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195 Changebridge Road, Montville Municipal Building


Mr. Karkowsky - absent

Ms. Nielson - present

Mr. Lipari - present

Mr. Visco - present


Township staff:  Meghan Hunscher, Principal Planner - present


There was no old business to come before the subcommittee



PMISC11-41 Winter Services – 2 Como Ct - B:41, L: 1.04  – warehouse (16,000 s.f.) for equipment storage - 4 employees -hours of operation 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. M-F; occasional weekends – no signage requested –outdoor storage of vehicles approximately 40

Appearing for the applicant:  Mr. Mark Moore, President, Winter Services

Mr. Mark Moore, business owner, discussed his business operations.  He maintains corporate office at 11 Skyline Drive and intends to keep office operations in Montville.  He explained that his business has grown substantially.  He originally received a waiver for his landscape business four to five years ago, which was located at 1 Como Court.  His businesses expanded beyond landscaping into snow plowing and he moved to 2 Como.  He claims he neglected to file a waiver in the spring.  Mr. Moore indicates that the current building transferred ownership from father to son relatively recently.  Ms. Hunscher indicated that in her conversations with the property owner, Mr. Melgard indicated that he was under the impression that Mr. Moore had filed the waiver. 

The committee members indicated that a number of complaints were received about the number of trucks at the property.  Mr. Moore indicated that he purchased 40 trucks within the past year due to rapid growth. He indicates that the prior tenant was a repo and distribution company for ATVs and had many trucks and a higher amount of traffic.  Mr. Moore indicates that he is currently a contract purchaser of a building in Ringwood, but due to an ISRA requirement the process has slowed due to the required testing of the property.  He anticipates that he will close on the building, but in the event that the deal falls through he will be located in Montville longer.

Mr. Moore indicated that almost all of the trucks currently located on the property will be moved to off-site locations within the next week and will remain off site until March or April depending on weather conditions.

The subcommittee felt strongly that due to growth of the business that involves outdoor storage of trucks and the location of the property in the CWR overlay, it is important that the applicant file a site plan.  Steve Schepis, Esq. is the attorney.  Ms. Hunscher indicated that she would send Mr. Moore a letter indicating that a site plan application was required.  Mr. Moore agreed to cooperate with the request. 

PMISC11-44 Samsung - 19 Chapin Road - B: 184, L: 7.2  - quality assurance lab (31,605 s.f.) – 25 employees – hours of operation 8am-9pm Mon-Fri – no outdoor storage or outdoor storage of vehicles – no signage requested

The waiver was approved conditioned on approval of the Board of Health, if required, and other departments.   

PMISC11-45 Diversified Heat - 439 Main Road - B: 81 L: 3 - manufacturer of HVAC equipment (56,000 s.f.) – 65 employees – 8am-4:30pm Mon-Fri – 2 trucks parked overnight

The waiver was denied.  The subcommittee indicated that due to the fact that a site plan was not submitted within the past seven years, a minor site plan was required.  In particular, lighting, landscaping, and signage needs to be evaluated.


There being no further business to discuss, the subcommittee meeting was unanimously adjourned at 10:35 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,


Meghan Hunscher, Sec.

Certified true copy of minutes adopted at Planning Board meeting of November 10, 2011.

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