Lipari - No report given

l)    Highlands Legislation Review Committee – Gary Lewis - No report given.

m)  Appointment to Fire Department Districts – Russ Lipari – Towaco, Tony Speciale – Pine Brook and Art Maggio – Montville - No report given.




Motion made by Ms. Nielson to close the public session.  Seconded by Mr. Hines.

Mr. Lewis questioned if Mr. Omland looked at the warrant analysis for Rails Steakhouse.  Mr. Omland states he did not.  MUTC regulates the amount of traffic signals that are needed.  He also states that a speed study needs to be completed.


Discussion regarding planning awards nominations due February 15 (NJ Future and April 1 (NJPO)

On a motion made by Mr. Karkowski he would like to nominate Rails Steakhouse and Towaco Center Master plan. Seconded by Mr. Lewis.  All in favor by roll call.

Ms. Hunscher spoke to the Heller Group regarding access to John Henry Drive.  They asked for a one month extension until mid-August. 

On a motion made by Mr. Hines, the CO will be revoked if work is not completed 30 days after original completion date.  Seconded by Mr. Visco.  All in favor by roll call.  Mr. Lewis abstained.

Mr. Maggio Entered 7:55pm



PMISC11-06 Eisenhauer, Gary – 48 Route 46 – Mr. Eisenhauer is looking to use office for a call center.  The sign will not change in size, however the color will be green and will go atop the Tae Kwon Do sign. 

Mr. Hines and Mr. Lipari indicated that the existing signage has been there for many years, and most likely pre-dates the ordinance requirement for a maximum height of eight (8) feet. 

Motion to approve occupancy and signage made by Mr. Lewis, seconded by Mr. Hines.  Roll Call: Mr. Maggio, Mr. Sandham, Mr. Hines, Mr. Visco, Mr. Karkowski, Ms. Nielson, Mr. Lewis, Mr. Tobias, Mr. Lipari

PMISC11-07 Solar Center – 26 Chapin Road

There is sufficient parking and it is a change in occupancy.

Motion to approve occupancy made by Mr. Hines, seconded by Mr. Maggio.  Roll Call: Mr. Maggio, Mr. Sandham, Mr. Hines, Mr. Visco, Mr. Karkowski, Ms. Nielson, Mr. Lewis, Mr. Tobias, Mr. Lipari

PMISC11-08 State Farm– 339 Main Road – Mr. Phil Dattolo, State Farm agent, states the office will be used as an insurance office.  It was formerly ReMax - a real estate office.  He requested that he be allowed signage that is the preferred State Farm branding of red and white.  The ReMax sign was formerly red, white and blue.  The board did not object to his red and white sign.  

Motion to approve occupancy and signage made by Mr. Hines, seconded by Mr. Lewis.  Roll Call: Mr. Maggio, Mr. Sandham, Mr. Hines, Mr. Visco, Mr. Karkowski, Ms. Nielson, Mr. Lewis, Mr. Tobias, Mr. Lipari



Michael Carroll, Esq – Trust for $67.50, $877.50, $67.50, $33.75, $33.75

Omland Engineering – O/E for : $337.50, $ 405, $168.75; Trust for $270, $67.50, $101.25, $135, $406.25, $77.50, $135

Burgis Assoc – $506.25, $337.50

Johnson, Murphy – Trust for $135, $120, $310

Motion made by Mr. Hines to approve, seconded by Mr. Visco, all in favor by voice vote.




PSPP/FC09-10 Trinity Baptist Church – 160 Changebridge Road – Carry to February 24th meeting due to requested revisions by applicant’s attorney. 

PSPP/FC10-10 Pine Brook Plaza – 5 Bloomfield Ave.  Approved January 13, 2011.  Eligible: Mr. Maggio, Mr. Karkowsky, Mr. Sandham, Ms. Nielson, Mr. Lipari, Mr. Lewis Mr. Hines, Mr. Canning,  Mr. Visco, Mr. Speciale (alt #1), Mr. Tobias (alt #2)

Approval granted – motion made by Mr. Lewis, seconded by Mr. Visco.  All in favor by roll call vote.



Mr. Omland states that he will report back to the board limited to all wetlands applications.



Mr. Carroll reports that the S-1 bill has been withdrawn. 



On a motion made by Mr. Sandham the minutes of January 13, 2011 were approved. Seconded by Mr. Karkowsky.  All in favor by voice vote.




Dismissal of PSPP/FC 95-06-10-04 Milan – 13 Hook Mountain Road 

Mr. Carroll indicated that if the application was deemed complete it must be denied without prejudice.  Ms. Hunscher indicated that to her knowledge the application, which was an amended submission, had not been deemed complete and therefore could be dismissed.

