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195 Changebridge Road, Montville Municipal Building


Chairman Lipari convened the meeting at 7:32pm and welcomed everyone to the Montville Township Planning Board hearing and asked everyone to turn off their cell phones.

Ms. Kehoe took the roll call.


Mr. Tim Braden, Mayor - present          

Mr. Gary Lewis, Vice Chairman            - present

Mr. Art Maggio – present

Mr. John Visco - present

Mr. Larry Hines – present (entered at 7:35pm)

Mr. Ladis Karkowsky - absent

Mr. Don Kostka, Committeeman - absent          

Mr. Larry Kornreich - present                                                  

Mr. Tony Speciale (alt#1) - present

Mr. Larry Tobias (alt#2) – absent

Mr. Russ Lipari, Chairman – present

Also present:

Board Attorney:                        Michael Carroll, Esq.- present

Board Engineer:            Charles Thomas, PE, Omland Engineering - present

Board Planner:              Joseph Burgis, PP, AICP, Burgis Associates – present

Principal Planner / Secretary:     Meghan Hunscher, PP AICP - present

Recording Secretary:                 Kelley Kehoe - present




Board Attorney Mr. Carroll swore in professionals: Mr. Thomas, Mr. Burgis and Ms. Hunscher.


Chairman Lipari asked the Committee members if they have any reports:

Board of Adjustment – Vice Chairman Lewis reported that the Board denied an application for a childcare center.

Board of Health – Mr. Tobias had no report.

Environmental Commission – Mr. Kornreich discussed grant application with ANJEC is pending and commission is developing educational materials.

Water & Sewer – Mr. Maggio will send out report. Nothing new to report.

Historic Preservation Commission – Mr. Visco said they met on May 21st, mentioned new members and discussed subcommittee work.

Design Review Committee – No report. Mr. Kostka absent.

Site Plan/Subdivision Committee – Chairman Lipari reported various waivers that were approved by the subcommittee.

Economic Development Committee – Vice Chairman Lewis reported that Committeeman Gallopo made a presentation in regards to the sewer rates and Mr. Kevin Boswell also made a presentation regarding status of G.I. Auto.

Open Space Committee – Chairman Lipari had no report.

Master Plan – Vice Chairman Lewis said progress being made on the Community Facilities and Circulation elements.

Cross Acceptance Committee – No report.

Highlands Legislation Review Committee – Vice Chairman Lewis had no report

Fire Districts – Chairman Lipari for Towaco, Tony Speciale for Pine Brook, Art Maggio for Montville – no reports.

SECRETARY’S REPORT - Ms. Hunscher had no report.


Chairman Lipari opened up meeting to board discussion.

Mayor Braden reported that on Tuesday the Township Committee reached a consensus in response to a  memo from the EDC to reexamine the zoning on the GI Auto property. They also had a request from the Recreation Commission to review the development of the Metro property. They will be sending it to the Planning Board for review.


Chairman Lipari requested a motion to open the meeting to the public for discussion of items not on the agenda. No discussion.  Chairman Lipari closed the meeting to the public for discussion of items not on the agenda.


There was no planning business to come before the board.


There were no waivers to come before the board.


Burgis Associates O/E for: $67.50, $792.50, Trust for $978.75, $405, $168.75, $371.25, $438.75, $405, $573.75, $537.75.

On a motion made by Mr. Hines and seconded by Vice Chairman Lewis the invoices were approved. Roll Call - Unanimous.


PMS/C12-03 Diversified Heat Transfer- 439 Main Road – B:81, L: 3 – Minor site plan with  parking variance – Approval (April 26, 2012) Eligible: R. Lipari, L. Karkowsky, T. Braden, D. Kostka, J. Visco, L. Kornreich, A. Speciale, L. Tobias. G. Lewis, A Maggio

On a motion made by Mayor Braden and seconded by Mr. Visco, the resolution was approved. Roll Call of Eligibles - Unanimous.


There were no correspondence/extensions/dismissals to come before the board.


Planning Board Minutes – April 26, 2012 - Eligible: R. Lipari, L. Hines, G. Lewis, L. Karkowsky, T. Braden, A. Maggio, J. Visco, L. Kornreich, A. Speciale

On a motion made by Mr. Kornreich and seconded by Mr. Hines, the minutes were approved. Roll Call of Eligibles - Unanimous.

