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8:30 a.m. start

MINUTES OF MARCH 23, 2011[1]


Ms. Nielson- present                           

Mr. Lipari- present                              

Mr. Visco- present

Mr. Lewis - present

Mr. Karkowsky - present

Township Consultant:    Joseph Burgis, PP, Burgis Associates - present

Township Staff: Meghan Hunscher, PP, Principal Planner - present


Members of the public present:  Ms. Fogelson and Ms. Barnish



1. Fogelson property rezoning

Mr. Burgis presented a series of maps from the master plan that highlighted the Fogelson property on Route 202 and access ramp from 287.  Based on his analysis of the area, he re-affirmed his and the subcommittees previous conclusion that it made sense from a planning standpoint for the property to remain residential.  He indicated that the surrounding land uses were residential in nature and that the environmental constraints on the property were at the front, necessitating that any development occur at the rear of the property.  The subcommittee agreed unanimously to keep the zoning as-is.  The subcommittee allowed Ms. Fogelson and Ms. Barnish to ask questions for clarification as to the subcommittee’s position. 

2. Streetscape memo (2006)

The subcommittee and Mr. Burgis agreed that the working ordinance from 2010 should be incorporated into the ordinance.

Zoning Ordinance - Status update and review

Mr. Burgis presented the administrative and definitions sections of the draft ordinance.  Signage was also briefly discussed.

Master Plan (optional elements) - Status updates of data gathering and drafts:

3. Community Facilities

4. Circulation

5. Historic Preservation

Ms. Hunscher indicated that she was assisting Burgis Associates with the data gathering and that she was still in the process of collecting data.  Ms. Nielson indicated that she would make a formal request for cooperation at a Township Committee meeting if necessary.



Meeting unanimously adjourned at 10:30 a.m. 

Respectfully Submitted,

Meghan Hunscher, PP AICP

Principal Planner

[1] Sunshine Notice Provided


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