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195 Changebridge Road, Montville Municipal Building


7:30 PM Start

No New Business to be Conducted Past l0: 00PM

Mr. Lipari welcomed the public and applicants to the Montville Township Planning Board hearing of June 9, 2011 commencing at 7:30 p.m. and asked that all present please turn off all cell phones during the proceedings. 






Board Members:

Mr. Canning - present

Mr. Hines - present

Mr. Karkowsky 1 (AE)

Mr. Lewis, Vice Chair - present

Mr. Lipari, Chair - present

Mr. Maggio - present                            

Ms. Nielson - present

Mr. Sandham - entrance noted                                                                 

Mr. Speciale (alt#1) - present    

Mr. Tobias (alt#2)[1] (AE)                                   

Mr. Visco - present      

Board Professionals: 

Board Attorney:                                    Michael Carroll, Esq. - Not present

Board Engineer:                        Stanley Omland, PE, Omland Engineering - Not present

Board Planner:                          Joseph Burgis, PP, AICP, Burgis Associates - present


Township Staff


Principal Planner / Board Secretary:       Meghan Hunscher, PP AICP -present

Recording Secretary                              Liz Johansen - present



Chairman Lipari swore in professionals.




Presentation of the Open Space and Recreation Plan (OSRP) - Trails Plan

Presenters:  Rich Conklin, Chairman of the Montville Open Space Committee and Barbara Davis, PP AICP, Director of Programs for the Land Conservancy of New Jersey.

Mr. Conklin gave a brief overview of the Open Space Committee and accumulation of land. The funds have to purchase additional land has decreased. Focus has changed from acquisition to utilization of existing properties.  Process indicating that members of the Historic Preservation Review Commission (HPRC), Recreation Commission, Environmental Commission, and Planning Board and the Land Conservancy met at a number of meetings to provide input on the Open Space and Recreation Plan Update to set goals as to how to use the land.  

Mr. Conklin then gave the floor to Ms. Barbara Heskins Davis, who gave an overview of land preservation in Montville, the Open Space Trust Fund, which is bonded, that exists and Montville’s aggressive program to maximize the capacity of funds to purchase land.  The Land Conservancy was hired by the municipality to prepare an update to the open space map with a trails plan component.  The plan was partially funded through a grant from ANJEC (Association of New Jersey Environmental Commissions) and the purpose of which is to identify trail projects that may be funded through Green Acres - Planning Incentive Program (PI). The maps from the OSRP were enlarged and arrayed on the floor of the Chambers for the public and board members to view.  Ms. Davis indicated that the state likes the color scheme.  She discussed how this plan represents the “second generation” of land acquisition where communities may not wish to identify purchase of additional land, but evaluate uses of existing land. The focus of this plan was trails for walking, hiking and biking.  Portions of the plan were taken from the Morris County Master Plan.  She states that Green Acres requires that the OSRP be readopted with each master plan update or evaluated every six years, or as required by statute, as part of the General Reexamination to receive additional funding.  Montville’s current OSRP is over ten (10) years old.  

*Mr. Sandham entered.

Overall, 1,065 acres have been preserved since inception of Open Space Trust Fund.  25% of municipality is permanently protected.  The Recreation and Open Space Inventory (ROSI) was updated in 2010.  An “Open Space Map” has been prepared in addition to other maps including trails and greenway.  A separate “Preserved Land Map” and “Trails and Greenway Map” were prepared.  Public hearings revealed that there are certain focal points that the community would like to address.  The committee is also considering access to rivers for canoeing.  The Land Conservancy is working on a project with the County and local municipalities to protect lands along the Passaic River and allow for public access.  This is a regional project.  The highest focus is Camp Dawson and aquifer. 

Ms. Davis explained that the next step is for the Planning Board to hold a public hearing, finalize and vote to adopt the plan as part of the Master Plan.  Green Acres requires that this plan be adopted as part of the master plan.  Ms. Davis then asked for questions and Chairman Lipari opened requested comments from the board. 

