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Ron Cain, Jr. - present                                       Margaret Miller – Sanders - present

Everett “Dick” Vreeland - present                      Deane Driscoll - present

Ron Soussa - absent                                          Kevin Seidel, Alt. #2 - present

Jennifer Horowitz -absent                                  Arnold Schancupp – alt #1 - present

Alexander Kachmar - absent                                                                                        

Also present:


Township Committee:                Jim Sandham - present; Scott Gallopo (alt) - present

Planning Board:                         Tony Speciale - present; Gary Lewis - present

Township Staff:

Meghan Hunscher, PP - Principal Planner - present


Appointment of Temporary Chairman - Motion to appoint Dick Vreeland as temporary chairman made by Mr. Cain; seconded by Mr. Schancupp; Roll call: unanimous

Appointment of Chairman - Motion to appoint Deane Driscoll as Chairman made by Ron Cain; seconded by Mr. Schancupp; Roll call: unanimous

Appointment of Vice Chairman - Motion to appoint Kevin Seidel as Vice Chairman made by Mr. Vreeland.  Mr. Seidel respectfully declined to be considered for the nomination.  Motion to appoint Ron Soussa (in absentia) as Vice Chairman made by Mr. Vreeland; seconded by Mr. Seidel; Roll call: unanimous.

Selection of Meeting Dates - On motion made by Arnold Schancupp and seconded by Dick Vreeland, meeting dates and time of the Third Wednesday Monthly@ 8:15AM with Meeting Place of the Municipal Chambers Conference Room were unanimously approved.

Appointment of subcommittees - Mr. Driscoll appointed the following members to the subcommittees: 

-         Business Retention - Maggie, Deane, Dick, and Arnold

-         Business Recruitment - Alex, Jen, Ron S.


Zoning Board report - Mr. Driscoll indicated that the Board of Adjustment reorganized and heard and approved the JCP&L application for sound wall to mitigate noise from transformers. 

Planning Board report - Mr. Speciale indicated that the Planning Board held a reorganization meeting and will discuss proposed amendments to the Zoning Ordinance at the 1/26 meeting


There were no applicants or businesses to come before the committee.

Presentation by Larry Anderson and Steve Durak of Anderson Realty Services on behalf of The Fresh Market regarding prospective site locations including Route 202 and Changebridge Road

Mr. Anderson and Mr. Durak of Anderson Realty Services, site selection professionals for The Fresh Market, appeared before the Committee to provide an overview of The Fresh Market and desire to be located in Montville.  The Fresh Market sells meats, poultry, fish and fruits and vegetables.  Classical music is played and no carts leave the store.  Mr. Anderson indicated that The Fresh Market is a high-end grocery store that has a target trade area consisting of a residential area having a median incomes $100,000 or greater with 50-70,000 households within a ten (10) minute drive.  The store prototype is approximately 20,000 square feet sited on 2 to 3 acres that can accommodate 140 parking spaces.  Montvale is the location of the closest store.

Mr. Anderson indicated that he considered about five different locations before deciding that the PSE&G owned property at the intersection of Changebridge Road and Route 202 was the preferred location.  The company is based in North Carolina and has spent six (6) years exploring the New Jersey market.  Other towns that the business finds meets their target area criteria in the northern New Jersey area include Verona, Tenafly, Summit, Westfield, Bedminister, Morristown, Redbank, and Manasquan.

Mr. Anderson indicated that of the fifteen (15) acres that PSE&G would sell, only about six (6) to seven (7) acres are viable for development.  This is due to topographical challenges, the existence of the Morris Canal and potential wetlands.  Although The Fresh Market approached PSE&G with the intention of purchasing 2 to 3 acres, PSE&G is only willing to sell the entire parcel.  Mr. Anderson indicated that they were initially looking at land adjacent to the self-storage facility, but after discussing with County Planners and Engineers, decided across from the I-287 ramp would be more feasible.  The State would also have to be involved due the fact that they are responsible for the traffic light.  The County suggested that while the developer for The Fresh Market would not be constructing the by-pass road, an easement and driveway opening could be created to allow for a future by-pass road. 

Mr. Anderson outlined the requirements that PSE&G presented to them prior to negotiating a deal.  This includes an appraisal and a letter of support from Montville.  Mr. Anderson acknowledged that the letter would not provide any assurances of board approval or rezoning. Ms. Hunscher indicated that she discussed the letter with Anthony Barile, PE Township Engineer and the Township Attorney’s office and they agree that the appropriate agency to issue the letter would be the EDC. 

Ms. Nielsen asked Mr. Anderson if he had considered other property including the property on the north side of Route 202.  He indicated he had, but it was not suitable.  Mr. Sandham asked the Planning Board members present about the specifics of the property, including the zoning.  Ms. Hunscher responded that the property is zoned for office.  Mr. Lewis requested that Ms. Hunscher describe what the Master Plan contemplated for this area.  Ms. Hunscher indicated that the Master Plan would allow an incentive of increased floor area if the by-pass road were to be constructed, however unlike on the north side of Route 202, retail uses would not be permitted even if the by-pass road were to be constructed.  Therefore the applicant would have to apply for either a rezoning request or to the Zoning Board of Adjustment for approval. 

Chairman Driscoll asked the committee if they were in favor of providing a letter in support of The Fresh Market.  Ms. Miller said it would be a welcome addition to the community especially since there were no grocery stores in Montville and this type of business has been desired by residents for some time. 

On a motion made by Dick Vreeland and seconded by Kevin Seidel, the members unanimously agreed to issue a letter from the EDC in support of The Fresh Market.


Site identification for development and redevelopment (time permitting) - This agenda item was postponed


Adoption of EDC minutes of 12-21-11 – Eligible: Ron Cain, Jr.,    Margaret Miller – Sanders Everett (“Dick”) Vreeland, Deane Driscoll, Alexander Kachmar, Kevin Seidel, Alt. #2

On a motion made by Ms. Miller-Sanders and seconded by Mr. Schancupp the minutes were unanimously approved as presented.


There being no further business to discuss, the meeting was unanimously adjourned at 9:30 a.m.

Respectfully Submitted,


Meghan Hunscher, Principal Planner

Adopted at February 15, 2012 regular meeting



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