Planning Board Minutes – May 10, 2012 - Eligible: R. Lipari, L. Karkowsky, T. Braden, D. Kostka, J. Visco, L. Kornreich, A. Speciale, L. Tobias

On a motion made by Mr. Speciale and seconded by Mr. Kornreich, the minutes were approved. Roll Call of Eligibles - Unanimous.

Planning Board Sub Committee Minutes – May 10, 2012 - Eligible: T. Braden, R. Lipari, J. Visco

On a motion made by Mr. Visco and seconded by Mr. Braden, the minutes were approved. Roll Call of Eligibles - Unanimous.

Master Plan Sub Committee Minutes – May 17, 2012 - Eligible: G, Lewis, L. Karkowsky, R. Lipari, J. Visco

On a motion made by Vice Chairman Lewis and seconded by Mr. Visco, the minutes were approved. Roll Call of Eligibles - Unanimous.


There were no LOI/DEP notifications to come before the board.


Mr. Carroll gave an overview.  No land use related legislation was discussed.


There was no old business to come before the board.


PSPP/F12-06 – Lake Valhalla Club – 11 Vista Road. – B: 11, 20, 20.01; L: 29, 1, 1 – LV Zone – preliminary/final site plan                                                                                     ACT BY: 8/5/12

The Chairman to ask applicant to appear.

Mr. Steve Schepis, attorney for the application, gave his introduction. Mr. Carroll swore in the experts including David Egarian, PE and Anthony Garrett, RA, PP. Mr. Egarian stated his credentials and he was accepted. Mr. Schepis asked him questions. Exhibit A-1 (page 4 of 13 drawing of site plan) was submitted, which showed the existing conditions with the proposed plan. Exhibit A-2 (colorized overall site plan for the LVC with existing and proposed conditions plan) – blue represented what was done with out Zoning Board approval, yellow represented the proposed projects, and white represented the approved items from 2007. Mr. Schepis discussed the “grove parking” which would be limited to 20 calendar days per year, mostly in the summer months. Mr. Carroll asked how it would be enforced. There was no answer given.  Discussion of gravel consistency and parking spaces ensued. Chairman Lipari asked for professionals comments. Mr. Burgis was concerned about parking and backing up. Mr. Thomas agrees with the gravel and surface consistency for the “grove area” and concerned with professional valet parkers.

Mr. Garrett stated his credentials and was accepted. Mr. Schepis asked him to elaborate. He said that this would be used for overflow parking mostly in the high season most likely for employees on Friday nights, and that they would have professional parkers. Chairman Lipari said the valet parking plan will be required based on the 2007 approvals. Discussion ensued in regards to parking at “the grove.” A suggestion was made to make some of the parking parallel to alleviate the concerns about potential accidents.  Mr. Schepis indicated that a variance would be required since the number of parking spaces would be reduced.  Mr. Schepis concurred. Exhibit A-3 (Highlands Exemption Act dated 12/04/06) was submitted in regards to the impervious coverage. Mr. Burgis was in agreement.

Chairman Lipari asked for Planning Board member comments. Vice Chairman Lewis asked Mr. Egarian about the hemlock height. He said the plan said they were 6-8 feet, but there is a 12 foot requirement. Mr. Schepis said they were asking for relief. He asked if parking spaces would be marked and painted lines - only at guard rails. He was concerned that the bollard light was not enough. They said they were not trying to be intrusive to the neighbors. He asked how LVC was going to adequately screen the driveways facing the neighbor’s houses. Mr. Garrett said LVC was willing to add additional plantings. They will work with Mr. Burgis’ office. Mr. Maggio asked if it was employees parking only. They said no employees first, and then overflow for members. He inquired if it was not always used as an employee only parking area. They had no problem with employees always parking there. Mr. Visco wanted clarification that they would not park there beyond those 20 dates including employees. He asked about the surface content and if accepted by the professionals, which it is. Mr. Hines inquired about the number of stalls and how many on a typical Friday night. Mr. Kornreich asked if members could choose to park there anyway, since no gate is there. Mr. Garrett discussed the lighting in regards to a programmable timer for the bollard lighting and more buffer screening. He also asked about the dumpster area. Mr. Garrett discussed the proposed enclosed dumpster. They are hoping to preserve the tree by altering the plans slightly.

Chairman Lipari opened the meeting to the public in regards the grove parking area only.

Mr. Joe Fabbor of 2 Lake Shore Drive discussed the current dumpster problems including unsightliness and odor.

