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195 Changebridge Road, Montville Municipal Building


Mr. Ladis Karkowsky - present           

Ms. Deb Nielson - present                               

Mr. Russ Lipari, Chair - present

Mr. John Visco - present

Township staff:  Meghan Hunscher, Principal Planner - present


There was no old business before the subcommittee.


1). PMISC11-14 (Approved with condition to apply for site plan) - Pre-submittal discussion with Pane Repic of Jupiter Environmental – 323 Changebridge Rd.

Mr. Repic’s site plan waiver application was previously approved for offices with the stipulation that a site plan had to be submitted.  Mr. Repic has not moved into the building as of yet.

Mr. Repic presented the subcommittee with a concept plan drawn up by his engineer, Joe Mianecki.  He indicated that the engineer proposes a fourteen (14) foot wall and Mr. Repic would like to replace it with a fence and landscaping.  Mr. Lipari asked Mr. Repic how many vehicles he would be seeking approval for parking on-site in the rear and their sizes.  Mr. Repic indicated:

Two (2) 48 foot long, 12 foot high trailers

Three (3) to Four (4) utility trailers each 20 feet long and 9 feet high

Six (6) vans

Two (2) forklifts that are eight feet tall in closed position.

Ms. Hunscher indicates only one delivery or service vehicle is permitted per every 10,000 sf of gross floor area and having a maximum length of twenty (20) feet.  A loading area is also required. There are also required setbacks from the property lines. 

The following ordinance sections apply:  230-165 Outdoor storage; 230-205 Delivery and service vehicles; 230-204 loading requirements; and Parking Schedule E.   

The committee requested that Mr. Repic have his attorney or engineer provide a list of the variances requested.  The concept plan did not have parking spaces at rear delineated.

Mr. Repic indicates that there will be three (3) employees in the office and two (2) other tenants. 

The committee determined that the applicant should consider the following:

  1. They are fine that the wall will not be proposed, but evergreen plantings must be provided and a letter from the neighbor at 321 Changebridge indicating that s/he is ok with plantings that close to the property line and granting access for pruning purposes. 
  2. A chain link fence is acceptable, however I must be vinyl coated in either black or dark brown.
  3. Ms. Nielson suggests that the gate be aluminum and not chain link
  4. A list of variances from the applicant’s attorney is requested.
  5. The parking at the rear must be set back from the property line and the lot must be striped. 
  6. Lighting detail should be supplied including building mounted lights at rear of structure.  There were concerns that there would not be enough light at the rear parking lot.
  7. A sign detail should be submitted.  Properties on Stiles Lane provide examples of monument signs for this type of business.
  8. Ten foot (10) high Leyland Cyrus is recommended for the landscaping.
  9. A second pre-submittal meeting is recommended prior to scheduling.

2). PMISC11-51 Clever Devices – 65 Rt. 46 – B: 184, L: 2 – 767 s.f. office/8,481 s.f. production area for installation of GPS systems in NJ Transit buses – 25 employees; 2 shifts of 12/13 a day – hours of operation 8am-2am Mon-Fri – no signage requested – no outdoor storage of vehicles all buses will be stored inside (Kevah Konner)

Ms. Hunscher explained that this was a permitted use in the zone. Waiver approved unanimously.

3). Discussion re: Lake Valhalla Club replacement shed

Ms. Hunscher explained that Mr. Bonaides requested that the existing pump house that was destroyed by Hurricane Irene be replaced with a shed.  Ms. Hunscher indicated that the recently adopted ordinance permits the site plan subcommittee to approve accessory structures under 500 SF following review by Construction official.  Ms. Hunscher spoke with Mr. Laird and he indicated he had no objection.  The subcommittee unanimously approved the replacement shed.

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