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Mr. Drsicoll convened the meeting at 8:15 a.m.

I.            ROLL CALL

Deane Driscoll, Chairman                      Arnold Schancupp – alt #1        

Ron Soussa, Vice Chair                         Kevin Seidel, Alt. #2

Jennifer Horowitz                                   

Alexander Kachmar

Margaret Miller – Sanders, Esq.                                                                                    

Ron Cain, Jr. (AE)       

Everett “Dick” Vreeland

Also present:


Township Committee:                Jim Sandham; Scott Gallopo (alt)

Planning Board:                         Tony Speciale; Gary Lewis

Environmental Commission:        Monica Mianecki

Township Staff:

Meghan Hunscher, PP - Principal Planner


Planning Board - Tony Speciale / Gary Lewis

Tony reported that the Planning Board heard and denied a proposed subdivision on Bellows Lane for Weiss Construction due to its location in the Prime Aquifer Restricted Area.  The Board also found that the proposed zoning ordinance amendments were consistent with the Master Plan.  Tony also indicated that the motion included a strong affirmation that there were no new uses recommended for the OB-4 zone. 

Board of Adjustment - Deane Driscoll

Deane reported that the meeting was held on the extra meeting date and had the regular meeting canceled.  (BOA has scheduled an extra meeting each quarter).  There was an application before the BOA on Virginia Road to expand an existing stone house.  The application was carried to April due with a request to explore drainage issues.

Lou Carl Caggiano requested extension for Section 36 variance and request includes breaching the dam, reducing level, but not drain completely.  NJDEP is reviewing.  Neighbors are challenging proposal to breach dam.  This was carried to April.  A six (6) month expansion was given to Kids R Kids on Changebridge Rd. 

Other discussion

Mr. Lewis indicated, as a former member of the EDC and current member of Planning Board, indicated that since there is a link between planning and economic development, he suggested that the planner for the Planning Board attend an EDC meeting to present on the background of the Master Plan.

Mr. Sandham indicated that while the EDC is not trying to supersede the Planning Board, the role of the EDC is different in that part of the role of the EDC is to evaluate the viability of a business based on the needs of the residents. He posed the question, “What is the criterion to issue a letter in support of a development?”  He wants to be fair across the board.

Mr. Driscoll indicated that the letter supporting the Fresh Market did not indicate a specific area.  The EDC supported the Rails application, which was a specific application. 

Chairman Driscoll tabled this discussion regarding criteria in the interest of time and asked Mr. O’Dowd to present.


Mr. William O’Dowd regarding his property at the intersection of Changebridge Road and Route 202

Mr. O’Dowd indicated that he was invited and was here to discuss what was occurring at that location.  Mr. Soussa indicated that he invited Mr. O’Dowd.  Mr. Soussa clarified that there are two properties.  He passed around a hand out that depicts property at the end of Route 202 and Changebridge Road.  Out-parcel is Lou Caggiano’s office building.  He gave an overview that would envision building a Quick Chek gas station and convenience store with roadway.  He indicates that drug stores are not interested at this location.  Existing buildings include farmstand and old Vreeland house.  Tenants are currently located in the building.  He indicates that he has met with resistance to building this use.  The proposed roadway would go behind the office building. Mr. O’Dowd indicated that he also has a concept plan for a grocery store.  Fresh Market had considered the property, but decided against developing there.  One potential issue is parking in the rear under the transmission wires.  He passed out a color rendering.  No committee action was taken.  He was thanked for explaining his idea for the property to inform the EDC.


Mr. Larry Casha, Casha & Casha

Mr. Larry Casha was introduced by Mr. Driscoll.  Mr. Casha was a founding member of the EDC years ago.  He explained that the goal was to promote business development and bring businesses into town.  There are many businesses that want to come into Montville, however there is a lot of competition with other towns.  Businesses go to brokers and realtors and realtors have incentives.  He feels that the waiver of site plan is onerous process.  He also explains that the utility costs are high.  He said it is important to move at the speed of business, not at the speed of bureaucracy.  He complained that the vacancy listing was not updated on the website.  He was thanked for his input.  It was explained that the Land Use Advisory Committee prepared a report that addressed many issues he voiced concern about.

Mr. Lipari indicated that the Board has tried to work with the Planning and Zoning Division to assist businesses with streamlining process.  Mr. Lipari reviewed the outcome of the MCEDC survey in other communities and found that they also streamlined the process, but did not change ordinances.  Mr. Lewis indicated that of the 50 waivers in 2012 there were very few of which site plans were required. 

Ms. Ilene Green, MarketShare Communications, Inc.

Ms. Green and Mr. Polmar made a presentation regarding their proposal for a marketing package for the Township.  The EDC agreed to take a poll in the next week via e-mail of the members whether to recommend the proposal to the Township Administrator and Township Committee for their consideration.


No workshop was held.


Adoption of EDC minutes of 2-15-12 – Eligible: D. Driscoll, R. Soussa, J. Horowitz, A. Kachmar, M. Miller-Sanders, R. Cain, E. Vreeland

On a motion made by Mr. Soussa and seconded by Mr. Kachmar, the minutes were adopted.


There being no further business to discuss, the meeting was unanimously adjourned at 10:35 a.m.

Respectfully Submitted,


Meghan Hunscher, Principal Planner

Adopted at May 16, 2012 regular meeting.



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