Mr. Don Bauman of 10 Lake Shore Drive discussed the grove.  He said there were more trees falling down and the landscape was deteriorating. He felt that off street parking was not necessary in this area. 

Chairman Lipari closed the meeting to the public in regards the grove parking area only.

Mr. Maggio asked about the dumpster and said that there are proposed trees. Mr. Schepis stated that LVC is in agreement with the additional screening for the dumpster area. Discussion on the Crooked Brook area ensued. Mr. Egarian explained what is proposed and existing referring back to Exhibit A-2. He discussed fencing, walkways, parking, bollards, retaining walls, looking to move existing propane tanks, pavilion bathrooms, lifeguard shack, stairs, outdoor shower relocation to cottage, guard house, sound trap with foyer enclosure, pavers and low voltage lighting, improvements to cottage, crosswalk and volleyball court. Mr. Garrett discussed proposed improvements and why including fencing variance requests around maintenance sheds, paddle tennis hut and the deck which was never built under the original building permit, which was done without official approval and permits.

Chairman Lipari wants to make sure anything highlighted in blue is done to state and municipal building codes. LVC will do. Vice Chairman Lewis discussed the Master Plan and the improvements in relation to the document.  He voiced concern that improvements were done without zoning or building improvements. They will have to get the necessary permits and inspections. In the future LVC will proceed under those rules. Mr. Garrett continued in regards to the LVC Pavilion and proposed snack bar (sheet A 110 dated November 2010). He discussed the guard station relocation, the set of stairs to the lower level of pavilion area. It became a safety issue, which is why they repaired it. Chairman Lipari asked for Planning Board member comments. Vice Chairman Lewis asked if the fencing along Vista Road could be relocated inside the right-of-way.  The answer was yes. Mr. Kornreich asked about the size of the propane tanks and if the fencing was enough protection.  Mr. Garrett said he would look into it.

Chairman Lipari opened the meeting to the public in regards to what had been testified to currently.

Ms. Melanie Unice of 36 Valhalla Road asked if she could discuss the ballfield and Mr. Lipari indicated this would be addressed later.

Mr. Bauman of 10 Lake Shore Drive spoke in regards to the recent increase of parking in the Grove area including backhoes. Chairman Lipari explained that it was his understanding that they were there for the dam repairs and moving boulders dislocated due to heavy storms.

Chairman Lipari closed the meeting to the public.

Mr. Thomas discussed completeness checklist and recommended the five (5) waivers requested by LVC be granted. The Board did not request additional information.

*** Break from 9:44pm-9:52pm ***

Mr. Garrett gave testimony on club house improvements regarding the walkway extensions, which had no permits, the tented area, patio area, and barbeque area. He discussed the front entrance (vestibule renovation at LV – SK1) proposal. They are looking to reorient the stairs and fill in openings with windows and entry doors which would have benefits to both LVC and the neighborhood. They are looking to renovate the 2nd floor offices of LVC (SK2). Their intension is to make the previous storage area into offices, a lunch room, and boardroom/game room. The drawing included proposed interior alterations for the shower relocation to the cottage building (A-100), including additional toilets and lockers. Mr. Schepis asked about the ball field. They want to remove the port-a-john, therefore the cottage would serve as bathroom facilities for the ball field and volleyball activities. It is more convenient and safer. There would also be a roof over the showers and a small deck. The volleyball courts need approval. There is also a net guard proposal as a safety measure. Exhibit A-4 (picture of proposed permanent netting) was submitted. The netting is similar to the netting at the Community Park located on Change Bridge Road. LVC is willing to do any necessary screening. Mr. Burgis suggested meeting out in the field prior to the next discussion. Vice Chairman Lewis asked the Professionals for answers in regards to the volleyball courts in 2007 and how they are subject to the new ordinance. They will be required to meet the current setbacks.  Mr. Schepis indicated he will supply this information before the next meeting. 

Application has been carried with notice preserved to the next Planning Board meeting scheduled for June 14, 2012.


There were no concepts to come before the board.


There being no further business to discuss Chairman Lipari asked for a motion to adjourn. On a motion made by Mr. Hines and seconded by Mr. Speciale, the meeting adjourned at 10:40pm. Roll Call - Unanimous.

Respectfully submitted, 

Kelley Kehoe, Recording Secretary


Meghan Hunscher, Sec.

Certified true copy of minutes adopted at Planning Board meeting of June 14, 2012.


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