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Meeting began promptly at 7:30pm.


“As required by the Open Public Meetings Act, adequate notice of this meeting has been provided.  The notice specified the time and place of the meeting to the extent known at the time.  The notice was posted on the bulletin board at the Municipal Building, sent to the Daily Record and placed on file in the Township Clerk’s office”.

Roll Call. Absent with excuse, Angelo Intile and Larry Kornreich

Present: Monica Mianecki, Michele Caron, Vic Canning, Andrew Pappachen, Garry Annibal, Alex Nesterok, Keith Lee, Tim Braden

****Motion made by Andrew Pappachen to carry elections until February, so all commissioners can be present. Seconded by Garry Annibal.  All in favor by voice vote.


Board of Adjustment –.Michele Caron has no report.

Board of Education – No report

Economic Development – Monica Mianecki has no report.

Health Department – Garry Annibal reports that there will be no helicopter spraying for gypsy moths this year. There was discussion regarding wood boilers.  They are unregulated and the smoke could contain small particles that are detrimental to your health.

Open Space Committee – Angelo Intile has no report.

Planning Board – Victor Canning has no report.

Township Committee – Tim Braden has no report.


Cliff Seipel spoke on behalf of the Watershed Committee - they met regarding the Rockaway River.  Riverfront approaches are needed to access cleaning the river. All the towns that border the river will receive a letter regarding the damage that has been caused. Garry Annibal states that stream cleanups are done to keep stagnant water from forming and they should team up with the Mosquito Commission to coordinate efforts for Montville. Andrew Pappachen questioned if they are a not for profit organization.  Cliff Seipel states that they are. Andrew Pappachen suggests applying for grants to cover any costs.  Cliff Seipel states that test samples have been taken.  Tim Braden states that the water quality is improving.  Michelle Caron states the Women’s Club would write letters and grant applications.


On a motion made by Monica Mianecki and seconded by Andrew Pappachen, the December 21, 2011 minutes were approved by voice vote.


ANJEC - as of January 18, 2012 the grant application is online.  Deadline is March 30, 2012. 

The Boy scouts approached the EC regarding a Shade Tree Commission project. They will sell trees to residents in town as a fundraiser. They need the Environmental Commission to come and discuss the different species of trees.  The boy scouts will receive an Environmental badge and tree planting badge.  Garry Annibal, Andrew Pappachen and Monica Mianecki will help.


NRI update will be given in February.

**** Motion made by Vic Canning to appoint Garry Annibal to the Tree Removal Appeal Board. Seconded by Andrew Pappachen.  All in favor by voice vote.


April Events - Arbor Day is April 27 - Michele Caron states the tree will be purchased this year.

Poster Contest - Winner will be given ice cream social for their entire class -

An honoree needs to be chosen.

Recycling Day - Pedals for Progress, computers & electronic equipment


On a motion made by Vic Canning and seconded by Garry Annibal the meeting was adjourned at 8:35pm.

Respectfully Submitted.

Liz Johansen



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