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195 Changebridge Road, Montville Municipal Building


Chairman Lipari convened the meeting at 7:30pm and welcomed everyone to the Montville Township Planning Board hearing and asked everyone to turn off their cell phones.

Ms. Kehoe took the roll call.


Mr. Tim Braden, Mayor - present          

Mr. Gary Lewis, Vice Chairman            - present

Mr. Art Maggio – present (departed at 8:20pm)

Mr. John Visco - absent

Mr. Larry Hines – absent

Mr. Ladis Karkowsky - present

Mr. Don Kostka, Committeeman - present

Dr. Larry Kornreich - absent                                                   

Mr. Russ Lipari, Chairman – present

Mr. Tony Speciale (alt#1) - absent

Mr. Larry Tobias (alt#2) – present

Also present:

Board Attorney:                        Michael Carroll, Esq. - present

Board Engineer:            Stan Omland, PE, Omland Engineering - present

Board Planner:              Joseph Burgis, PP, AICP, Burgis Associates - present

Principal Planner / Secretary:     Meghan Hunscher, PP AICP - present

Recording Secretary:                 Kelley Kehoe - present




Chairman Lipari asked the Committee members if they have any reports:

Board of Adjustment – Vice Chairman Lewis had no report.

Environmental Commission – Dr. Kornreich was absent.

Water & Sewer – Mr. Maggio had no report.

Historic Preservation Commission – Mr. Visco was absent.

Design Review Committee – Deputy Mayor Kostka had no report.

Site Plan/Subdivision Committee – Chairman Lipari had no report.

Economic Development Committee – Mr. Speciale was absent. Ms Hunscher said the EDC held a  workshop to discuss goals for the year.

Open Space Committee – Mr. Karkowsky had no report.

Master Plan – Vice Chairman Lewis reported that the Master Plan subcommittee met to discuss the B-6 Zone and they are prepared to make a recommendation later in the meeting.

Cross Acceptance Committee – No report.

Highlands Legislation Review Committee – Vice Chairman Lewis had no report

Fire Districts – Chairman Lipari for Towaco had no report, Tony Speciale for Pine Brook was absent, and Art Maggio for Montville had no report.

Board of Health – Mr. Tobias gave an overview of the Health Department minutes.

SECRETARY’S REPORT - Ms. Hunscher had no report.


Mr. Karkowsky inquired about the house on Jewel Court that was still under construction. He was concerned with the maintenance of the berm. Ms. Hunscher indicated that she will speak with the Engineering Department since there is a bond for the project.  


Board Attorney Mr. Carroll swore in professionals: Mr. Omland, Mr. Burgis and Ms. Hunscher.


Chairman Lipari opened the meeting to public comment.  Seeing no one, a motion was made by Vice Chairman Lewis, seconded by Chairman Lipari to close the meeting to the public. All in Favor - unanimous.


Master Plan consistency hearing for Ordinance 2012-18 “Historic Preservation Review Commission.”

Mr. Burgis gave an overview of ordinance.  His findings were that is was consistent with the current Historic Preservation Plan Element. Chairman Lipari asked for the Planning Board members to vote to accept. Vice Chairman Lewis asked Mr. Burgis if the final draft of the updated Historic Preservation Plan Element was ready.  Mr. Burgis said it would be sent to the subcommittee for review within the next couple of days. Vice Chairman Lewis said that there may be some additional recommended changes to the ordinance.

A motion was made by Vice Chairman Lewis, seconded by Mr. Karkowsky regarding the finding that the ordinance is consistent with the Master Plan and to forward to the Township Committee with possible changes in the future. Roll Call - Unanimous.

B-6 Business District Rezoning

Chairman Lipari explained that this ordinance was passed in 2007, but excluded the Planning Board’s recommendation to include "big box" retail. Mr. Burgis discussed his memo dated 6/26/2012, adding to Chairman Lipari’s comment, that "big box" was deleted before the final B-6 zoning ordinance was adopted by the governing body a number of years ago.  Mr. Burgis discussed the four ordinance changes to accommodate the new concept proposal submitted to the Planning Board by Mr. Boswell, engineer and representative of GI Auto, including: the maximum building size, the maximum building coverage, the maximum impervious coverage, and the minimum parking requirement.

Mayor Braden asked if they took into consideration various types of retail. Mr. Burgis explained that the ordinance took into consideration general standards for “big box” retail. Vice Chairman Lewis said that the Master Plan Subcommittee met twice to discuss, once with the the property owner and his representatives. The subcommittee concluded that the standards were appropriate for this property given the type of use proposed as permitted. Deputy Mayor Kostka requested clarification as to the proposed building coverage.  Mr. Burgis indicated that the concept plan presented to the Planning Board included less than 13% coverage and the ordinance would permit 13.5% coverage, which was sufficient.  Mr. Burgis explained the process once the recommendation was sent to the Township Committee.

