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Meeting began promptly at 7:30pm.


“As required by the Open Public Meetings Act, adequate notice of this meeting has been provided.  The notice specified the time and place of the meeting to the extent known at the time.  The notice was posted on the bulletin board at the Municipal Building, sent to the Daily Record and placed on file in the Township Clerk’s office”.

Roll Call. Absent with excuse, Vic Canning, Andrew Pappachen, Deb Nielson

Present: Monica Mianecki, Michele Caron, Angelo Intile, Larry Kornreich, Garry Annibal, Alex Nesterok and Keith Lee


Angelo Intile nominated Larry Kornreich for Chairman.  Seconded by Alex Nesterok.  No other nominations were made. All in favor by voice vote.

Angelo Intile nominated Monica Mianecki for Vice Chairman.  Seconded by Garry Annibal.  No other nominations were made.  All in favor by voice vote.


Meeting will be February 15, March 21, April 18, May 16, June 20, July 18, August 15, September 19,October 17, November 21, December 19, 2012

****Motion to approve the above meeting dates made by Garry Annibal and seconded by Monica Mianecki.  All in favor by voice vote.


Board of Adjustment –.Michele Caron has no report.

Board of Education – No report

Economic Development – Monica Mianecki reports they discussed the future of EDC in Montville.  The BOA approved the JCP&L sound barrier project.

Health Department – Garry Annibal reports they did not meet in February.

Open Space Committee – Angelo Intile has no report.

Planning Board – Victor Canning absent, no report.

Township Committee – Tim Braden absent, no report.


Sharpe - 18 Forest Place - does not meet minimum lot size requirement - There was discussion regarding runoff from an adjoining lot.  Larry Kornreich states Mr. Sharpe should not be responsible for runoff from another lot but what will he do to prevent runoff from his lot and how trees will be replaced.

Weiss Development - Larry Kornreich will review.

ANJEC is offering a course - Fundamentals of EC on March 24th from 9am-12pm in Denville. 


NRI update - Meghan Hunscher has arranged for money to be earmarked for this project. Larry will need a letter from the EC to support this. 

****Garry Annibal made a motion to authorize Larry Kornreich to draft a letter to the Planning Board to update the NRI.  Seconded by Monica Mianecki.  All in favor.

Larry Kornreich questioned what needs to be added first.  Monica Mianecki thinks that the parcel layer, watershed and wetlands are currently on it.  Topography is the next important thing if the others are already completed.

Appointment of Town Forester - Larry Kornreich questioned if the EC is in favor.  Garry Annibal will draft a letter supporting the hiring of Town Forester.


Plans for 2012 - Larry Kornreich handed out list.

April Events - Arbor Day is April 27 - Michele Caron is meeting with Dr. Freid.

Poster Contest - Judging will be March 5th.

An honoree needs to be chosen. A suggestion was made that the honoree be Hugh Merritt.

Recycling Day - Petals for progress, computers & electronic equipment, paper, Morris County Recycling.


Tom McMillon from the VCA questioned if PSE&G are installing roads to install new power lines.  Larry Kornriech advised him to contact either PSE&G, Public Utilities or DEP. 


On a motion made by Garry Annibal and seconded by Monica Mianecki the meeting was adjourned at 8:53pm.

Respectfully Submitted.

Liz Johansen



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