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Ron Cain, Jr. - present                          Margaret Miller – Sanders - present

Everett Vreeland - present                    Deane Driscoll - present

Ron Soussa - present                            Kevin Seidel, Alt. #2 (AE)

Jennifer Horowitz - present                   Arnold Schancupp – alt #1 - absent

Alexander Kachmar - present                                                                                      


            Township Committee:   Jim Sandham - present; Deb Nielson (alt)         

Planning Board Liaison:             Tony Speciale - present

            Environmental Commission:       Monica Mianecki - present

Township Staff:            

Meghan Hunscher, PP - present

Also in attendance: Russ Lipari - Planning Board chairman




A.                BoA & Planning Board applications update

a.       Deane Driscoll - BOA

Lake Valhalla Club is on-going.

b.      Tony Speciale - Planning Board                 

HPRC presentations at last hearing for grant & Morris Canal Park at Emery Lane.

B.                Master Plan & Zoning Ordinance Update


C.                Subcommittee Reports

Nothing to report

D.               Speaker - STAN OMLAND, PE, PP, LEED AP - President of Omland Engineering, member of Hanover Township EDC, Montville Planning Board and Zoning Board Engineer

Mr. Omland presented to the committee at the request of Mr. Driscoll as part of the 2011 “Speakers Series.” Mr. Omland’s resume had been circulated to the members.  He is active as a businessman and volunteer on the Hanover EDAC, which was formed in 2010 to address business retention and recruitment in the Township.

Goals of EDC should be to “attract, retain, stabilize.”

Mr. Omland presented a prepared speech that emphasized certain actions that the EDC could take as an advisory committee to support the economic base of the Township. These included:

  1. Host an open house at Town Hall and invite local businesses.  Anticipated attendance rate is 25% of invited.
  2. Host a brokers open house to showcase properties identified as needing to be redeveloped
  3. Solicit information from local businesses as part of outreach initiative including input on signage, design standards, and use.
  4. Important to allow for efficient government with access by residents and developers
  5. Suggests municipalities evaluate their standards to see if they are too stringent and deter development
  6. Pay attention to trends, especially environmentally friendly movement, and have speakers address these issues (e.g. USGBC)
  7. Utilize free resources of Morris County including “Listening to Business” survey and State resources of EDA
  8. Inventory blighted properties, map and post on webpage with data sheet. 
  9. Meet with property owners to discuss ways to improve property
  10. Designate an Ombudsman within the Township to liaison between the EDC, PB and Township Committee

 Mayor Sandham indicated that historically the Township has had a focus on residential areas and not on businesses.  He asked Mr. Omland if he recommends a monthly or quarterly report to the Township Committee. Stan suggests well researched recommendations.  Mayor Sandham asked Stan for his honest input on the land use process in Montville.  Stan said that it is fortunate that Montville has a knowledgeable welcoming person such as Linda White and Meghan Hunscher.  This is not always the case in other towns.  He said that the economic boom in the 2000’s created a back log on agendas that killed the Morris County economy.  He emphasized the importance of getting the zoning ordinance and master plan revisions completed this year in anticipation of a turnaround.

Other issues:

Mayor Sandham indicated that the Township Committee is having a discussion regarding open space and that more money has been received.  He indicated that some parcels may be sold to purchase different open space parcels.

E.                Other initiatives        

a.     Follow-up strategy to Rick Vanderbeck’s suggestions

Two new subcommittees formed:

Business retention - Alex, Maggie, Ron

Business recruitment - Deane, Dick, Jennifer

b.     EDC business inventory list and outreach

Intern updating business inventory




A.                Introduce Sarah Franklin, Planning intern

Ms. Hunscher introduced Sarah and Andrew, planning interns for the summer

B.                Proposal from Community Insights

EDC requests more specific information prior to making a recommendation to the Township Committee.  Sources of funding and other free research should be investigated. 

Other issues:

Deane Driscoll indicated that a speaker from NJ Choice is a possibility. 



None scheduled to appear


Adoption of EDC minutes of 4-20-11 – Eligible: Ron Cain, Jr., Margaret Miller – Sanders, Everett Vreeland, Deane Driscoll, Ron Soussa

Motion to adopt: Deane Driscoll

Second: Dick Vreeland

Carried unanimously on roll call



The meeting was unanimously adjourned at 10:00 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Meghan Hunscher, PP

Principal Planner


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