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7:30 PM Start

195 Changebridge Road, Montville Municipal Building


No New Business to be Conducted Past l0: 00PM

Chairman Lipari welcomed the public and applicants to the Montville Township Planning Board hearing of September 22, 2011 commencing at 7:30p.m and asked that all present please turn off all cell phones during the proceedings. 





Stated for the record by Ms. Johansen



Art Maggio – Entrance Noted                Ladis Karkowsky– Entrance Noted

Mayor Jim Sandham (AE)                     Committeewoman Deb Nielson – Entrance Noted                      

Russ Lipari, Chairman - Present             Gary Lewis, Vice Chairman - Present

Larry Hines - Present                            Tony Speciale (alt#1) - Present

John Visco- Present                              Larry Tobias (alt#2) – Entrance Noted

Vic Canning - Present

Also Present:

Board Attorney:                        Michael Carroll, Esq.

Board Engineer:            Stanley Omland, PE, Omland Engineering

Board Planner:              Joseph Burgis, PP, AICP, Burgis Associates

Principal Planner / Secretary:     Meghan Hunscher, PP AICP

Recording Secretary:                 Liz Johansen



Mr. Carroll swore in all professionals


***Mr. Tobias entered

Board of Adjustment – Mr. Lewis

Mr. Lewis states that Lake Valhalla withdrew their application

Board of Health – Mr. Tobias

No report

Environmental Commission – Mr. Canning

Mr. Canning states they are reviewing the tree ordinance

Water & Sewer – Mr. Maggio

Mr. Maggio was not present to report.

Historic Preservation Commission – Mr. Visco

Mr. Visco has no report, the next meeting is Monday night.

Design Review Committee – Ms. Nielson

Ms. Nielson was not present to report.

Site Plan/Subdivision Committee – Mr. Lipari Chair, Mr. Karkowsky, Ms. Nielson, Mr. Visco (alt)

Mr. Lipari states that the subcommittee approved the following waivers: Cambridge Silversmith, distribution of silver cutlery; 24/7 at 51 Stiles Lane - luggage warehouse;  Harmony Heals, massage therapy on Bloomfield Ave; Pine Brook Fire Dept, sign replacement.

Economic Development Committee – Mr. Sandham, Mr. Speciale

No Report

Open Space Committee – Mr. Karkowsky, Mr. Lipari, Ms.Nielson & Mr. Sandham

No report

Master Plan/COAH 3rd Round – Mr. Karkowsky, Mr. Lipari, Ms. Nielson, Mr. Lewis, Mr. Visco (alt)

Mr. Lewis will report.

Cross Acceptance Committee – Mr. Karkowsky, Mr. Lipari

No report

Highlands Legislation Review Committee – Mr. Lewis

No report

Fire Department Districts – Mr. Lipari – Towaco; Mr. Speciale - Pine Brook; Mr. Maggio - Montville

Mr. Lipari - no report, Mr. Speciale states that there is a Cigar Night fundraiser at the Firehouse. Mr. Maggio absent, no report.

Ms. Hunscher reports that she has met with developers who expressed interest in a mid-sized supermarket in the Township.


***Mr. Karkowsky entered


Mr. Lewis commended Q-Glass on the updated façade.  The board asked Ms. Hunscher to send a letter thanking them. Various members including Mr. Karkowsky are upset the EDC is recommending an ombudsman position without consulting the Land Use Advisory Committee or the Planning Board.  



Mr. Lipari opened the meeting to the public.  Seeing none, he asked for a motion to close.

Motion to close: Mr. Lewis, Seconded by Mr. Hines.  Roll call: Unanimous



PSPP/F08-06 Olde Towne Properties - 630 & 632 Rt. 202 and 3 & 5 Waughaw Rd - B: 40, L: 52, 53, 54, 55 - pre/final site plan/ and c variances for retail/residential – dismiss without prejudice

Motion to dismiss without prejudice: Mr. Lewis, seconded by Mr. Hines, Roll call: Unanimous

Motion to deny:  Mr. Karkowsky, seconded by Mr. Visco, Roll call: Unanimous

Presentation of the draft Zoning Ordinance.  Introduced by Mr. Gary Lewis, Chair, Master Plan subcommittee and presented by Mr. Joseph Burgis, Burgis Associates, Planner for the Planning Board.

Mr. Lipari thanked everyone for their hard work on the Master Plan and Zoning Ordinance. 

Mr. Lewis states that the ordinance will be uploaded to the Township website and available for public viewing by Monday.  The Planning Board will be hearing public comments on October 27 and then sent to the Township Committee for the November 9th meeting. 

Mr. Burgis states that the purpose of the ordinance is to set parameters for land development.  It states specific goals for the municipality and includes updated parking requirements.  The purpose was to reorganize the zoning ordinance to make it more readable and consistent.  The definition section has been improved. 

