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Montville Township Environmental Commission

May 18, 2011

Meeting began promptly at 7:30pm.

Roll Call. Absent with excuse, Andrew Pappachen

Present: Monica Mianecki, Sergio Angione, Michele Caron, Victor Canning, Angelo Intile, Larry Kornriech, Hugh Merritt, Garry Annibal, Tim Braden


On a motion made by Vic Canning and seconded by Sergio Angione, the April 20, 2011 minutes were approved by voice vote.

 Sub-Committees Reports

Board of Adjustment –.Michele Caron has no report, needs to get minutes from previous meeting.


Board of Education – Hugh Merritt will follow up with Dr. Fried regarding a High School student liaison seat.  Steve Toth will be in charge of the landscaping in front of the BOE building..  Dr. Fried is interested in enhancing the recycling program in the schools.  Sue Marinello and Dr. Fried are working together on an education project regarding the Towaco Aquifer.


Economic Development – Monica Mianecki reports that Stan Omland was a guest speaker. 


Health Department – Garry Annibal has no report. 

Open Space Committee – Angelo Intile has no report.

Planning Board – Victor Canning has no report.

Township Committee – Tim Braden has no report.



Letter from Morris County Soil Conservation for Briarhill

JCP & L requesting a waiver of site plan

Conopoco wetlands permit.

Boswell Engineering - Treatment works approval for storm water for GI Auto Salvage.

Old Business

Open Space Plan - has not been presented to Planning Board yet. 

Recycling Day - 6000lbs of paper, 2000lbs of computers and 43 bicycles were donated.

NRI Update - Corey Naehshen needs to contact Meghan Hunscher.  Meghan would like point people to work on a handbook.  Open Space - Angelo Intile, Landscaping - Michele Caron, ERI - Sergio Angione, Storm water - Garry Annibal, Recycling - Larry Kornreich, Aquifer - Monica Mianecki. Meghan would like Angelo Intile and Larry Kornreich to look at Changebridge Road and suggest locations for sidewalks.  Tim Braden states there is a grant to install sidewalks between Church Lane and Lazar School.

Goals - Larry Kornreich would like all comments and suggestions for the June meeting. 

Pond Maintenance - Hugh Merritt states the winners of the grant are to be announced in the beginning of May. 

New Business

The United States Postal Service is now selling “Go Green” stamps.

*** On a motion made by Sergio Angione and seconded by Monica Mianecki the meeting was adjourned at 8:29pm

Respectfully Submitted.

Liz Johansen



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