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6:30 p.m. – Statement of Open Public Meetings Act Compliance

Roll Call


Resolution authorizing Closed Executive Session for the discussion of:

1.      Litigation:  Lotta Lettuce; Bonnieview; Changebridge Road sidewalks

2.      Contract negotiations:  Blue Collar contract; PSE&G

3.      Personnel:  CMFO


8:00 p.m. – Public Session


Roll Call

Prayer & Pledge of Allegiance




1.      Presentation to Officer Frank Cooney and Officer Carlo Marucci from the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association, Northern New Jersey Chapter

2.      Presentation to Mike Karlan

3.      Presentation of Girl Scout Silver Award Project by Cayleigh Aslanian

4.      Presentation by Police Explorer Post #805



1.      Ord. No. 2011- 20 authorizing the transfer of property owned by the Township of Montville to effectuate a lot line adjustment – Park Avenue

2.      Ord. No. 2011- 21 amending Chapter 330-38 of the Revised General Ordinances of the Township of Montville entitled “Responsibility of owner or tenant for removal of snow and ice from sidewalks and fire hydrants”

3.      Ord. No. 2011- 22 establishing salaries of employees of the Township of Montville in the County of Morris for the year 2011 – unrepresented – health officer


1.      Administrator

2.      Attorney

3.      Finance

4.      Engineer

5.      Committee



1.      4th of July Celebration

2.      Residential impact fees

3.      2011 paving program

4.      Health insurance retirees

5.      Departmental resources review

6.      Cell tower lease extension – 86 River Road



1.      Ord. No. 2011- 23 bond ordinance providing for the construction of an animal shelter in and by the Township of Montville, in the County of Morris, NJ, appropriating $300,000 therefor and authorizing the issuance of $285,000 bonds or notes of the Township to finance part of the cost thereof


A.     Resolution authorizing cancellation of municipal tax sale certificate #09-00035, Block 125, Lot 1.2

B.     Resolution authorizing the processing of tax sale certificate redemptions – Block 148, Lot 13

C.     Resolution authorizing refund of various tax overpayments 2008 & 2011

D.     Resolution authorizing various tax refunds 2011 – change in assessment

E.      Resolution authorizing cancellation of taxes and tax refund 2011 – disabled veteran exemption – Block 116, Lot 3

F.      Resolution authorizing refund of taxes 2010 – tax appeal – Block 82.7, Lot 50 QC0237

G.     Resolution authorizing the release of cash bonds posted with the Township of Montville

H.     Resolution transferring the cash guarantee to engineering inspection escrow and accepting performance bond from RBR Investments – Block 160.02, Lot 18 – 321 Changebridge Road

I.       Resolution authorizing the execution of a release and final payment of settlement amount in connection with South Salem Street Associates, et al. v. Township of Montville et al.

J.       Resolution accepting right-of-way dedication from Holiday Montville, LLC – Block 52.3, Lot 19 – Vreeland Avenue

K.     Approval of limousine owner and driver license 2011 – Adel Shaltout

L.      Resolution authorizing the renewal of junkyard license to GI Auto Salvage Co., Inc. – Block 179, Lot 1

M.    Resolution authorizing final payment to En-Tech Corp. and acceptance of the 30” interceptor sewer relining project

N.     Resolution to cancel capital appropriation balances of completed projects

O.    Resolution approving open and closed session minutes – Special meeting 03/16/11; Regular meetings 03/22/11; 04/12/11; and 04/26/11


1.      Resolution approving plans for the Plausha Park Water System and authorizing the preparation of specifications for bidding

2.      Resolution authorizing agreement with GC Stewart Associates, Inc. for survey services – Block Lot 56, Lot 30.02

3.      Resolution approving the listing of bills and signing of checks

4.      Resolutions authorizing developer’s agreement with Holiday Montville, LLC

5.      Resolution (amended) authorizing a reduction in performance guarantee – Larry & Dorothy Gage – Block 3, Lots 58 & 67 – Valhalla Woods





Next Regular Meeting Tuesday, September 13, 2011





8/9/2011 2:22 PM


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