New zones have been added to allow for additional uses.  Green building design standards are now included.  The Towaco Center Master Plan has been incorporated as has the Bloomfield Ave and Route 46 corridors.  Setbacks have been changed to include new setbacks for smaller lots for accessory structures.  In Towaco, mixed use residential has been included.  Impervious coverage and building coverage calculations changed to not include decks or raised patios. Accessory structure height reviewed and changed.  Home occupations added to the ordinance with parking requirements. Parking requirements for restaurants was also changed. There were also updates and changes to conditional uses.  Hotels are now a permitted us in the B6 zone and I2A zone allows for limited retail.  Lake Valhalla zone allows for a country club as a permitted use. The permitted coverage formula has been changed.  Regulations regarding self storage have been updated.  Landscape requirements including plant material and size have been added.


There were no waivers to come before the board.


Omland Engineering – O/E for: $202.50, $337.50; Trust for: $607.50, $67.50, $67.50,

Burgis Assoc – Trust for: $67.50, $101.25, $135

Motion to approve: Mr. Hines; Seconded: Mr. Visco; Roll call: Unanimous


Approval Resolution for PMS/C11-07 – Pizza Hut - 34 Rt. 46W – B: 176, L: 4.2 – minor site plan with variances. 

Eligible:  Mr. Maggio; Mr. Karkowsky; Mayor Sandham; Committeewoman Nielson; Mr. Lipari, Chairman; Mr. Hines; Mr. Visco;  Mr. Speciale (alt#1).

Motion to approve as presented: Mr. Karkowsky; Seconded: Mr. Hines; Roll call: Unanimous


There was no correspondence to come before the board.


Planning Board Hearing – July 28, 2011 - Eligible: Sandham, Visco, Nielson, Lewis, Speciale, Tobias, Lipari, Canning

Motion to approve: Mr. Canning; Seconded: Mr. Speciale; Roll call: Unanimous

Planning Board Hearing – September 8, 2011 – Eligible: Sandham, Hines, Visco, Karkowsky, Nielson, Speciale, Lipari

Motion to approve: Mr. Hines; Seconded: Mr. Karkowsky; Roll call: Unanimous

Planning Board Subcommittee meeting - August 24, 2011 –Karkowsky, Visco, Lipari

Motion to approve: Mr. Visco; Seconded: Mr. Karkowsky; Roll call: Unanimous

Planning Board Subcommittee meeting - September 8, 2011 – Eligible: Nielson, Lipari, Visco

Motion to approve: Mr. Lipari; Seconded: Mr. Visco; Roll call: Unanimous

Master Plan Subcommittee meeting - July 28, 2011:   Nielson, Lipari, Visco, Lewis

Motion to approve: Mr. Lewis; Seconded: Mr. Visco; Roll call: Unanimous

Master Plan Subcommittee meeting - August 4, 2011 - Eligible: Nielson, Lipari, Visco, Lewis

Motion to approve: Mr. Lewis; Seconded: Mr. Visco; Roll call: Unanimous

Master Plan Subcommittee meeting - August 10, 2011 - Eligible: Nielson, Visco, Karkowsky, Lewis

Motion to approve: Mr. Karkowsky; Seconded: Mr. Lewis; Roll call: Unanimous

Master Plan Subcommittee meeting - September 7, 2011 – Eligible: Nielson, Lipari, Visco, Lewis

Motion to approve: Mr. Visco; Seconded: Mr. Lewis; Roll call: Unanimous



Stan Omland gave the following summary:

Application for removal of underground storage tank at 34 Maple Ave, Wetlands application for Brook Valley Rd, application for septic system repair, 18 Forest Place LOI, wetlands violation on Snyder Lane.



There were no legal or legislative updates.



There was no old business before the board.


**Mr. Maggio entered

** Ms. Nielson entered


PSOIL11-08 Gaber, Akram – 9 Patrick Ct. – B: 1, L: 11.61 – soil movement application – Notice Acceptable

Present on behalf of the applicant & Sworn in: John Abdelhadi, Attorney; Lawrence Bozik, PE; Eric Charles, Contractor; Akram Gaber, property owner

Mr. Omland states the lot was part of the Bear Rock subdivision.  The elevation is 670 feet at the street and 640 feet in the rear of the property.  The plan is for a house, driveway, septic and retaining walls. 3500 cubic yards of soil is to be moved onto the property.  The septic system was approved by the Board of Health.  Mr. Charles states that the soil will be brought in from the front of the property working from back to front.  The soil is coming from two locations: 29 Vreeland Ave and Fairfield Road.  The soil is being tested prior to removal from the prospective lots.  There will be approximately 75-80 truckloads of soil moved from both locations over a 45-60 day time period.  Enforcement per the ordinance is done by the Police and Engineering Departments.

Mr. Omland requests that markers be installed by the conservation easement.  Mr. Gaber states he will have the markers installed.  Mr. Lipari questioned the activity that was taking place on Monday.  Mr. Charles indicated that it was most likely related to the septic and states they have a permit to install silt fencing and clear the site. 

Motion to approve: Mr. Maggio; Seconded: Mr. Tobias Roll call: Unanimous



There were no concepts to come before the board.




There being no further business, the board unanimously adjourned at 9:35 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Liz Johansen, Recording Secretary

Certified true copy of minutes adopted at Planning Board meeting of September 22, 2011.


Meghan Hunscher, Sec.

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