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Listed below are some frequently asked questions. xxxIf you have something you would like to ask, please contact us.

If there is a fire or a medical emergency who do I call?
Call 9-1-1 for all emergencies.

Where can I obtain a copy of the NJ Department of Environmental Protection Consumer Confidence Report showing the status of Montville Township's public water supply?
Click Here to View

When does my garbage and recycling get picked up?
Please refer to the Garbage and Recycling page.

Do I live in Montville Township if my mailing address is Towaco, Pine Brook or Boonton?
The Township of Montville is a legally incorporated municipality comprised of the three historically separate villages of Montville, Towaco and Pine Brook. Post office addresses are zip code based and used for postal services. If you send your children to the Montville Township Schools, pay property taxes to the Township of Montville, receive police protection from the Montville Township Police Department and fire protection services from either the Montville, Towaco or Pine Brook Fire Departments, you live in Montville Township. Free maps of the Township are available in the Municipal Building at 195 Changebridge Road.

Is public water and sewer available in Montville Township?
Public water is supplied to approximately 6,000 Montville homes. Public sewer is supplied to approximately 6,500 homes. If you are not currently hooked into the Township's water and/or sewer and would like to find out how you might obtain these services, contact the Water and Sewer Department at 973-331-3330.

How do I register to vote?
In order to be eligible to vote in a Board of Education, Primary, or General election, you must be registered 29 days prior to the election date. Voter registration forms are available at the Montville Township Municipal Building, 195 Changebridge Road, Montville, or at the Morris County Board of Elections office located in Morristown. If you would like a voter registration form mailed to you, please call the Township Clerk at 973-331-3304 or send a request to the Township Clerk. For more information, visit the Morris County Superintendent of Elections' webpage at http://www.morriselections.org.

Police Records (Discovery Requests, Motor Vehicle Accident Reports, Firearms ID Cards and Permits)
Procedures for making requests for Police Records or obtaining a Firearms Identification Card, a Permit to Purchase a Handgun, a Permit to Carry a Firearm, changing the address or replacing a Firearm Identification Card can by found on the Police Department Records Page.

>How do I report a street light outage?
To report a street light outage, call First Energy/JCP&L at (888) 544-4877.  Ninety nine percent of the street lights in the Township are maintained by First Energy/JCP&L.  If the light that is out is not one maintained by First Energy/JCP&L, you will be directed where to call to have the problem addressed.

How do I reserve a Montville Township facility (building)
Depending on which facility you are interested in reserving, there may be different protocols and possibility fees associated.  A simple 4 Step process is available in the Guide to Reserving a Township Facility.

How do I reserve a Montville Township park facility (secure a Park Permit)
Depending on which facility you are interested in reserving, there may be different protocols a possibility fees associated.  An easy to follow 3 Step process is available in the Guide to Securing a Park Permit.

Is train service available between Montville and Manhattan?
Commuter trains stop at the Towaco Station on Route 202, located on New Jersey Transit's Montclair- Boonton Line. Access to mid-town Manhattan is made via a transfer in Montclair. For more information, go to: http://www.njtransit.com.

Does Montville Township provide services to senior citizens?
Yes. Services for Senior Citizens are offer at the Senior House, located at 356 Route 202. You can contact the Senior House by phone at (973) 299-5087. The Senior House offers a variety of programs for seniors in addition to hot lunches.

What is the process to obtain a Marriage or Civil Union Application?
Marriage or Civil Union Applications are issued by the Health Department.  To learn about the process; including time frames, fees, and what documentation you will need, see the Answers to Commonly Asked Questions about Marriage and Civil Union Applications.

What steps are involved in the Construction Permit Process?
The Uniform Construction Code (UCC) provides a specific process for construction permits.  This process is illustrated on the UCC-Construction Process Flowchart.

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