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8:00 a.m. start time



Ms. Nielson - present  

Mr. Lipari - (AE)                     

 Mr. Visco - present

Mr. Lewis, Chair - present

Mr. Karkowsky - present

Planning Board Planner:            Joseph Burgis PP, AICP - Burgis Associates - present

Township Staff:             Jane Grogaard, Administrative Clerk



Meeting convened at 8:15.

Chairman Lewis commended Mayor Sandham and Committeewoman Neilson for their support of the Planning Board’s recommendation at last night’s Township Committee meeting regarding the residential development fee ordinance despite the fact that the ordinance was not introduced.

Schedule of Permitted Uses


OB2A Zone……issue of retail was discussed; not included as specifically evaluated during master plan process, and this stretch of road is not conducive to uncontrolled turn movements associated with retail.

Mr. Lewis recommended animal hospitals and vet offices not be allowed in the TC Core, but are better suited in the TC2 zone, where at least one exists already.  Mr. Visco agreed. 

R-27E Zone Discussion:

Mr. Burgis indicated that along Changebridge Road northbound across from the Industrial Zone is the proposed R-27E zone and some OB zoning.  R-27E permits single family and townhouse development as well as daycare, eldercare, and offices.  The conditional uses allowed would be banks, health and fitness centers, retail and animal hospitals.  Discussion ensued on if personal services should be allowed in the retail section. 

Consensus:  Personal services allowed in the area limited by the conditions of conditional use. 

Mr. Burgis to clarify definition of playhouse to children’s playhouse.  Children’s playhouses are to be permitted in the AH & PURD zones.  Mr. Burgis to look into restricting plumbing, etc in playhouses.

Mr. Burgis indicated that parking garages are different from a building with parking under the building.  Parking garages are not permitted in the TC1 zone.

Schedule of Permitted Uses was finalized.

Schedule D - Zoning Requirements

Mr. Burgis indicated that the CWR zone permits 45% impervious coverage and other zones permit less.  Need to clarify that if the underlying zone permits less that the lesser percentage of impervious coverage applies.

Consensus:  members agreed

Mr. Burgis indicated that the B1 zone permits 55% of impervious coverage currently.  This is a small lot zone.  75% would be reasonable and would be consistent with the sketches in the Master Plan.

Consensus:  members agree to 75% impervious coverage for B-1 zone

OB-4 & OB-5 Zone – The coverage and FAR numbers have been increased already.  The standards seem acceptable so 65% impervious coverage for these zones is reasonable.

Mr. Burgis indicated that he needed to discuss the cluster footnote with Ms. Hunscher.

Discussion ensued on restricting height in the R-15 zone to 30’ as opposed to 35’.  2 stories can be accomplished with a height of 30’.  35’ would be out of character with the neighborhood. 

Consensus:  members agreed to 30’ height limitation for R15 Zone.

Schedule D – Zoning Requirements was finalized.

Streetscape Design Standards

Mr. Burgis to speak to Omland on numbers to be inserted in this section.

Discussion on the Old Bloomfield Ave Corridor enhanced streetscape theme.  Mr. Burgis is to review that section of the Route 46 Corridor Plan and will make sure it is added to the streetscape standards of the ordinance. Discussions with the committee to be held prior to any changes being made.  Streetscape to be discussed at a later date.

Lake Recreation District

The committee discussed enforcement and the difficulties in regulating the number of events. The issues of membership classifications and numbers of events is beyond the scope of the zoning ordinance.

Wireless communication towers were added to prohibited uses.

Need to stipulate that multiple structures are permitted.

The front setback is limited to 100’ for principal buildings.  The current structures in the setback would be considered pre-existing non-conforming setbacks.  The guard house is to be allowed in the front setback.

The final numbers regulating building coverage and impervious coverage are still being calculated.

Mr. Burgis is to add what improvements trigger a site plan application before the board in this zone.  Mr. Burgis is to identify where the lighting already exists on site.  The patio behind the clubhouse will have restrictions and no further expansion.  The parking requirements are to be capped.  The ball fields can never be paved for parking.

Mr. Burgis reviewed the noise standards for the committee.  Outdoor entertainment is to be changed to be no later than 9pm instead of 10pm. The ordinance envisions a maximum of three (3) special event permits annually wherein noise limits can be extended to midnight; this provision in no way usurps the current noise volume thresholds.

Exterior lighting was discussed and if valet parking or employee parking is to be in the grove, bollard lighting would be required not 12’ lighting.

Mr. Lewis stated that 1 modest monument sign was sufficient for the property.  No directional signs.  Ms. Nielson indicated that back lit signs should be prohibited.  There is no reason to have more than 5 sq.ft. of signage for this property since it is located in a  residential area.


Chairman Lewis indicated the plan continues to be to present the draft zoning ordinance in its entirety to the full Planning Board at the September 22nd meeting, and he would like the Board members to have at least a week prior to review the lengthy document. A discussion followed about the manner in which to present it and any additional materials to be sent to Board members for ease in understanding.

Mr. Burgis to have the printed, revised draft ordinance to the Land Use Office no later than August 31, 2011 and will email out a redlined version of the full current draft including all changes to current ordinance to the planning board members with a summary of changes.  The Land Use Office will advise the board members when the hard copies are ready to be picked up.

The Land Use Office is to schedule the next Master Plan Subcommittee meetings on September 7, 2011 & September 14, 2011 at 8am.


There being no further business to discuss the meeting was unanimously adjourned at 10:00 a.m.

Respectfully Submitted,


Meghan Hunscher, Principal Planner

[1] Sunshine Notice Provided


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