Chairman Lipari also asked whether the plan could be part of the Community Facilities Plan to Mr. Burgis. Mr. Burgis said yes or Recreation or Conservation element.  Mr. Burgis indicated that this approach was an anomaly since another committee instead of the Planning Board prepared the plan and the Planning Board was then requested to adopt the plan.  Mr. Burgis asked if the plans were based on topographic maps?  Ms. Davis said yes, but indicated that this plan is conceptual.  The scale is broad and is meant to give the Open Space Committee and idea of where the trails could be located without obligation.  She clarified that this is an Open Space and Open Space Plan update with trails plan.  The police and engineering departments should review once plan will be implemented.

Chairman Lipari also asked if the proposed timeline be changed to indicate “short, medium, and long” term goals as opposed to months or years for milestones.  Ms. Davis said that Green Acres is typically amenable to this approach.  Chairman Lipari asked Ms. Davis approximately how many miles the trails would amount to? Ms. Davis will check and report back.  Chairman asked Mr. Conklin if he had any other comments, which he did not, and then opened up questioning to the board.

Ms. Nielson commended the Land Conservancy for their work.  She asked about the time frame was for approval per the grant requirements.  Ms. Davis states that ANJEC does have a time limit, but as long as the Township provides them with quarterly updates that should be satisfactory.  However, she is anxious about the Green Acres deadline which is anticipated to be fall 2011. There was additional discussion as to whether the plan should be adopted as a stand-alone element or whether it should be incorporated into the Community Facilities Plan.

Ms. Davis states that in her opinion it was preferred to adopt the document independent of another element.  One benefit is to keep all supporting documentation together to make grant filings easier. The Community Facilities Plan could then reference the OSRP.  Mr. Sandham asked how many other communities append the document and Ms. Davis indicated none that she was aware of.  In response to a question from Mr. Maggio, Mr. Burgis advised the board that the plan could be appended to the Community Facilities Plan and adopted in that fashion, however the Community Facilities Plan is unlikely to be adopted before the end of the summer.  He indicated that the title is misleading due to the need for a detailed needs assessment, existing conditions, future needs and how to address.  These specific contents are missing. Ms. Davis indicated in response that this is an update and the 2001 plan addressed needs more generally.  This is aimed toward open space and use of that space for second generation usage. 

Ms. Nielson indicated that she would like the master plan subcommittee to review the plan. Mr. Burgis emphasized to the board that they must evaluate the plan prior to adoption since once adopted they are ultimately responsible for the recommendations.  Chairman Lipari asked why this was not presented to the Planning Board last year.  Ms. Davis states meetings were held in September and October in 2010 to which board members were invited to provide input. She indicated that it is usually helpful to have the Chairman of the Open Space Committee provide updates to the Planning Board when an OSRP is being prepared.   

Mr. Conklin returned to the podium and thanked the Planning Board for their time and consideration and identified the members of the Open Space Committee and Historic Preservation Review Commission that were in the room.  He thanked everyone for their hard work on the plan.  



Chairman Lipari opened the hearing to the public for purposes of discussing the OSRP.  Seeing no one wishing to be heard, Chairman asked for a motion to close the public hearing.  A motion was made by Mr. Visco, seconded by Mr. Sandham and so carried.



Chairman Lipari opened the hearing to the public for purposes of discussing any item not on the agenda.  Chairman asked for a motion to open the hearing to the public.  A motion was made by Ms. Nielson, seconded by Mr. Hines and so carried.

Seeing no one wishing to be heard, Chairman asked for a motion to close the public hearing.  A motion was made by Mr. Visco, seconded by Mr. Hines and so carried.





Board of Adjustment

Gary Lewis  

Mr. Lewis reports that the BOA will be meeting on June 16 and Lake Valhalla Club will be heard

Board of Health

Larry Tobias

Mr. Tobias absent, no report.

