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Minutes of March 28, 2012

Meeting Called to Order:  by Vice Chair M. Duddy at 7:28 pm.

Members in Attendance:   A. Angione, L. Blecker, L. Connelly, J. Daughtry, M. Duddy,

K. Fisher, J. Giudice, G. Mandel, E. Oxild, D. Peterson, K. Sandham, J. Witty, M. Witty and

C. Ziolkowski 


Members Absent:  B. Fucetola, and C. Porreca

Liaisons in Attendance:   S.Gallopo (TC), K. Goodwin (MTHS SAC), K. McCorkle (Lazar SAC) and  M. Palma (BOE).

Liaisons Absent:  None


GUEST(S):  Dr. Paul Fried, B.O.E. Superintendent

Dr. Fried thanked the DAC-MA for the invitation then circulated and summarized information on “Communities That Care (CTC)” which is a coalition-based community prevention operating system that uses a public health approach to prevent youth problem behaviors including underage drinking, tobacco use, violence, delinquency, school dropout and substance abuse.  Discussion followed.  M. Palma will check with the BOE attorney to see if a survey can be circulated amongst the students to assess the community’s needs.  This may be a program the DAC-MA will implement in the future.

MINUTES:  On a motion made by N. Mertz, seconded by G. Mandel the February 22, 2012 meeting minutes were approved by voice vote.

CORRESPONDENCE:  None presented for discussion


Moving Ahead (Project Graduation) – Chair J. Daughtry reported the Committee has met

three times updating progress on members’ assigned responsibilities.  Donations are

coming in.  N. Mertz has secured volunteers.  Deposits have been submitted for the

venue.  M. Duddy reported that T shirts have been ordered for the graduating seniors.

Orders need to be finalized for chaperone and DAC members’ shirts.

            Project Promotion – N. Mertz confirmed that Matt Bellace is scheduled to do a

presentation at the Lazar School on Thursday morning, June 21.  A bagel breakfast will

be served.  Volunteers are needed on that date.

            Publicity – no report

            Dances – K. Sandham announced the April 27 dance has been canceled to accommodate

a district wide 5th grade event at Lazar Middle School.  The last dance is Friday, May 18

from 7pm to 9:30pm at the Lazar School gym

M. Witty (who will chair future dances), requested financial support to pay for bus

transportation for an ice skating event to be scheduled for the Middle School students in

September or October 2012.  Discussion followed.  It was decided to table further

discussion to the April meeting.

            Educational Programs – A. Angione, K. Fisher, J. Giudice, K. Goodwin and K.

McCorkle have met to discuss program ideas.

K. Fisher has been trying to secure more information from New Bridge on a program “Protecting You and Me”.  He is awaiting a return call.

K. McCorkle requested funding for a “Steered Straight” program to be held on April 23 and May 2 during the ASK testing dates.  Cost is $750 per assembly, a total of $1500.  On a motion made by K. Fisher, seconded by N. Mertz, funding for these assemblies was approved by voice vote.

K. Goodwin summarized a parent program by a retired juvenile detective/SAC person about “after the prom” activities.  She requested $500 funding to have the presentation scheduled for students attending the prom.  On a motion made by A. Angione, seconded by K. Fisher the $500 for the prom presentation was approved by voice vote.

An overall request from the High School administration is NOT to have a continuance of Jesse’s Journey (too depressing). The request is for more “uplifting/positive presentations.  One of the programs being recommended is “Perfection on Wheels” which is a BMX team displaying positive role model/good choices.  The team can do two outdoor shows for $1,600.  K. Goodwin will secure more information on the program

      before the DAC votes on it.

“Too Good for Drugs and Violence” is a K to12 curriculum program.  The cost is $800 for the kit.  Additional information and implementation needs to be explored.

FINANCIAL REPORT:  N. Mertz reported a balance of approximately $77,000 currently exists in the account.  She questioned if the Committee wanted to activate a fund raiser.  It was decided to wait until the fall issue of the Montville Magazine to implement a plea to the community for donations.

YOUTH ACTIVITIES REPORT:  C. Ziolkowski distributed and summarized the Youth Center activities report for February.  Youth Center attendance, DAC Grant Report, REACH – classroom visits and the Dome hockey game for the Youth Center has been received.


            TOWNSHIP COMMITTEE – Scott Galloppo summarized the Township Committee’s

March 27 meeting (late –until 1am).  Four new police officers will be hired.  Dawson

fields’ access needs to be addressed due to the safety netting that was erected.

POLICE REPORT  – D. Peterson summarized the February report (1 assault, 1

possession of CDS).  March to date has 1 possession of CDS.

            B.O.E. REPORT – Liaison Palma had no report.

            S.A.C. REPORT - K. McCorkle stated there has been an increase in students “cutting”

themselves as well as a new “high” known as cosmic blast (jewelry cleaner). 

Program information was sent to C. Ziolkowski for a parent program (cost

of $550) scheduled for May 7.  DAC grant can pick up $300 towards the program

speaker.  The DAC budget would need to pay the balance of $250.00 This was put into a

motion by K. Fisher, seconded by N. Mertz.  All in favor by voice vote.

E. Oxild will work on getting the publicity out regarding this program.  She will follow

up with K. McCorkle.


OTHER PROGRAMS – J. Daughtry stated the “Simon Sez” program instructor would not

come down in price, so this program has been eliminated as a possible offering.

BY LAWS UPDATE - K. Fisher requested that on page 3, Article 9, section II be eliminated since it was redundant with page 1, Article 4, section I item #2.  Further discussion was tabled until the April meeting.

Bath Salt Video – a request was made for $130 approval to purchase a video on “bath salts”.  This was put into motion made by A. Angione, seconded by D. Peterson.  All in favor by voice vote.

Underage Drinking program - to be held at the Randolph Town Hall on Weds. April 18 at 7pm

NEW BUSINESS – none presented for discussion


There being no further business to discuss on a motion made by N. Mertz, seconded by A. Angione, the meeting adjourned at 9:05pm.  All in favor by voice vote.

Respectfully submitted,

Alicia Angione, Recording Secretary

Maryann Witty, Corresponding Secretary



Friday, May 18

from 7pm to 9:30pm

Lazar Middle School

(the April 27 dance was canceled due to a 5th grade

school event being held at the Lazar Middle School)


Wednesdays, April 25, May 23, June 13,

September 12, October 24, November 28, December 12

7:30pm at the Youth Center


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