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Ron Cain, Jr. (P)                                  Margaret Miller – Sanders (P)

Everett Vreeland (P)                             Deane Driscoll (P)                                           

Ron Soussa (P)                                    Kevin Seidel, alt. #2  (P)

Jennifer Horowitz  (P)                           Arnold Schancupp – alt #1  (P)

Alexander Kachmar (P)                                                                                               


            Township Committee: Jim Sandham (P); Deb Nielson (alt)        (P)

Planning Board Liaison:  Tony Speciale (P)

Township Official:  Meghan Hunscher, PP - Principal Planner (P)

Environmental Commission Liaison: Monica Mianecki (P)

Also in attendance:        Planning Board Chair, Russ Lipari

Journalist from Montville PATCH


Board of Adjustment – The February hearing was cancelled due to inclement weather.  A make-up hearing was not possible due to lack of room availability and professional consultants not available.  All applications including Lake Valhalla Club and Holiday, were carried to March.  Ms. Hunscher indicated that the formation of a subcommittee meeting of the BOA is being investigated.  Subcommittees for both boards cannot meet on an application once the application is deemed complete.  If the goal is to address all technical issues prior to hearings, this can be accomplished through a technical review committee with the professionals. 

Planning Board – Jim Sandham commended the chair, Russ Lipari, for his excellent running of the board meetings. Mayor Sandham discussed the Seabreeze application approval for a retaining wall.  There are areas for improvement for board efficiency in discussing applications.  An improved relationship with the HPRC is being pursued.  Ms. Hunscher’s efforts were praised.

Update on retail consultant.  Subcommittee reported that the consultants from Community Insights - Joe Getz and Mark Lohbauer - came to Montville to discuss their approach to retail development in municipalities.  Despite snowy and icy weather, the committee took the consultants on a tour on February 1 of the various retail and commercial areas within the Township. The consultants will submit a proposal.  Mr. Lipari requested that in the future he be included on all tours of the municipality.

Realtor event - Fall 2011 - The Committee discussed the realtor event and agreed it was a good idea.  A subcommittee was formed of Kevin, Ron S, Dick, and Deane to meet and plan the event, including location, agenda, tour, hand-outs, and the like.  Mayor Sandham strongly recommended that the subcommittee also devise goals and intended outcomes of the event. 


Bayer update - Mayor Sandham indicated that he will be meeting with a contact at Bayer in March hopefully prior to the consolidation decision, which is also expected to occur in March.  He also called the Governor’s office to discuss available incentives to keep the company in-state.  The response was that since Bayer is consolidating within New Jersey, the State cannot get involved with providing incentives for the company to locate in one municipality over another.  Sites that the company might be looking at include Wayne and the BASF site in Mount Olive.  Ms. Hunscher will pull the development file and also locate the annual report to see if any top executives can be contacted. 

Ms. Hunscher inquired as to whether there is a Pharma recruiting organization that the Township could contact to see if additional companies would be interested in locating in Montville.  Alex would research this.

Development Application processing - Ms. Hunscher inquired as to the interest of the committee to review pending development applications.  Russ Lipari indicated that he would welcome any comments of the committee.  Mr. Sandham expressed concern that a required report from EDC would further slow review of development applications.  Ms. Hunscher indicated that she will bring applications before the EDC on a case by case basis. 

EDC mission and vision - Mayor Sandham suggested that the committee come up with a wish list of items it wants to accomplish, like the property fact sheets.  Ms. Hunscher indicated that an overall visions and mission of the committee should also be evaluated.

Farmer’s Market - Ms. Hunscher requested that a subcommittee be formed to determine if a farmer’s market is a good idea for Montville.  Also, site location and outreach to supermarket and specialty grocers would be pursued.  Jennifer, Deane and Tony agreed to serve. 

Minutes of the January 19, 2011 meeting were adopted. Eligible:  Ron Cain, Margaret Miller-Sanders, Everett Vreeland, Jennifer Horowitz, Deane Driscoll.  On motion made by Dick Vreeland seconded by Jennifer Horowitz the minutes were unanimously adopted.


Meeting was adjourned unanimously at 9:15 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Meghan Hunscher


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