Environmental Commission

Vic Canning 

Mr. Canning has no report

Water & Sewer

Arthur Maggio 

Mr. Maggio has no report

Historic Preservation Commission

John Visco 

Mr. Visco states that the next meeting is at the end of the month.

Design Review Committee

Deb Nielson  

Ms. Hunscher indicates that the DRC will meet on June 14 to discuss 323 Changebridge

Site Plan/Subdivision Committee

Russ Lipari Chair, Ladis Karkowsky, Deborah Nielson, & John Visco (alt)

Mr. Lipari and Mr. Karkowski have no report.

Economic Development Committee

Jim Sandham, Tony Speciale

Mr. Speciale states that Maggie Peters from the Morris County EDC will be the guest speaker.

Open Space Committee

Ladis Karkowsky, Russ Lipari, Deb Nielson & Jim Sandham

Mr. Karkowsky is absent.

Master Plan/COAH 3rd Round

Ladis Karkowsky, Russ Lipari, Deborah Nielson, Gary Lewis & John Visco (alt)

Mr. Lewis reports that the committee is working hard to submit an ordinance by the end of the summer.

Cross Acceptance Committee

Ladis Karkowsky, Russ Lipari  

No report.

Highlands Legislation Review Committee

Gary Lewis

Mr. Lewis has no report.

Fire Districts                                               Tony Speciale                                 No report

                                                                    Art Maggio                                                       No report

                                                                      Russ Lipari                                                      No report



Ms. Hunscher indicates that the Land Use Advisory Board has been meeting regularly and has a goal of a draft white paper to be released at the end of September.  Ms. Hunscher also indicates that the interns are working diligently and projects include an Environmental Handbook in addition to support of department activities.




Chairman Lipari indicated that a complaint was received about outdoor storage at Home Depot.  Ms. Hunscher indicated that the fire inspector directed Home Depot to remove the items stored at the rear of the property in the fire lane.  Ms. Hunscher also indicated that she will be reviewing the resolution of approval as to whether it permits outdoor display and outdoor storage.  Home Depot will have to return to the board for approval if these were not previously approved.




PMISC11-21 J & H INTERNATIONAL - 16 Chapin Road. Units 909 & 910- B: 183 L:7.2 - office (5890 s.f.)/warehouse (5110s.f.) for kitchen dining products - 12 employees - hours of operation 8:30am - 6:30pm M-F  Signage in compliance with approved theme (green/gold) First Industrial

Ms. Hunscher gave overview of waiver requested.

Motion to approve made by: Mr. Lewis

Seconded by: Mr. Maggio

So carried




Michael Carroll, Esq. – Trust for:

Burgis Associates – Trust for:

Omland Engineering – Trust for: $202.50: $67.50

Johnson, Murphy -Trust for:

Motion to approve made by: Mr. Hines

Seconded by: Mr. Maggio

So carried


There were no resolutions before the board.


Mr. Lipari states that a complaint was received regarding outdoor storage at Home Depot. Ms. Hunscher states that a letter was sent out to the attorney indicating that a variance is required for outdoor display and any outdoor storage.



Planning Board Hearing - May 12, 2011 Eligible:

Motion made by; Mr. Maggio

Seconded by: Mr. Lewis

So carried

Planning Board Master Plan Subcommittee meeting - May 12, 2011 Eligible:

Motion made by; Mr. Lewis

Seconded by: Mr. Visco

So carried

Planning Board Hearing - May 26, 2011  Eligible: 

Motion made by; Mr. Hines

Seconded by: Mr. Lewis

So carried



There were no LOI/ DEP notifications to discuss.




There were no legal or legislative updates. 



There was no old business before the board.


There was no new business before the board. 




There were no concepts before the board.




There being no further business to discuss, on a motion made by Mr. Sandham, seconded by Mr. Speciale, the meeting was unanimously adjourned at 8:35 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Liz Johansen, Secretary

Certified true copy of minutes adopted at Planning Board meeting of June 9, 2011.


Meghan Hunscher, Sec.

[1]   Absent with explanation


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