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7:30 PM Start

195 Changebridge Road, Montville Municipal Building


No New Business to be Conducted Past l0: 00PM

Mr. Lipari welcomed the public and applicants to the Montville Township Planning Board hearing of June 23, 2011 commencing at 7:30 p.m. and asked that all present please turn off all cell phones during the proceedings. 





ROLL CALL - taken by Ms. Johansen

Board Members:

Mr. Canning - present

Mr. Hines - excused absence

Mr. Karkowsky - present

Mr. Lewis, Vice Chair - present

Mr. Lipari, Chair - present

Mr. Maggio - excused absence             

Ms. Nielson - present

Mr. Sandham -excused absence                                    

Mr. Speciale (alt#1) - present (entrance noticed)

Mr. Tobias (alt#2) - excused absence                                

Mr. Visco - present

Board Professionals: 

Board Attorney:                                    Michael Carroll, Esq. - Not present*

Board Engineer:                        Stanley Omland, PE, Omland Engineering - Not present*

Board Planner:                          Joseph Burgis, PP, AICP, Burgis Associates - present


*not required to attend


Township Staff


Principal Planner / Board Secretary:       Meghan Hunscher, PP AICP -present

Recording Secretary                              Liz Johansen - present



Chairman Lipari swore in professionals.




  1. Discussion of COAH residential impact fee

Chairman Lipari asked Mr. Burgis to discuss the ordinance.  Mr. Burgis, Planner for the board, gave an overview of the ordinance.  He indicated that the ordinance was included in the Housing Plan submitted to COAH.  There was extensive discussion about the fee by the board at the time, however, to reiterate, the one percent (1%) would only apply to new construction and not additions.  He will submit a memo to the board for submission to the Township Committee to assist the governing body in their deliberations whether or not to adopt the fee ordinance.

A motion was made by Mr. Karkowsky and seconded by Mr. Visco to recommend to the Township Committee the residential development fee ordinance as approved by COAH.  The one percent (1%) fee for new construction only would remain. So carried. 



Chairman Lipari opened the hearing to the public for purposes of discussing any item not on the agenda. 

Seeing no one wishing to be heard, Chairman closed the public hearing. 





Board of Adjustment

Gary Lewis  

Mr. Lewis reports that Lake Valhalla Club continues at the BOA

Board of Health

Larry Tobias

Mr. Tobias absent, no report.

Environmental Commission

Vic Canning 

Mr. Canning reports that the Environmental Commission is preparing a handbook

Water & Sewer

Arthur Maggio 

Mr. Maggio is absent, has no report

Historic Preservation Commission

John Visco 

Mr. Visco states that the HPRC is meeting at the end of the month - June 27th.  They have been attending workshops for training.

Design Review Committee

Deb Nielson  

No report

Site Plan/Subdivision Committee

Russ Lipari Chair, Ladis Karkowsky, Deborah Nielson, & John Visco (alt)

Mr. Lipari and Mr. Karkowski have no report.

Economic Development Committee

Jim Sandham, Tony Speciale

Mr. Speciale states that Ms. Maggie Peters of the MCEDC spoke and that the EDC will be starting interview of businesses in town.

Open Space Committee

Ladis Karkowsky, Russ Lipari, Deb Nielson & Jim Sandham

Mr. Karkowsky  has no report

Master Plan/COAH 3rd Round

Ladis Karkowsky, Russ Lipari, Deborah Nielson, Gary Lewis & John Visco (alt)

Mr. Lewis reports that the committee is making progress

Cross Acceptance Committee

Ladis Karkowsky, Russ Lipari  

No report.

Highlands Legislation Review Committee

Gary Lewis

Mr. Lewis indicated that the Highlands rejected a plan because it did not allow for enough development in redevelopment areas.  Mr. Burgis indicated that he has not yet heard back from Highlands as to status of Montville’s plan.

Fire Districts                                               Tony Speciale                                 No report

                                                                    Art Maggio                                                       No report

                                                                      Russ Lipari                                                      No report



Ms. Hunscher indicates that Mr. Karlan, chairman of the Design Review Committee (DRC), will be relocating to Pennsylvania and there will be an opening on the DRC in case any members know of residents who would like to serve. 

Ms. Hunscher requested that Mr. Burgis submit an addendum to his professional services contract to provide landscaping inspection services.  Ms. Hunscher will place on the agendas of both boards for discussion and approval.




Chairman Lipari opened up the meeting to the board members for discussion.  Mr. Karkowsky expressed frustration and dismay at the lack of enforcement of outdoor storage at 339 Changebridge Road.  Ms. Hunscher indicated that she had not issued a notice of violation to date since the owner, Mr. Dave Johnson, met with her and indicated that he would be submitting a site plan application for a new sign and outdoor storage sheds.  His attorney, Mr. Steve Schepis, Esq., has since notified Ms. Hunscher that he has not heard from Mr. Johnson.  Ms. Hunscher will have her staff conduct a site inspection and issue a notice of violation next week.

Mr. Lipari also expressed concern about the debris at 321 Changebridge Road.  Ms. Hunscher indicated that she has been in contact with the owner and he indicated he will remove the debris by the end of the month. 

Board members also had concern about the condition of the berm at Jewel Estates.  Ms. Hunscher indicated that bonding has not yet been released and that Mr. Barile, Township Engineer, has sent correspondence to the owner regarding the condition of the berm.  Mr. Lewis indicated that the bond could be pulled if necessary.

Mr. Lipari indicated that the fencing at Mr. McGinley’s property on Route 202 is unsightly and that the board should take this into consideration when approving other site plan waivers.  Ms. Hunscher indicated that replacing the fence was a condition of site plan waiver approval and Mr. McGinley has been in touch with her office.  She indicated that she had discussions with him regarding the color of the fence, but will follow-up as to status.




No waivers came before the board.




Michael Carroll, Esq. – Trust for:

Burgis Associates – Trust for: $202.50

Omland Engineering – Trust for:

Johnson, Murphy -Trust for: $150, $150

Motion to approve made by: Mr. Lewis

Seconded by: Mr. Canning

So carried


PMS11-04 Marotta Controls – 78 Boonton Ave – B: 1, L: 29 – minor site plan – APPROVED – Eligible: Lipari, Hines, Visco, Karkowsky, Lewis, Speciale

Motion made to approve as presented by: Mr. Lewis

Seconded by:  Mr. Visco

So carried



There was no correspondence that came before the board.



Planning Board public hearing - June 9, 2011 Eligible:Mr. Canning, Mr. Hines, Mr. Lewis, Mr. Lipari, Mr. Maggio, Ms. Nielson, Mr. Sandham, Mr. Speciale (Alt#1), Mr. Visco

Motion made to approve as presented by: Ms. Nielson

Seconded by: Mr. Canning

So carried

Planning Board Master Plan subcommittee meeting – June 9, 2011 (8:15 a.m.) Eligible:  Mr. Lewis, Mr. Lipari, Ms. Nielson, Mr. Visco

Motion made to approve as presented by: Mr. Lewis

Seconded by:  Mr. Visco

So carried



There were no LOI/ DEP notifications to discuss.




There were no legal or legislative updates. 



There was no old business before the board.


There was no new business before the board. 




There were no concepts before the board.




There being no further business to discuss, on a motion made by Mr. Speciale, seconded by Mr. Canning, the meeting was unanimously adjourned at 8:25 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Liz Johansen, Recording Secretary


Certified true copy of minutes adopted at Planning Board meeting of June 23, 2011.


Meghan Hunscher, Sec.


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