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Please use one of these forms to reserve any of the public parks or facilities:

          Park Use Permit Application
          Field Use Permit Application

AMPHITHEATER at the Montville Community Park

An area for outdoor education classes, concerts, movies, and a beautiful view overlooking Montville Township.

ATHLETIC FIELDS at the Montville Community Park

There are 6 fields at the Community Park. Four are made of natural turf and are used specifically for soccer, football, lacrosse, rugby, and high school games. Two are made of synthetic turf and are u10 soccer fields. These fields are lighted.

CAMP DAWSON located on Jacksonville Road

There are 2 synthetic turf fields which are used for football, soccer and lacrosse. These fields are lighted.


There are four areas in town where residents can play baseball or softball. These fields are located in the following parks:

ETTA KONNER: located on Walnut and Parkway Drives in Pine Brook (softball field)

MASAR: located on Boonton Avenue in Montville (lighted softball field)

MUNICIPAL: located on River Rd in Montville (3 lighted fields - 2 baseball & 1 softball)

REILLY: located on Hewlett Road in Towaco (baseball field)

* Many baseball/softball leagues dominate use of ball fields. If private ball field use from a resident is desired, a permit is needed to guarantee field availability.

BASKETBALL COURTS at the Montville Community Park

Three outdoor lighted courts, one full-size and two half courts, are available for public use.

GARDEN PLOTS located on the Montville Community Park property

Plots are available for gardening during the Spring, Summer, and Fall months. To obtain a plot of land, contact the Recreation Department at: 331-3305. There is a refundable deposit required for use.


The parks in Montville Township consist of playing fields and playgrounds. Parks are open for public use daily, closing at dusk, unless lighting is available. Lights must be off no later than 10:30pm.

CAMP DAWSON: located at 80 Jacksonville Road in Towaco

COMMUNITY PARK: located at 130 Changebridge Road in Montville (lighted fields)

ETTA KONNER: located at 12 Walnut Drive in Pine Brook

JOHN STREET: located at 10 Maple Avenue in Pine Brook

MANCHESTER: located at 33A Buckingham Circle in Pine Brook

MASAR: located on Boonton Avenue in Montville (lighted field) - map direction address is 12 Kingsland Road in Boonton

MUNICIPAL BALLFIELDS: located at 86 River Road in Montville (lighted fields)

REILLY: located at 4 Hewlett Road in Towaco

PAVILION: located at the Montville Community Park

The pavilion is an open shelter with picnic tables and is available to township groups for picnics and social gatherings. Around the pavilion area are three lighted bocce courts. The area also contains three lighted horseshoe pits, two barbecue grills and a large playground. Contact the Recreation Department for the procedure in obtaining a group use permit.

TENNIS COURTS located at Montville High School

There are six courts available for public use, when the school is not utilizing the area. These courts are NOT lit, nor do they require any type of permit. As a courtesy gesture play should take place on the hour for an hour.


The overall master plan includes constructing new public tennis courts and the possibility of a skatepark/hockey rink area.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 13 January 2016 )
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