A motion was made by Vice Chairman Lewis, seconded by Mr. Karkowsky, that the Planning Board would recommend the B-6 Business Rezoning to the Township Committee for adoption as an ordinance revision to Chapter 230, specifically the B6 zone. Roll Call - Unanimous.


There were no waivers to come before the board.


Omland Engineering – Trust for: $135, $157.50, $67.50, $641.25, $33.75

On a motion made by Mr. Maggio and seconded by Mr. Karkowsky the invoices were approved. Roll Call - Unanimous.


HPRC Application No. 01-12 - Croatian Cultural Club - 164 Boonton Ave (Block 1 Lot 6) - replacement of roof shingles - Approval

On a motion made by Mr. Maggio and seconded by Mr. Karkowsky, the resolution was approved. Roll Call of Eligibles - Unanimous.


PMS 08-13-78 Old Bloomfield Avenue Properties - B. 178, L. 8

Request was made by Mr. David Rosania - present and sworn - partner in Old Bloomfield Avenue Properties, for six month extension to complete remaining improvements in particular stucco on façade since he is in the process of refinancing.  Mr. Rosania agreed to paint the surface the outside of the building if the stucco took longer than expected.

On a motion made by Mr. Karkowsky and seconded by Vice Chairman Lewis, the extension was approved. Roll Call of Eligibles - Unanimous.


Planning Board minutes - June 14, 2012  Eligible: R. Lipari, L. Hines, G. Lewis, T. Braden, L. Karkowsky, D. Kostka, L. Kornreich, A. Speciale              

On a motion made by Vice Chairman Lewis and seconded by Deputy Mayor Kostka, the minutes were approved. Roll Call of Eligibles - Unanimous.

Master Plan subcommittee minutes - June 14, 2012 Eligible: R. Lipari, G. Lewis, L. Karkowsky

On a motion made by Mr. Karkowsky and seconded by Vice Chairman Lewis, the minutes were approved. Roll Call of Eligibles - Unanimous.

Master Plan subcommittee minutes - June 21, 2012  Eligible: R. Lipari, G. Lewis, L. Karkowsky

On a motion made by Mr. Karkowsky and seconded by Vice Chairman Lewis, the minutes were approved. Roll Call of Eligibles - Unanimous


Mr. Omland discussed DEP notifications.  The board took no action and had no questions.


Mr. Carroll discussed pending bills. 


PSPP/F12-06 – Lake Valhalla Club – 11 Vista Rd. – B: 11, 20, 20.01; L: 29, 1, 1 – LV Zone - preliminary/final site plan - Carried with notice from June 14, 2012          ACT BY: 8/5/12

Mr. Maggio excused himself at 8:20pm. Mr. Steven Schepis, attorney for applicant, appeared. Mr. Egarian was under oath from previous meeting. He added more to testimony in regards to the site plan. Further investigation was done into the buffer in regards to the NJDEP. They confirmed the buffer is fifty (50) feet. There are no proposed improvements within those fifty (50) feet. That concludes his testimony. There were no questions for the witness. There was no public discussed on this item.

Witness, Alan Puleo, member of LVC Board of Trustees, was sworn in. He explained his service with LVC, its bylaws, history, and existing uses. This concluded his testimony. There was no public discussion on this item or Planning Board questions.

Mr. Schepis continued his testimony with Mr. Garrett, still under oath. They discussed Exhibit A-5 (A-100 of the site plan) dated 6-11-12, which was the floor plan of the Cottage Building. A revised version was submitted with a new roof structure, which would cover the showers.

Chairman Lipari opened the meeting to the public for questions on the most recent testimony given in regards to the cottage.

Mr. Bauman of 10 Lake Shore Drive asked questions. Mr. Garrett said the cottage would house the lockers for the Yacht Club. Mr. Bauman suggested moving the Yacht Club up the road. He feels it is a dangerous location with the children running around. He feels they should look into an alternative location. Vice Chairman Lewis questioned what Mr. Bauman was stating in regards to the Yacht Club being "in harms way of what"? Mr. Bauman said "of traffic".

Mrs. Evelyn Hoops of 14 Dianne Drive asked how many members are currently part of the Yacht Club. Mr. Garrett was not sure. He said this testimony was in regards to the lockers, sitting area, etc. She felt that there was not a necessary need for the Yacht Club or the platform. She felt that the new outdoor shower location was inconvenient. Chairman Lipari summarized previous testimony. She feels the current outdoor showers should not be eliminated. Mayor Braden stated that it is not the Planning Board’s decision to decide where the outdoor showers should go. He said with the cottage under going the transformation of use, he would like to see some concrete testimony in order to restore its use. Mr. Garret said they will recoat/repair the outside stucco, paint and clean up that area including the roof. He said the north and south elevations will be fixed.