Motion made by Mr. Sandham to deny and dismiss application without prejudice.  Seconded by Ms. Nielson.  All in favor by roll call vote.



PMS/C11-01 Sanders Realty – 441 Route 202 b:81 L 4 – Retaining Wall  

Appearing for the applicant:  Ms. Margaret Miller-Sanders, Esq. attorney for applicant; Mr. Steve Sanders, applicant, Mr. Nick Agnoli, Engineer. 

Ms. Margaret Miller Sanders states that the company manufacturers soda syrup.  Tractor trailers are currently entering their property via a driveway that belongs to the neighbor, J. Van Houten Trucking.  They are looking to extend pavement area and build retaining wall to allow for trucks to enter and exit on the Seabreeze property. They are looking to build retaining wall that is over ten (10) feet at its highest point. 

Mr. Nick Agnoli, PP, PE testified that driveway would be moved back ten to fifteen feet and curbing installed along the backside of property.  The retaining wall is designed to hold tractor trailers along the entire length.  Ms. Nielson questioned how much earth needs to be brought in.  Mr. Agnoli was not certain at this time.  He states that six trees will be removed but will be replaced with eight (8) green giant trees.  There will be a stop sign at the main entrance.

The applicant agreed to the following:

  • Note height of retaining wall
  • Indicated where JCPL easement is
  • Soil movement – cubic yards of fill to be removed to make sure you do not need a soil movement permit
  • Clarify location of property lines through heavy line weight
  • Stake the property boundaries prior to construction
  • Install the stop sign and indicate on plans

The board agreed that the landscaping is sufficient as proposed. The applicant indicated that they were contemplating a larger renovation to the structure and property at some point in the future and would prepare and submit more comprehensive site plan improvements at that time. 

Motion made by Mr. Lewis, Seconded by Mr. Braden to close public session. 

Motion to approve made by Mr. Sandham, Seconded by Mr. Visco to approve Sanders Realty aka Seabreeze subject to the following conditions: Roll Call: Mr. Maggio, Mr. Sandham, Mr. Hines, Mr. Visco, Mr. Karkowski, Ms. Nielson, Mr. Lewis, Mr. Tobias, Mr. Lipari

Break 9:23pm

Call back to order 9:30pm

21 Brook Valley Road/Minoia Residence – HPRC Application 

Ms. Hunscher provided a brief overview of the process for HPRC applications.  She indicated that the applications will be processed by her office and forwarded to the HPRC for their review.  They will then be heard by the Planning Board. 

Appearing for the applicant:  Mr. Nick Minoia.

Mr. Minoia presented full-scale architectural plans, which were previously submitted to the Land Use Office and also to the HPRC.  He states that the roof will be raised and second floor addition will be completed.  At this time he is asking for permission to demolish the interior only of the residence and stabilize any beams that are in danger of falling.  All plumbing will be removed and house will be stripped and insulated.

Mr. Maggio left (10pm)

Mr. Lewis questioned if the application had been filed.  Mr. Minoia stated that he has filed the application and submitted the additional requests from the HPRC.  He had appeared twice before the HPRC before he owned the building. If the approvals are not granted the house will remain as is and only the interior renovations will take place. Mr. Michael O’Brien, Chair HPRC, and Ms. Fisher, HPRC secretary, representatives from the HPRC, are concerned that the exterior will be affected by the interior renovations.  They had asked that the Planning Board review the application and not grant Mr. Minoia the right to make interior improvements until their review was complete. 

Motion made by Mr. Sandham, Seconded by Mr. Tobias to allow Mr. Minoia to do interior changes and demolition of the residence based on his testimony and that no exterior changes will be made. 

Roll Call: Mr. Sandham, Mr. Hines, Mr. Visco, Mr. Karkowski, Ms. Nielson, Mr. Lewis, Mr. Tobias, Mr. Lipari




2 Changebridge Road – Concept presentation for proposed modifications of existing signage.

Appearing on behalf of the applicant:  Mr. Michael LaHue, property owner.  Rensselaer Property Group; John Travers, Butler sign company. 

Mr. LaHue testified that there is currently little to no visibility of the rear building and no tenant signage for the front building, which is making tenanting the property difficult. 

John Travers from Butler Sign testified that the new sign would be 12 feet 6 inches tall from grade.  There will be no sight issues on the property with the new sign.  There would be backlighting installed, which would require a variance.  Mr. Omland states that the ordinance states that freestanding signs can be no taller than eight (8) feet. Mr. LaHue states that the colors on the sign will match the building. 

Given the late hour, Mr. Lipari requested that the applicant return on another occasion to discuss further.



There being no further business to discuss, on a motion made by Mr. Hines, seconded by Mr. Sandham, the meeting was adjourned at 11:28 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Liz Johansen, Secretary

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