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7:00 p.m. – Statement of Open Public Meetings Act Compliance

Roll Call


Resolution authorizing Closed Executive Session for the discussion of:

1.      Contract negotiations:  Government Management Advisors

2.      Personnel

3.      Litigation:  Tax Appeal Block 167, Lot 13

4.      Potential Litigation

5.      Attorney-Client privilege:  water assessment options


8:00 p.m. – Public Session


Roll Call

Prayer & Pledge of Allegiance



1.      Administrator

2.      Attorney

3.      Township Committee liaison



1.      2012 municipal budget

2.      Maple Avenue area traffic


1.      Land Use Review Committee presentation



1.      Ord. No. 2012-03 of the Township authorizing a capital expenditure from the Open Space Dedicated Trust Fund in the amount of $12,000.00 – Glenview Woods/Bonnieview environmental

2.      Ord. No. 2012-04 amending several sections of Chapter 230, Land Use Development and Regulation, of the Revised General Ordinances of the Township – political signs, accessory uses normally incidental to country clubs, and wholesale and retail marketing of agricultural output from farms

3.      Ord. No. 2012-05 Calendar Year 2012 Ordinance to exceed the municipal budget appropriation limits and to establish a cap bank (NJSA 40A:4-45.14)

4.      Ord. No. 2012-06 authorizing the execution of a contract for the purchase of Block 123, Lots 19, 20 & 20.01 from SMK Enterprises Inc. – Marketplace property


A.     Resolution accepting performance guarantee – Pine Brook Pizza Hut, LLC – Block 176, Lot 4.2, 34 Route 46 West

B.     Resolution authorizing the issuance of limousine owner and driver license 2012 – Edward Zeldin

C.     Proclamation Read Across America March 2

D.     Resolution approving open and closed session minutes – regular meetings 09/13/12 and 09/27/11; closed session only 11/09/11

E.      Appointment of Tracy Schuly to the Historic Preservation Review Commission – Alternate #2, 2-year term ending 12/31/13


1.      Resolution authorizing Change Order #2, acceptance of the David, Joan, Gregory Drive sewer project, and final payment to MSP Construction Corp.

2.      Resolution authorizing transfer of funds 2011

3.      Resolution authorizing a contract with Dykstra Associates, PC – survey Marketplace property

4.      Resolution authorizing a contract with Boucher & James, Inc. - preliminary assessment report Marketplace property

5.      Resolution approving the listing of bills and signing of checks

6.      Resolution amending an agreement with the Montville Soccer Association – turf field lighting








Next Regular Meeting Tuesday, March 13, 2012









2/28/2012 4:25 PM



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