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Minutes of February 22, 2012

Meeting Called to Order:  by Chair B. Fucetola at 7:34 p.m.

Members in Attendance:   K. Fisher, A. Angione,  L. Blecker, L. Connelly, J. Daughtry,

M. Duddy, B. Fucetola, J. Giudice, G. Mandel, E. Oxild, D. Peterson, K. Sandham, J. Witty, and C. Ziolkowski 


Members Absent:  L. Blecker, N. Mertz, C. Porreca and M. Witty

Liaisons in Attendance:   S.Gallopo (TC) and K. Goodwin (MTHS SAC) 

Liaisons Absent:  M. Palma (BOE), K. McCorkle (Lazar SAC)   


GUEST(S):  Mary Vineis (Coordinator of Prevention Services for New Bridge Services)

Ms. Vineis summarized and circulated a pamphlet outlining the various services/programs available for both parents and students through New Bridge Services. 

MINUTES:  from January 25, 2012 meeting were approved by voice vote.


Memo dated 2/14/12 to Chief Cook regarding future replacement of Police Canine Thor.


Moving Ahead (Project Graduation) – Chair J. Daughtry reported the first meeting took

place on Monday, February 13 to delegate tasks to committee members.  Letters to the

High School parents are being mailed out the week of March 5.  Next meeting will take

place Monday, March 12 at 7:30pm at the Youth Center.

            Project Promotion – no report

            Publicity – no report

            Dances – next dance is Friday, March 2 from 7pm to 9:30pm at the Lazar School gym

            Educational Programs – B. Fucetola stated that DAC should take advantage of programs

offered by New Bridge.

Sub-Committee Meetings - B. Fucetola requesting M. Witty to send out a reminder to

committee members to schedule their next sub-committee meetings at 7pm (prior to the

DAC meeting at 7:30pm on March 28).

FINANCIAL REPORT:  N. Mertz absent, no report.

YOUTH ACTIVITIES REPORT:  C. Ziolkowski distributed and summarized the Youth Center activities report for January.

Youth Center attendance

DAC Grant Report

REACH – classroom visits

Dome hockey game for the Youth Center has been ordered and anticipating delivery by the beginning of March


            TOWNSHIP COMMITTEE – Scott Galloppo had no information relative to DAC

POLICE REPORT  – D. Peterson had no update since the month of February has not


            B.O.E. REPORT – Liaison Palma absent, no report.

            S.A.C. REPORT - K. Goodwin working on a spring date for Jesse’s Journey since the

assembly is done in two sessions.  She will also assist C. Ziolkowski to create some

parent programs.

            OTHER PROGRAMS – J. Daughtry stated the “Simon Sez” program might need a price

adjustment since the approval was not to exceed $5,000.  He is currently working on

dates for the show.


            By Laws – were reviewed and need to be updated as discussed.


            Breathalyzer at the High School – J. Witty stated the new administration wants to make

the HS safe for all school activities, so a request is being made to purchase a 2nd unit. 

The unit cost is $545.00 plus 500 straws for $15, plus $29.45 for shipping.  This

requested expenditure was put into a motion made by K. Fisher, seconded by M. Duddy

not to exceed $800.  All in favor by voice vote.


There being no further business to discuss on a motion made by G. Mandel, seconded by A. Angione, the meeting adjourned at 8:54pm.  All in favor by voice vote.

Respectfully submitted,

Alicia Angione, Recording Secretary

Maryann Witty, Corresponding Secretary



Friday, May 18

from 7pm to 9:30pm

Lazar Middle School

(the April 27 dance was canceled due to a 5th grade

school event being held at the Lazar Middle School)


Wednesdays, March 28, April 25, May 23, June 13,

September 12, October 24, November 28, December 12

7:30pm at the Youth Center


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