Gladys Nemoro of 23 Lenape Drive discussed the original use of the building.

Al Nemora of 23 Lenape Drive inquired about the traffic for use of building. Mr. Garrett explained the pedestrian access. Chairman Lipari asked if the there were “no parking” signs. He said LVC Board would address. Mr. Nemoro is concerned with safety. Mrs. Nemoro suggested a different entrance.

Break from 8:55pm to 9:10 pm.

Mr. Karkowsky inquired if this part of the site plan presented had been done without Board approval or permits.  Mr. Schepis discussed and said in some cases, yes, but that LVC is trying to rectify with this board application. Chairman Lipari asked if LVC would be in favor of regular inspections of the Club.  The applicant agreed.

Mr. Garrett gave testimony as a licensed professional planner. Mr. Schepis asked questions in regards to waivers and variances. He said they are seeking variances for the trash enclosure, landscaping, tree removal, discussed parking in the grove waiver and landscaping. Exhibit B-1, 2 pages, dated 6-27-2012 (Landscape Buffer Improvement Recommendations by Burgis Associates) was submitted. They are looking to not do any stripping or curbing in the grove. Mr. Omland stated that he is not concerned with the paving or curbing. They are looking for a proposed guard rail to designate each parking spot with a hash and number. Mr. Omland inquired if the guard rail would extend for all the spots - Yes. There was discussion of parking by the tennis courts. They are proposing to use as a parking area similar the grove with no paving or stripping, storm water management, and guard rail with hash and number. Activities and facilities in that area were discussed. It is the same with the boat parking area. Bumpers are currently in existence there. Mr. Schepis said it was approved in the 2007 plan.

Mr. Garrett discussed the volleyball area. LVC is proposing at 15 foot high fence and to landscape the buffer area. They said they are willing to comply with the additional landscaping requests from Mr. Burgis' office. Chairman Lipari inquired about the removal of the bales of hay. They will come up with a better plan for the winter.

Mr. Garrett discussed the expansion of the cottage in the front yard and the proposed showers in the rear of cottage. He said that this was the most appropriate area because of the existing plumbing. Chairman Lipari asked about the hours of the cottage.  He said they would be open during their recreation activities. He said there are no lights on the ball field/volleyball court areas, so probably no later than 8:30pm. They would have security during the high season. Mr. Schepis mentioned the event parking three times per year. Planning Board is in agreement. There were no Planning Board member comments. Mr. Burgis said that on the on the north side of the street they would be providing additional landscaping.

Chairman Lipari opened the meeting to the public for questions on the most recent testimony given.

Ms. Cornelia DiNunzio of 6 Hathaway described the current buffering, says she picks up balls in her yard, stated that there are additional cars in the “turnaround” 3 to 4 times per week by the tennis courts on the south side of Vista Road.

Ms. Karen Jacobs of 14 Vista Road stated she is mostly affected by noise and headlights. She was concerned with parking in the grove.

Mr. Michael Coombs of 12 Lake Shore Drive discussed the grove parking area. He said they are pushing activities further outside of the club area. He was wondering just how much the landscaping would help with the noise and lights. Mr. Burgis explained the variety of trees and shrubs that would be put in. Mr. Coombs still concerned with noise. He also discussed the proposed dumpster. He had concerns about Vista Road safety. Mr. Tobias inquired about the emptying of the dumpster’s schedule and asked if there could be an increase in the frequency of the pick-ups or spray more.

Mr. Bauman of 10 Lake Shore Drive asked if they still allowed alcohol in the grove. Yes, the LVC activities will continue to exist as always. There was discussion of expansion of beach and illegal removal of trees. Mr. Carroll explained the procedures. He explained that Mr. Bauman should ask questions now and present his case at a later date. The applicant’s professionals do not believe the beach was expanded. There was discussion about the parking formula in the grove. Chairman Lipari asked Mr. Burgis to explain the parking standards. He explained three different formulas. He asked the neighbor, Mrs. DiNunzio if they would allow them to make arrangements for a site visit. Yes, she was in agreement.

The application has been carried with notice preserved to the next meeting date of July 12, 2012.


There was no new business to come before the board.


There were no concepts to come before the board.


On a motion made by Mr. Karkowsky and seconded by Mayor Braden, the meeting went into closed session to discuss litigation. All in Favor - unanimous.


Upon return from closed session, there being no further business to discuss, Chairman Lipari asked for a motion to adjourn. On a motion made by Chairman and seconded by Vice Chairman Lipari, the meeting adjourned at 10:15pm. Roll Call - Unanimous.

Respectfully submitted, 

Kelley Kehoe, Recording Secretary


Meghan Hunscher, Sec.

Certified true copy of minutes adopted at Planning Board meeting of July 12, 2012.


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