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Minutes of April 25, 2012

Meeting Called to Order:  by Chair B. Fucetola at 7:31pm.

Members in Attendance:   A. Angione, L. Connelly, J. Daughtry, M. Duddy, K. Fisher, B. Fucetola,

G. Mandel, E. Oxild, D. Peterson, K. Sandham, J. Witty, M. Witty and C. Ziolkowski 


Members Absent:  L. Blecker, J. Giudice, N. Mertz and C. Porreca

Liaisons in Attendance:   K. McCorkle (Lazar SAC) and M. Palma (BOE).

Liaisons Absent:  S.Gallopo (TC) and K. Goodwin (MTHS SAC)


GUEST(S):  None present

MINUTES:  On a motion made by M. Duddy, seconded by J. Daughtry the March 28, 2012 meeting minutes were approved by voice vote.

CORRESPONDENCE:  None presented for discussion

SUB COMMITTEE REPORTS: - PLEASE copy B. Fucetola on meeting dates

Moving Ahead (Project Graduation) – J. Daughtry reported the Committee will meet on May 14 at

7:30pm.  Joe Romola and J. Daughtry attended a President’s Council meeting to request support of the

June event.  Donations/additional chaperones are being received from the mailing that was done. 

Lakeland Band will be sponsoring the T shirt for the graduates. N. Mertz (request made in her behalf) to

have DAC members commit to what hours they can work at the June 21 event.

            Project Promotion – N. Mertz absent, no report.

            Publicity – Montville Magazine information is due Tuesday, May 8.  E. Oxild and C. Ziolkowski will

work on submitting information which will include a fund-raising article.  E. Oxild will continue to post

information on educational programs on the “Montville Patch”.

            Dances –  M. Witty summarized the proposed “ice skating” trip for Sept/Oct. 2012 will cost $275 per

bus.  It is a $6 charge for the rink admission which includes skates.  It was suggested to charge the

students $10 each to cover expenses.  A formal proposal will be submitted for approval at May meeting.

K. Sandham announced the last dance is scheduled for Friday, May 18.  A sign up sheet for chaperones

was circulated.

Educational Programs – included under the S.A.C. report by K. McCorkle.

FINANCIAL REPORT:  N. Mertz absent, no report.

YOUTH ACTIVITIES REPORT:  C. Ziolkowski distributed and summarized the Youth Center activities report for March.  REACH participants did a road clean up on Saturday, April 21 for Earth Day.  Clean up proceeds ($125) will be donated to “Moving Ahead” program.  Steve Nebesni will attend June 13 meeting.


            TOWNSHIP COMMITTEE – Scott Galloppo absent, no report.

POLICE REPORT  – D. Peterson summarized the March report (2 arrests for possession of CDS).  He

contacted Dr. Fried (BOE Superintendent) to schedule a date for the simulated crash “Every 15

Minutes”.  No response to date from Dr. Fried.


B.O.E. REPORT – Liaison Palma will follow up with BOE attorney regarding conducting a survey

amongst High School students based upon the program “Community that Cares” suggested by Dr. Fried

at the March meeting.

            S.A.C. REPORT - K. McCorkle reported the “Steered Straight” program occured on Monday (April 23)

            and will again on Wednesday (May 2).  A “TEEN TALK” parent program will take place at 7:30pm on

            Monday, May 7 at the High School auditorium.


BY LAWS UPDATE – the revised DAC By-Laws were presented as amended from the March meeting discussion.  Motion made by M. Duddy, seconded by K. Fisher they were accepted as presented by voice vote.


UNDERAGE DRINKING – K. McCorkle expressed concern that she is hearing about home parties where parents are allowing underage drinking.  Discussion followed.  B. Fucetola suggested that the signs “Parents Who Host Lose the Most” be erected around town as a discouragement.  Arrangements will be made to have these signs erected from May 11 to July 7 (the time when most parties will be taking place around holidays/summer time activities).    It was suggested that a letter with tips on how to keep “your child safe” be sent to the parents.   This will be followed up by M. Duddy and E. Oxild.


There being no further business to discuss on a motion made by M. Duddy, seconded by K. Fisher, the meeting adjourned at 8:38pm.  All in favor by voice vote.

Respectfully submitted,

Alicia Angione, Recording Secretary

Maryann Witty, Corresponding Secretary



Friday, May 18  from 7pm to 9:30pm at Lazar Middle School


Wednesdays, May 23, June 13, September 12, October 24, November 28, December 12

7:30pm at the Youth Center


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